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  • The D-Kids have a teacher who's a Cloud Cuckoo Lander Christmas Cake. When she and Ursula meet...
    "You're so old, you've got Abe Lincoln's picture in your yearbook! How do ya like that?"
    "Oh, is that so? You're so old, you remember when the Dead Sea was just getting sick!"
    "(sarcastic laugh) You're so old, I heard you were selling hotdogs at Custer's Last Stand!"
    "Well, you're so old, the key on Ben Franklin's kite was for your apartment!"

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  • Virtually every Alpha Gang moment is this. Sometimes as simple as their means of getting to the location the dinosaur appeared...
    Ursula: I hate taking the train!
    Zander: At least you got a seat from that old man!
  • In the episode 'Double Or Nothing,' the Alpha Gang hear of Criminal Doppelgangers of themselves who go by their names and conduct their robberies Disguised in Drag.
    Dr. Z: That's ridiculous, I have never robbed a bank! *beat* And even if I did, I wouldn't do it wearing lipstick!
    • Later they do in fact ally with them, and they attempt another bank job, once again in drag.
    Dr. Z: This is humiliating, pink has never been my colour!
    Ursula Double: We have to wear disguises, we're wanted in 25 states.
    Zander: No surprise there.
    Ed: I feel fat.
    Ursula: Relax. At least you don't look like a reject from a high school marching band.
    Dr. Z: Or Goldilocks on steroids.

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