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So many bullets to count in this picture, but who really cares?
  • Naomi of all people cutting through the bullshit on whether or not the Armed Detective Agency should rescue Atsushi by calling up Fukuzawa to make the decision. Which was to immediately go help their comrade. From her attitude, Naomi knew very well what his decision would be. By doing so, she set in motion the means for both Atsushi and Kyouka to be rescued.
  • The fight during the Azure Messenger arc in the anime. Kunikida faces a boy with the ability to throw around anybody who bears a number. Kunikida, being a mid-range fighter, can't get close to the boy. Meanwhile, Dazai faces a strong guy who seems to be impervious. When Kunikida sees Dazai's fight, he is struck with a short bit of genius: he pulls off a Batman Gambit on the guy and the two switch places. As Dazai is immune to any Ability, he is able to beat the boy easily, as is Kunikida, taking over Dazai's enemy.
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  • The Black Lizards pulling a Big Damn Heroes to save Akutagawa and help Higuchi. After chapter 68 came out, this moment becomes a lot more bittersweet.
    Michizou Tachihara: Kill anyone you don't know!
  • The showdown between Fyodor and Ace in chapter 42/episode 29. Ace has Fyodor imprisoned in a hidden cell on a cruise ship, which only he can access and only his men even know about. Fyodor challenges Ace to a game, but Ace manages to see through Fyodor's ability of creating a mental space, and then reveals that he knows the secret of escaping: dying in the mental world wakes you up in the real world. Outsmarted, Fyodor watches his captor commit suicide in order to escape from his ability's grasp... but this all turns out to be a trick: turns out there is no mental world: whatever Fyodor's ability is, it had nothing to do with his plan. All of the "hints" he left to his ability's true nature were tricks on his part; most notably, he "cheated" at a game of "Higher or Lower" by memorizing the slight scratches on the back of each card in the deck! He managed to trick one of the smartest and most dangerous members of the Port Mafia into killing himself.
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  • Chuuya's battle scene in Episode 61.5. With the Hunting Dogs closing in and the Agency trapped, suddenly the enemies get cut down from above by someone using gravity Chuuya raises into the air and summons dozens if not hundreds of floating bullets, all with a smile on his face. Even with knowledge of everything that happens afterward, this scene never fails to be awe-inspiring. This definitely counts as an awesome moment and is pictured above.
  • A special mention has to go to chapter 38. The Agency has just tackled the Guild arc, and they are all for Heroes Gone Fishing. There is a cafe on the first floor of the building it is seated in, in which they are found more often now. Then, the cafe gets overrun and the Nice Guy manager who always brews coffee for them loses a fingernai as he reveals there was a foreign gang who overran the place. The Agency strikes this creepy pose before we see how well their enemies secured their place. A hideout that changes every four days, security cameras, eighteen heavily armed guards, a door that doesn't yield to a bomb and vicious criminals ready to assist at just one call. Then, the Agency gets in...
    • Ranpo figured out the hideout within five seconds
    • Kenji is able to rip the door out easily
    • Tanizaki fooled the security cameras, as being a Master of Illusion
    • Atsushi and Kunikida were the Bash Brothers who defeated the guards
    • Apparently, the Agency is so vicious that the criminals who were supposed to assist pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! on them
    • And, finally, Yosano gives the leader what he deserves
  • On a meta/social level, Bungou Stray Dogs is pushing a lot of boundaries. Not long ago, no one would have ever thought people of this age would be interested in literature from ages ago. Now, it's one of the most popular series! The characters themselves tend to be more complex, and can't be boxed into single categories. For example, Dazai is a bad guy turned good who can nullify abilities and has a Blue and Orange Morality at times, Kyouka is a Little Miss Badass who is crazy about rabbits, and Chuuya is a Gravity Master who loves wine and cusses often, etc. A few characters are also inclusive on other levels, for example Atsushi who is an abuse survivor and has frequent signs of PTSD, and Akutagawa who has issues due to being implied to have been abused by Dazai.
  • Fitzgerald's comeback. He's willingly to take the long way down by doing everything he can to prove Doctor Eckleburg's innocence, and succeeds at it. He rushes into the court a la Franziska von Karma, and exposes the crime like no one else ever could. The best thing? He doesn't even care about finding Buchanan guilty; so everything that happens is a nice side thing. The reason why he does this is because of Buchanan's company; by the time that the scandal has been revealed, the stock of said company had been reduced to toilet paper. That was his plan from the start!
  • An offscreen example, when assassin Fukuzawa gets in a criminal nest to save Mori, the thugs ask how he could've gotten in, because there were twenty guards outside. Fukuzawa replies with: 'Killed them all already'.

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