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  • The way the series manages to avoid the pit of Fanservice on its female characters. When Easter 2019 came, several events in its smartphone game were held featuring several female characters with bunny ears - without turning them into a half-naked Playboy Bunny and instead making them super colorful and cute!
  • The series' vast amount of grey morality. Seinen are known for having multi-layered characters, but in Bungou Stray Dogs, even the minor characters such as officer Sugimoto and Sasaki Nobuko are more than meets the eye. You can say that the first appearance of a character tells only 10% of their true nature. To elaborate:
    • Akutagawa is introduced as a typical antagonist, ruthlessly bashing in on the protagonist. This first meeting is heavily likely to create contempt for this new character. However, in the Dark Era, we see where this behavior comes from and he turns out to be very human, being abandoned and having a loveless youth. Same goes for characters such as Kyouka and Lucy.
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    • Tachihara is a traitor, but as of the manga chapter that came out in March 2019, he turns out to have grown fond of the Lizards and he has a major identity crisis.
    • It also goes in reverse. The members of the Agency can hardly be called 'heroes' although they're the designated protagonists. Ranpo is an amazing detective, but he's also an Attention Whore. Fukuzawa is a noble leader, but he has a past as an assassin, and so on.
    • A special case is Naomi. She is prone to early fan hate due to her lusting after her 'brother'. However, when she almost dies Taking the Bullet for Junichirou, fans start to see her in a different light.

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