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  • Osamu's character is extremely unusual for shonen standards: He is very weak in comparison to his peers, and doesn't have any Stock Shōnen Hero characteristics. But he never backs down and will do anything he can to help those in need.
  • Kuga is the opposite - he possesses not just years of experience in war, but the power of a Black Trigger supporting him, making him The Ace. It would be easy to assume he's a cold and ruthless character, being a Neighbor with a very different set of cultural norms, but he is very kind to those he becomes close to, and works to earn their trust.
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  • Jin's Side Effect lets him take the best possible outcome from any circumstance, because he can see the future. Even without Fujin, his Black Trigger, he is canonically Border's best source of passive support, being able to warn people days beforehand of potential danger. With Fujin, he is able to go toe-to-toe with multiple of Border's best agents, even outnumbered.
  • Chika has a massive amount of raw Trion, noted to be among the highest in the entire series, unmatched among regular trion users, and even higher than some Black Trigger users. Though she is the most inexperienced of all our protagonists, she has a huge amount of potential, and with time could excel at any position (attacker, shooter, sniper) through sheer virtue of power.

Introduction Arc

  • Kuga's first fight with a Neighbor, in which he deals with it effortlessly.
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  • Kuga giving a bully "the traditional japanese greeting".
  • Similarly, his defeating two Mole Mods with Osamu's training trigger.
  • Kitora takes out an Illgard, a giant, flying bombing Trion soldier, mostly on her own.
  • Osamu's promotion to to B-class, undeserved though he thinks it is.
  • When Miwa's A-Rank team is set against him, Kuga copies their Trigger abilities and defeats them with those same abilities.
  • Jin's true debut. As far as character introductions go, casually talking to someone while on top a small mountain of enemy foes is pretty great.
  • Jin convincing the heads of Border to not kick out Osamu by showing them this news report.
  • Jin's use of Loophole Abuse - he is ordered by Kido to arrest Yuma and take his Black Trigger. However, he notes that Kido has to first order chief Rindou to make him do it. Rindou complies... by telling Jin to do so as he pleases afterwards - which Jin can interpret as inviting Kuga into Border, without needing to be violent in any way.

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc / Border Enlistment Arc

  • Jin vs Tachikawa's Black Trigger Retrieval group. Backed by Arashiyama Unit, he is able to defeat them, and prove why he is an S-Class Agent by unveiling Fujin.
  • Kitora handily dispatching Yoneya by tricking him using wires, and later Touma - by using her Scorpion trigger as a leg replacement.
  • Satori twin-snipes Izumi and Miwa - quirky though he is, the sort of skill needed to do that is the real thing.
  • Osamu uses his wits in a simulation to achieve a tie with the far superior A-Rank agent Kazama.
  • Chika shooting the Ibis, which puts a hole in Border's base.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc

  • Osamu defeats a Marmod without Kuga - this was the same kind of soldier that Kuga said could kill him eighteen times over the last time he faced one.
  • Kitora singlehandedly defeated the new Trion Soldier model, which Replica said even an A-Class member couldn't defeat on their own.]]
  • Training Triggers are much weaker than B-Class Triggers in terms of power. Chika blows apart a Rabit, a Trion Soldier able to take on A-Class soldiers solo and win, with one shot.
  • Chika giving Osamu her trion so he can destroy some of the strongest Rabits.
  • Team Tamakoma completely overwhelms two Modified Rabits when they arrive into battle.
  • Reiji was able to analyze Viza's trigger to allow Kuga a brief advantage in their fight.
  • In chapter 55, Konami cuts apart two wounded Rabits in the space of a minute with her Trigger.
  • Chapter 62: Reiji is one of the strongest Trigger users in Border, able to go fisticuffs with a Rabit and knock it away with ease. When he encounters Viza, Viza activates Organon, cuts down every building within a city block and easily defeats Reiji.
  • Lamvanein opens up the invasion with his Trigger Chelidon's impressive display of power, taking out five of the seven Border Agents who initially go against him with ease.
  • During the invasion, Kuga defeats Viza. It is easily the most intense battle in the series as far as one-on-one combat is concerned, being
  • Replica covers for Osamu by creating his own modified version of a Rabit based on Kuga's Black Trigger. It wins in a three-on-one battle against other Rabits.
  • Osamu going Trigger Off - he knows that Hairein's Black Trigger only affects things made out of Trion, so it has no effect on his flesh-and-blood body, even if that means completely exposing himself to danger.
  • Chapter 80's SPECTACULAR group effort:
    • Osamu risking his life to force the invaders to withdraw, even with Moira stabbing him at multiple points on his body.
    • Yosuke Yoneya leading the C-rank trainees with him into sniping Hairein.
    • Shuji Miwa using Fujin to attack Hairein, which is something Hairein had no way of blocking since he had no way to know the attack was coming.
    • With Miwa's attack, Hairein was distracted enough for Kuga to launch the finishing blow on Hairein.
    • With all of the above, Osamu was able to toss Replica into the enemy's ship so Replica can hack their systems.
    • Replica hacking into the enemy's ship, forcing their withdrawal, stopping the invasion at the cost of himself being captured.
    • All of the above was so Chika can be saved from being kidnapped by Aftokrator. It succeeded.
  • Usami listing out the people who did outstanding feats - asides from the top agents of Border and Kuga, Osamu is on the list by having killed 3 Rabits during the invasion and being responsible for them retreating early.
  • After the invasion is over, Osamu is used as a scapegoat in order to shift the blame of the 32 kidnapped trainees onto him (since it's believed that him using his Trigger when he was still a C-Rank agent is allowed the invading Neighbours to figure out that trainees aren't equipped with a Bail Out system). Osamu stands up to all of the reporters trying to railroad him and tells them point blank he would have still used his Trigger to protect them regardless of if he had known. When the reporters press him about what he'll do about the kidnapped trainees, he tells them that he'll bring them back himself, which is when Commander Kido steps in and says that that is what Border is going to do, save the kidnapped trainees, which earns a very favourable response from the public.
    • One reporter questions him under the assumption that he wanted to be a hero, and claims that he should have became an agent first, before saving anyone. Even though the reporters don't accept it, the response Osamu gives is mature, earnest, and establishes the strength of his ideals well.
    "Forks in the road don't wait for us to be ready to choose. If I wait until all my ducks are in a row, I might never get anything done in my lifetime. I'm not a hero. I can't do the kind of thing where everyone is pleased with the result. I can only do what I think I should do, in a way I won't regret later."

B-Class Rank Battles Arc

  • In Tamakoma-2's first team B-rank battle, Kuga and Chika utterly defeat their opponents almost immdiately.
  • In their second team B-rank battle, Osamu proves his mettle as The Strategist by using his careful planning to allow his team to achieve victory.
  • The third round shows why Yuma and Murakami are feared, dispatching Akane and Yuko with ease. And then the spectacular fight between Yuma and Murakami.
  • The fourth round is a big awesome moments for all teams except for Tamakoma-2, who loses spectacularly. In particular, all aces show off why they are The Dreaded.
    • Ninomiya defeats the most opponents on his own and dispatches Yuma with ease.
    • Kageura defeats Inukai with style.
    • Azuma snipes Osamu through the building and bullets out of midair. Even Kitazoe gets freaked out.
  • Galopoula's invasion gives us Miwa's character development from an indiscriminate neighbor hater to a calm and calculating fighter who can utilize his hatred toward the neighbor to foil the enemy.
  • Tamakoma 2nd getting the groove back getting an overwhelming victory against Kakizaki an Katori Unit
  • Osamu managing to convince the heads of Border in allowing Hyuse to join Tamakoma 2
  • Chapter 173: Chika shows everybody just why she has a guaranteed spot on the next expedition when she levels half the mall with a single Meteor shot, managing to catch a member of one of the opposing teams as collateral damage.
    • Hyuse gets a moment of his own when he makes a barrier wall emerge out of Murakami's back, using the edge to knock Kurama out of position and right into an ambush from Osamu.

Fugitive Arc (Anime-only)

  • After being captured for 2 episodes and without access to his Trion, episode 58 has Osamu devise a plan to escape but realises that brute force isn't going to work on the Trion Soldier keeping guard over him. So what does he do then? Why only just taking off his shirt to cover its eyes, enabling him to meet up with Chika and Xeno.
    • The above mentioned scene makes him a Walking Shirtless Scene for the rest of the episode and looking quite badass too, something you won't expect to see from Osamu of all people.
    • In the same episode, Xeno pulls off a Big Damn Heroes moment by offing the soldier, earning Osamu's thanks.
    • Gieve earning Yuma's fury by showing a duplicate of Replica.

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