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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Episode One

  • Everything that isn't covered by Rule of Cool, although Haruko's deliberate Crash-Into Hello with Naota deserves special mention.
  • The line "Did she put her tongue inside?" asked whenever Naota gets a kiss/CPR from Haruko.
  • There are two extremely long slow-motion shots during the scene in which Naota is hit by the Vespa and then hit in the head with Haruko's guitar, which is then followed by a sudden cut to the Animated Actors talking about how difficult the shots are to make. The complete Non Sequitur of the scene is hilarious.
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  • The entire "manga" scene.
  • Any time one of the cast wonders about the meaning of the name of the series.
    Kamon: What does "fooly cooly" mean?
    Naota: How should I know? I'm still in grade school!
  • The end credits are Haruko going for a ride on her Vespa, doing various dangerous tricks on it and speeding down a road, and then the motor fails on her by an airport. She gets more and more violent as she tries to get it working again, then finally drags in Naota's baseball bat and whacks it a few times before kicking it over and walking away. The Vespa then somehow rights itself and starts moving around without Haruko.


Episode Two

  • Haruko mentions she spotted Canti, who Naota sent out to buy some stuff, in the convenience store reading an issue of Hustler. And we see him do that, too.
    • Then, Naota's grandpa comes in and chastises Canti for not getting the Hustler with the Anna Nicole centerfold. The expressions on Naota and Mamimi's faces are priceless.
      Naota: Grandpa too?
      Mamimi: It's Hustler.
  • Canti eating Naota before the battle. And then after the battle, a roll of toilet paper blinks on his monitor and he poops Naota out.

Episode Three

  • Haruko hits Naota with her Vespa, sending him flying toward Ninamori. The scene goes into slow motion and the camera starts to zoom in on his lips inching closer to hers, with romantic sparkles and stuff all around. Then it goes back to normal speed to show his face smashing violently into hers.
    • Also: "Cat ears. Kitty kitty. Meow." It Makes Sense in Context (and is hilarious thanks to Kari Wahlgren's delivery).
    • Heck, Episode 3's whole cat theme in general.
  • When the robot emerges from Ninamori's head, Haruko doesn't have her trusty electric guitar with her, so she grabs the closest thing available: a ukulele from one of the students in the school play. She proceeds to smash said ukulele on the robot's head and hand the neck back to him saying, "Ukulele no good."

Episode Four

  • By the time Full Swing rolls around, Naota's so used to Haruko hitting him with her bass that the second she reaches for it, he throws his arms up to shield his head.
  • Amarao serves as Mr. Exposition and plays it dead serious, but no one listens to him because they're too distracted by his ridiculous fake nori sheet eyebrows.
  • Mamimi's Crowning Moment of Funny comes here, when the meteor is coming through the atmosphere: "If that thing comes down here, do you think they'll cancel school tomorrow?"
  • When Haruko pulls the bass guitar out of Naota's head, it cuts to Kitsurubami with a nosebleed. Then it cuts to shot of everyone in the Department of Interstellar Immigration, and every girl has a nosebleed.
  • The very ending: As Amarao's brow furrows, one of his fake eyebrows falls off. Kitsurubami sees him out of the corner of her eye and the screen freezes on a closeup of her face as she gasps in horror.

Episode Five

  • Naota's dad getting his face sandwiched between the wall and a boxing glove concealed in the unlikeliest of places whilst trying to get sleazy with Haruko.
  • The entire scene with Amarao and Haruko in the barber shop. But what really takes the cake is what Amarao says after Haruko deflects and dodges all the bullets fired at her by Amarao's subordinates, who literally come flying through the walls and ceilings to get a shot at her, only to get blown up with her guitar/shotgun.
    Amarao: You can't be real.

Episode Six

  • Yet another manga scene, and when it ends, Naota's dad starts complaining about how much time and money it costs to do a scene like that.


  • The entire discussion between Haruko and Mamimi after an unconscious Naota sprouts a fleshy horn from his forehead.
    Haruko: Good girls wouldn't touch that!
    Mamimi: How come?
    Haruko: Ah- well- he's a guy. It's not his fault.
    Mamimi: Oh. This is... 'that'? Funny. It looked different in the sex-ed video we saw in fourth grade.
    Haruko: You got a video? Lucky! All I got was a slide show.