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This is another Evangelion-induced reality.
Shinji creates himself to be Kamui and Kaworu as Fuuma.

X will actually get finished some day.
Because it is their destiny.

Arashi will actually have a Heroic Sacrifice for Sorata.
Even though it didn't happen that way in the anime, it'd be pretty sweet of her to do that for him.

If/When the Akihabara kekkai is destroyed...
All the otakus will rejoice because it's like they're in an anime.
  • Only to enter in depression when they realize a big source of anime has disapeared... I mean the ones outside of the district that survived of course...

Kyogo Monou is Kamui's father
Not only would explain the resemblance between Kamui and Fuuma, but also at this point all that is missing on the checklist is incest XD

Hokuto will be the Sun Card
She fits and given that not only dragons of heaven and earth get cards she has posibilities.

Fuuma will be the Judgment Card
He is still missing a card remember?

The world card will be represented... by the World
Because the World has been mentioned so many times it could get it's own character sheet at this point...

Seishirou Sakurazuka is Shion from No. 6
The signs are all there
  • Both have names starting with S
  • Both have a name related to plant life
  • Shion's eyes change colour, Seishirou loses an eye
  • Shion has a snake scar, Seishirou acts like a snake
  • Nezumi and Subaru have a lot in common, for example, they both have dark hair and they both have eyes.
  • Asano Atsuko said that she got the inspiration for No. 6 from many sources, and I bet I can guess what one of them was ;)

"Other Kamui" inside Fuuma is Kamui's Horcrux
Horrifying death of Fuuma's mother created enough of dark energy for a splinter of Kamui's soul to become a Horcrux inside Fuuma's psyche!

Seishirou Sakurazuka is Kamui's father

Come to think of it:- Seishiro had a loved one who had a sister - and killed this sister- Kamui had a loved one who had a sister and was predestined to kill her... before his and his Twin-Star fates were exchanged!

X will have a Downer Ending
Well, CLAMP said
Devilman is one of the inspirations in creating the series. So, it's probably Kamui kill Fuuma and the entire world is destroyed. It will be very depressing and tragic which may be the reason why Kadokawa Shoten wants CLAMP to change the ending which CLAMP refused.

Episode 9 was really the same as the manga but whether for budget reasons or removal of the all the subtext, was heavily edited.
It'd explain the large amount of white backgrounds and puddles of the episode, animation inconsistencies (Subaru being level with Sorata and Arashi as he passes them on the staircase, an overhead train without its wire going to the country, etc) the mismatched order of its dialogue from the manga's, why the cigarette scene was only in the recap OVA but not the series, and why their fight scene in the OVA is recycled from the series.

Keiichi will actually play a crucial role in Kamui realizing what his true wish is and summoning his kekkai
When the final kekkai is destroyed when Dark!Hinoto is killed, and the end of the world begins, Kamui's misery over losing a close friend in the destruction has him wish there was some way to stop it. His kekkai will take the place of the ones destroyed. Then it'll be whether or not it can withstand the Destined Final Battle.

Kamui's real wish is for the end of the world to stop while Fuuma's wish is for Kamui's happiness
Fuuma has said "My wish can only be realized by Kamui", "The more you care about someone, the more you lose sight of things. And maybe while you don’t even notice it, you’re hurting a person close to you", Kakyou: "he only realizes other people's wishes" & "The Kamui of the Dragons of Heavens hasn't realized the wish of the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth, yet [...] and he'll never know it from begining to end". However, if Kamui continues saying his wish is for Fuuma to return to his former self (thus why Kamui will be unable to defeat Fuuma), Kamui's wish will be granted but only because of the shock Fuuma will have from killing Kamui. As Kakyo said in vol18 "If the “shinken” is used, you will meet Fuuma. However…inevitable they’ll be even more tragedies" (as Kamui's death will cause the end of the world).During his converation with Subaru at the end of vol17, Fuuma wonders if he should also leave a part of himself behind for Kamui, similar to what Seishirou did for Subaru, to remember him by. He's stuck between staying with Kamui, who does wants him back, but will inevitably cause a lot of pain for Kamui with everything that's happened, or disappear from Kamui's life, but Kamui will come to cherish what Fuuma leaves behind for him. Ending side chapter vol 17, Fuuma and Kamui when they'd just met as kids:
Kamui: The puppy would be alone in the end [...] Even if it's only for a little while, if he were to be taken in by someone or embraced by someone, he wouldn't be able to forget. Wouldn't he feel more saddened after that?
Fuuma: What you said is right. When you're alone you might feel sad, but the memory of another's gentleness will not fade away, right? You'll cherish it in your heart. Each time you recall it, you will feel very happy. That is why, even though you are physically alone, within your heart, you won't feel lonely.

Subaru's wish to be killed by Seishirou was technically granted, it was left unfulfilled because it wasn't directly by Seishirou's hand
After the battle at Rainbow Bridge, Dark!Hinoto talks of how the head of "Sumeragi" as the Dragon of Heaven was "dead" then will soon truly die. She wants to continue letting the next Dragon of Heaven die, but this time "in reality". After killing Seishirou, when he accepts Seishirou's left eye, Subaru is now also the Sakurazukamori and inherits his position among the Dragons of Earth,