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Headscratchers / World Trigger

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  • Why do several episodes of the anime adaptation have the theme occur in the middle of the episode?
    • It's simple, actually. Pure economics. The opening titles, along with advertisements, are when people leave/check other channels. By placing it in the middle, people watch from the start, become interested and watch the entire episode, causing more consistent viewer ratings through each episode.

  • As much as I like this series,the world politics make no sense,unless portals have appeared on areas outside Mikadoshi city,which is implied not to be the case multiple times (the most prominent of which being the public's mentality being "Border should protect us perfectly".If more portals existed,more tragedies would happen,and Border would have more soldiers,money ,and less whining from reporters.)So,you have a city,which can be invaded by alien forces at any time,and not only no other nation sends people there,but even Japan does not send more men to reinforce it,and there is actually not enough funding to standard issue B-class gear to 400 men.Realistically justifiable,since Border hasn't failed protecting the city yet,to not spend more than they have to to keep out a hypothetic conquering force,which might have became a probability in the public's mind only after invasion.Thats not the real problem there.The real problem is this:is no one concerned about the fact that Border has access to a type of equipment that creates soldiers as tough or tougher than tanks,more capable of mobility and destruction than most modern military equipment,and infinitely reincarnating?(unless the HQ is destroyed,but even then,they are still superhuman elite soldiers).Not only that,but triggers are very handy even for peace, and reincarnative power is useful for a lot of dangerous jobs.That does not even take into account side effects (which could be independant of the triggers if we assume they are dependent to the trion organ,and that the trion organ started existing/supplying people with trion only after the first invasion)and black triggers,which might have crazy effects.Practically,a nation monopoly of triggers could make a country #1 world superpower without war,and it would make its war capabilities godly,so that every other country combined,including nuclear powers,would not be able to beat it,at least not without genocide via nuclear bombs.So why does no one care?Not America,not China,not Germany,not England,not France,not any other European country,not a smart strategist/inflitrator who understands that,not even Japan.Nobody cares about this new technology?At all?This is a new level of Reed Richards is useless.
    • Creator Daisuke Ashihara had revealed via Twitter that portals have been appearing all around the world with much lower intensity, and public have never appeared to have recognized disappearances outside Mikado City as such. Memory wipe capability implied early in the story may have contributed to public's lack of sense of urgency. It was also revealed in Chpt. 82 that external parties managed to obtain Triggers by questionable means. Whether the apparent lack of concern from other authorities and nations would be explored or simply revealed as untrue remains to be seen.

  • So...what happened to the C-class users that all got abducted? Are their physical bodies still around, but comatose? Can they somehow escape from their captors? What is going to happen to them? The series isn't very clear why they were captured or what their fate is going to be.
    • It will likely be addressed when the story reaches Aftokrator. For now, we have to be patient.

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