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Famous Last Words / X/1999

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  • "D-do you think you'll beat me!?" Karen Kasumi to Shougo Asogi, The Movie.
    • "I... I couldn't let a wonderful father like you die" ( Aoki: "But you're a wonderful woman, too!") "Thank you. I'm really glad I was able to protect you..." Karen Kasumi to Seiichirou Aoki, TV series.
  • "Maybe you're right. Yes, maybe the Earth should be destroyed. But even then, I will protect those that I love, and that's why I'll defeat you at the cost of my life!" Seiichirou Aoki to Nataku, The Movie.
  • "Why are you doing this? Is... is this because of Kamui?" Yuuto Kigai to the Face–Heel Turn-ed Fuuma. Who replies "I AM KAMUI" and finishes the seriously Family-Unfriendly Death he was giving Yuuto right then. The Movie only.
    • " Satsuki-chan, the reason why we can't kill people... Is it really because there are others that will suffer? Oh, well, it's not like it matters now. Anyway, tonight's tea party? I don't think I'll get there at all. What a shame." Yuuto Kigai, TV series.
  • "What do you think you're doing, Beast?! Go help Yuuto-san!" Satsuki Yatouji, right after Yuuto meets his end. Then, Beast kills her out of jealousy. The Movie only.
    • " Yuuto-san! L-Let go! Let me go! I won't ask you anymore! B-Beast...!" Satsuki Yatouji, again killed by Beast while trying to override its will to help Yuuto. TV series.
  • "I am going to be Daddy's bride..... So, I will learn cooking from Mommy and I'll be a good girl... Because Daddy will soon make me medicine that will make me better..... Daddy... Da - daddy..." Kazuki Tonjou, the girl who would be cloned and become Nataku. From Nataku's CD drama.
  • "Kakyou... If you get to meet Kamui-chan and my older brother, tell them that I love them both... and that the future is still undecided" Kotori Monou to Kakyou Kuzuki, TV series and manga continuities.
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  • "You have just taken my place as the Sakurazukamori with this. Therefore, the next one will be the one who kills you. And whom will love you the most." (Seishirou: "But I have nobody I care for") "I used to think the same, until I met you. Seishirou..." Setsuka Sakurazuka, dead by the hands of her son Seishirou. Mamga and TV series.
  • "I still believe in you. Don't forget it, it's a crime that will never be washed away. There is nobody who is unable to love somebody else, Sei-chan." Hokuto Sumeragi, also killed by Seishirou
  • "If you think of it a bit, I did this because you'd never be able to kill anybody. And that's because, telling truths, you... are so cute. I... you..." Seishirou Sakurazuka, dying in Subaru Sumeragi's arms
  • " Kamui, please go to Tokyo... Your destiny awaits you!" Tohru Magami-Shirou, manga version.
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  • "D-don't cry, please? I don't want to see a woman cry. Promise me, Missy, you'll live for us two. It'll be the proof that I existed. Can you promise me? That you will live? You're really beautiful, and I'm such a lucky man. I'm really glad I was able met you, Missy!" Sorata Arisugawa, dying in the arms of Arashi Kishuu. TV series.
  • "The future.. is but one!" [ Evil Laugh ] [ STAB ] [ The real Hinoto: "But I wish for the future to change...!" ] "What meaning is there in my existence?! Impossible!" Hinoto's Dark Self, who says them as the real Hinoto commits seppuku and kills them both. TV series.
    • " Kamui, you haven't awakened as a Dragon of Heaven yet, and you can't unleash the power of your Shinken. But still, I want to believe in you. Allow me to believe in you!" The real Hinoto, as she dies in Kamui's arms. TV series.

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