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Nightmare Fuel / Bungo Stray Dogs

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And this, people, is why you do not run over the Agency's favorite cafe.
  • Atsushi himself? Adorkable. Atsushi in his tiger form? Epic. The tiger manifesting in Atsushi's face? Horrifying.
  • The sheer glee Lucy has in trapping people in her nightmare dimension and the Nightmare Face she breaks out. Becomes darker when you realize she had a similar past to Atsushi, but never left it behind, which is the motivation of her actions. Take in what Atsushi might have become if he ended up like her...
  • Any scene that has Atsushi having an Orphanage of Fear flashback is usually is very gorey and nightmare inducing especially in Dead Apple, when Shibusawa Tatsuhiko electrocutes him nearly to death and when the headmaster has him nailed in the foot as punishment when he was framed for stealing candy that the other children stole. All of these things happen when he was still very young.
  • This post goes into detail what actually happens when Chuuya activates Corruption. On the flip side, it makes you all the more thankful that Dazai was there to nullify it...
    • It also predicted the black/grey lines being red in actuality, giving 'creepy' a new meaning...
  • The Nightmare Face 15-year old Chuuya cracks upon saying the Wham Line of the episode.

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