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  • In general, all the duck faces and Super-Deformed depictions of characters, to the point of Memetic Mutation.
  • The disturbingly adorable piles of dead Osamus that tend to show up when discussing his combat ability (or lack thereof).
  • Character profiles at the end of each volumes are usually hilarious as Ashihara makes fun of every character, such as Yuma's duck faces, Osamu's lack of character without his glasses, Kodera's overlapping character with Osamu's, Arafune's love for jumping off buildings, Suwa's cube, Hyuse's inability to sleep facing up due to his horns, etc.

Introduction Arc

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc

Border Enlistment Arc

  • Ai Kitora being happier than warranted upon confirming that it was Yuma and not Osamu who defeated the Neighbour that attacked their school.
  • Kitora being very jealous that Osamu is Karasuma's pupil.
  • Chapter 34: Everyone's shocked reactions when Chika blows a hole clean through the base walls with a Training Trigger by accident.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc

  • Kasumi Mikumo, Osamu's mother, is so youthful looking, that even Karasawa mistook her to be Osamu's sister. Being told otherwise stuns him into silence.
  • Osamu's mother calmly saying that the reporters chastising her son should be beaten with a stick. Karasawa simply glances at her with a very nervous expression.

B-Rank Rank Battles Arc

  • Sakurako Taketomi, one of the commentators for Tamakoma-2's first rank battle, reacts with sheer shock at Yuma's skill and Chika's power.
  • When Hyuse is brought in to Tamakoma Branch's HQ, Karasuma claims that Jin said Hyuse was "smart and talented, and an elite fighter". Hyuse chuckles to himself in satisfaction before Karasuma reveals he lied. The normally stone-faced Hyuse looks completely devastated, along with Konami, who feels bad for him.
  • Osamu's reaction to Yuiga, completely unaware of who he is.
  • Tachikawa doing captain-like things by explaining the meaning of the team emblem to Yuiga.
    • The middle sword represents Izumi while the other two are he and his second sword; so poor Yuiga is so weak he doesn't even qualify as a sword.
    • When his team operator Yuu asks where she is, he says she is the moon. She says that is a good position.
  • Ninomiya making snowmen to kill time during round 4. It doubles as heartwarming moment, because the number of the snowmen indicates that he still considers Hatohara, who backstabbed the whole team, to be part of his team.
  • Enedorad watching Terminator-2 and getting hooked.
  • When Osamu and his team learn they can join the expedition at B-Rank so long as they get to the second place, they focus on tactics to get more points while actually praying their opponents do not.
  • Everything about Tatsuhito Ikoma. When his team was supposed to be talking about their battle strategies, he instead talked about the cafeteria menu, for starters.
    • The first thing Tamakoma-2 learns about him is his odd tendency to face the camera whenever he's fighting. All of the battle footage on him has him staring almost directly at the camera with each strike, which weirds the trio out.
    • At one point, he's shown participating in solo challenge matches against Hyuse. Despite the fact that he's not allowed to use Kogetsu: Senku in a solo match, he impulsively does so anyway during the last round, netting him a foul. His reaction is a flat "Crap." before he stoically apologizes.
  • Kazuaki Oji, a Princely Young Man with a penchant for odd nicknames.
    • Instead of using the chibi heads like other teams, the maps for Oji Unit have unique icons that represent the characters. Osamu's is just a pair of glasses, and Chika's resembles Froppy. Oji's own icon has his head drawn in an exaggerated Bishonen style with a crown on his head.
  • When discussing their strategy for the round 7 rank battle, Taichi's first suggestion poisoning the other teams' operators. While Yuka says that would be wrong, she actually says that would make sense.

Fugitive Arc

  • When Tamakoma Second and the Ergates Neighbors were in the haunted house, Xeno was surprised to learn that humans think getting scared is fun.
    • Additionally, while Xeno tries to deny being scared of being there, he gets startled when a fake skeletal arm falls over him after he sits down on an armchair.
  • When Karasuma and Konami first meet the Ergates Neighbors, Lilith asks them if they're a couple. Karasuma, pretending not to understand her, asks what she said, causing Lilith to repeat it over and over again much to Konami's annoyance.
  • Episode 56 has a scene where Satori suggests Kitora to wear a thong, complete with hand gestures. Kitora was obviously repulsed by the idea.
    • However, upon Karasuma joining in, Kitora suddenly decides Satori's suggestion was good.
    • The guys' surprise to see Usami and Lilith in a swimsuit, especially Xeno's blushing.
      • The funniest part is Shiori's disappointed reaction upon realizing that Xeno was looking at Lilith only.
  • In the end of the arc, before leaving to another country in the Neighborhood, Lilith gives each Tamakoma Second member a farewell kiss, which causes Xeno to get jealous and mad at them.

Border Briefing File

  • Though the official databook takes itself seriously for the most part, it has plenty of good moments that showcase the author's sense of humor - for instance, choosing to answer questions such as "How is Kazama-san so overflowing with manliness?" Answer 
  • And then, immediately after:
    Q: Please tell us instances that shows Kazama-san’s carelessness.
    A: He didn’t realise for years he was riding the city bus on child prices, he fought a postbox after Suwa got him drunk, he tried to ride Raijinmaru when no one was watching but got caught on security camera, etc.
  • On why Enedorad's Rad body is black: it's not because he was a Black Trigger user or anything, he just asked the engineers to make it black as a condition for talking.

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