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Funny / Cannon Busters

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     Episode 1 

     Episode 3 
  • Syrena expresses a lot of annoyance at her mother's craziness and her brothers' stupidity.
  • Casey and Sam are zapped into unconsciousness by the hillbillies several times.

     Episode 4 
  • A trio of barflies follow Philly to see how things develop between him and 9ine. They set up a table and chairs to watch. When things get hairy their main priority is to save the beer. Sadly, they're last seen tearfully mourning the loss of their dear friend the beer cooler.

     Episode 7 
  • Philly wakes up and takes a morning piss, but he has such a strong hangover he pukes.
  • After dispatching the bounty hunters working for Lady Day, Philly asks the Sole Survivor (who was carrying an electric guitar rather than guns) to play a song to travel.
    • Right after he finishes the story Casey wonders he might be embellishing the story since no one mentioned his smell.

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