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  • There are a lot of moments between Osamu and Yuma, such as when Osamu calls Yuma "partner" (See World Trigger).
  • Midorikawa's admiration to and obsession with Jin is borderline boy crush, from copying Jin's dress style to fawning over him whenever he's near.
  • Kuroe's devotion to Kako could possibly qualify.
    • Additionally, Kitora x Kuroe became a rather popular pairing after Kitora protected Kuroe from Yomi's Idras.
  • Pretty much Nasu's relationship with Kumagai.
    • Kumagai appears to visit Nasu very often, as the first time Nasu is seen, Kumagai is in her house.
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    • According to extra material, the reason why Kumagai doesn't have many usage points is because she's constantly acting as Nasu's bodyguard.
    • During the Galo-Rodo invasion, Wen Sou disguises herself as Kumagai after creating a smokescreen, and attacks Nasu after getting alone with her inside the smoke. Nasu, angered by Wen's usage of her friend's image, and for hurting Kumagai earlier, attacks her with a barrage of Viper shots.
    • The anime staff appears to ship them, as they add some flashbacks during Nasu Unit's battle with Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First. In one of these flashbacks, during a slumber party that took place in Nasu's house, she and Kumagai sleep face-to-face and even have bed talk.
  • Another pairing that became recently popular is Katori x Somei.
    • Prior to the first Neighbor invasion, Katori and Somei were neighbors and classmates. Katori was always the number 1 student, surpassing Somei's grades in school even without studying, so Somei's father forced her to study to surpass Katori and prohibited them from meeting. Katori then switched her bedroom with her little brother's (which faced Somei's bedroom) and made a window facing one in Somei's own bedroom. Katori said she just liked that room better, however.
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    • During the invasion, both Katori and Somei's house were destroyed, but Katori was sleeping at the moment so she got stuck. Somei preferred to save Katori instead of her own family, saying Katori had more chances of surviving. She even tore her fingernails in the process. This appears to be the reason why Katori decided to join Border.
    • Somei is also the only person in Katori Unit that Katori listens too, though it may be more out of fear than respect.

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