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While the series is known for it's heart pumping action and awesome fight scenes, that doesn't mean it doesn't have moments that aren't genuinely funny.

  • In chapter 3 (Episode 3), Dazai tries to make Atsushi guess his previous job before joining the ADA by bribing him with a big reward. Considering how destitute Atsushi was when the series started, he falls for it right away and starts guessing fruitlessly. The English dub makes it funnier by adding its own little woolseyisms to Dazai's responses.
    Atsushi: Stock broker!
    Dazai: No.
    Atsushi: Writer?
    Dazai: Uh-uh.
    Atsushi: Office worker!
    Dazai: Incorrect.
    Atsushi: Researcher!
    Dazai: Wrong.
    Atsushi: Lawyer?
    Dazai: Nope.
    Atsushi: Journalist!
    Dazai: Bzzzt!
    Atsushi: Carpenter!
    Dazai: Try again.
    Atsushi: Fortune teller?
    Dazai: Nah.
    Atsushi: Pilot!
    Dazai: Wrong again.
    Atsushi: Japanese chef?
    Dazai: Chigau!note 
    Atsushi: Doctor?
    Dazai: No way.
    Atsushi: Shinto priest?
    Dazai: Blasphemous.
    Atsushi: Model?
    Dazai: No. But...that does sound really flattering!
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  • When Kyouka asks Fukuzawa to let her into the ADA, he has a serious expression on his face and...hires her on the spot. Why? Because she made Puppy-Dog Eyes at him.
  • The Running Gag of Dazai messing with Kunikida and the latter either always scolding him, manhandling him, or beating him up every time.
  • There is something rediculously funny about the series collaborating with Sanrio. Especially with the Dark Era merch. The contrast between the thematics of the two differing franchises is just too big.

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