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Heartwarming / X/1999

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  • Yuzuriha's interactions with almost everyone in the cast.
  • In the middle of the drama surrounding Kotori's murder, it was sweet to see Kamui waking up from his Angst Coma and holding the unconscious Subaru (the one who helped him to do so) in his arms, whispering "thank you".
    • Also, in the anime there's Subaru waking up from his post-Seishirou's death Angst Coma and then saving Kamui's life at great risk of his own.
  • "Tell Kamui-chan and Oniichan that I love them. And that the future is still undecided."
  • Sorata and Arashi's Relationship Upgrade.
  • "Kakyou, let's go for real this time. Outside." And after so much pain and suffering, Kakyou finally gets to be with the love of his life, Hokuto, even if only in death.

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