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  • The episode "Day at the Park" had Yakumo, and the others (minus Mushra) invited to a festival, while Mushra gets little revenge for being sent away by Yakumo. Mostly it amounts to him helping some other enterrans (who are frightened of humans) set up some "booby-traps". Then he sits back and watches as Yakumo and the others have to deal with the now (relatively) harmless traps, laughing his ass off at them until the traps get Not So Harmless.
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  • The three kittens Sanju, Rei, and Sen are not only cute, they're good Plucky Comic Relief during season two. All the while manageing to avoid the Scrappy department.
  • Mushrambo of all people gets a really good dig in on Gyasa in "Mushrambo: The Ultimate Samurai".
  • Mushra and Binka's first meeting. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In the aftermath of battling King Daku in the "Battleing Daku" episode, Yakumo questions Mushra on how he knew who was Katai (Disguised as Yakumo.) and who was her. His response was that she was human, so she smelled different. Yakumo gets quite the reaction and yells "You're saying I stink?!" To add to that further, Sago and Kutal know that Mushra actually knew because of Yakumo's good heart. Plus Sago saying "mushraaa..." to make fun of him, really sold it.

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