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This is the Wild Mass Guessing page for World Trigger.

Replica is a Black Trigger.
He seems to be drawn similarly to the style of other black triggers seen throughout so far: Pure black with white outlines and no shading whatsoever. Black Triggers have also been seen to have unique abilities. Replica may be a sentient Black Trigger.
  • More or less jossed. Replica is a multipurpose Trion Solider

Osamu and Chika will gain access to their own Black Triggers.
Preferably by battling their original owners and winning. Perhaps from Aftokrator?
  • Chika getting a Black Trigger seems redundant given her sheer power. Perhaps something more like one of Tamakoma's customised Triggers that will allow her to take full advantage of her monstrously huge Trion supply.

Yuma being a neighbour will become an Open Secret not only to the rest of Border that doesn't already know, but to the population at large.
This seems like the sort of thing that will become known eventually.

Trion bodies capablities
Trion bodies not being living bodies have massive advantages. There not just very durable. But are also and resistant to or are immune to things like radiation poisons, venoms, toxins, and acids. Additional the the trion body dose not technically need to breath and can regain trion by eating food.

Kasumi Mikumo, Osamu’s mother has a side effect.
The world trigger wiki says that B Rank Side effects are Special body makeup. I think that Kasumi has a side effect and that side effect is to stay or look young.

Replica has is own Trion organ
Its stated that Replica is an autonomies trion soldier. I believe that Replica has his own trion organ into increase his autonomy and make him fully independent.
  • Jossed by Word of God. Apparently, Replica has been supplied trion by Yuma's black trigger, and can be refilled by anyone with a trion supply cord.

There's something special about Mikumo
Jin seems to think there's something important about him and what he will do in the future. He's either going to get a Black Trigger, one that allows him to fight effectively despite his low Trion supply or he's going to eventually develop a side effect that's going to make him really dangerous (either something like Jin's that will enhance his ability to act as The Strategist, or one that will somehow make up for his low Trion supply).
  • If it is a case for a side effect, it's going to take a long time to develop because of his lack of Trion.

Mikado City is a Planetary nation
Mikado City is not on earth but is in reality a Planetary nation in the Neighborhood.As a nation Mikado City was isolated until recently and the invasion allowed Border to reveal itself and operate out in the open. It explains how the Neighbors can understand and communicate with people from the city. Furthermore the Neighbors have not made any comment about Mikado City being different form any other nation.
  • In a back flash in chapter 135, it shows Aftokrator forces entering another nation in the same fashion it did to Mikado city.
  • Jossed. The author has described how Meeden/Earth is unique in the neighborhood, being an actual planet, with an actual sun and a large population. The terms "Meeden" and "Earth" are used interchangeably.

The first invasion was a false flag operation
The first invasion was set up by Border or an ally that Commander Kido and Yugo help lead or plan. It was to make Mikato city aware of the Neighbors. As will as allow for the reveal of Border much more easier since it would become a necessity for the city’s security
  • Overwhelmingly unlikely, if not explicitly Jossed. As of chapter 162, we know Border was an organization of 19 people, before suffering massive casualties in a battle six months prior to the invasion. Thus-
    1. They wouldn't have anywhere near the resources to launch such an attack (though they could perhaps incite it from elsewhere).
    2. Such an attack was the very thing half them just died to prevent.
    3. Fighting such a battle would mean going through the exact same experience that had just seen half their friends killed.
    With this in mind, such a revelation appears to border on the impossible. It did seem more plausible back in the beginning, when Border was mostly large, shadowy and mysterious, rather than an ex-band of True Companions, most of whom we've now seen and know wouldn't stand for such a thing.

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