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Due to the many characters of differing ages and the supplemental novels taking place at different times, organizing this timeline is one of the most troublesome, time-consuming, headache-inducing tasks one can undertake. Obvious spoilers for the entirity of the series below. Secondary bullet points mean that they are a set of events that happened under the nomer in the singulary bullet point above, or if they all happened the same year (this is particularly the case with births). Italics indicate the source of this happenstance if it is outside of the main manga. This timeline follows the manga, not the anime for various reasons.


  • Hirotsu Ryuurou is born on June 15.
  • Five years later, Fukuzawa Yukichi is born on January 10.
    • Presumably around the same time or after Ryuurou's birth, Fukuchi Ouchi is born, presumably on May 13. note 
  • Four years later, Ougai Mori is born on February 17.
  • Nine years later, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is born on September 24.
  • Four years later, Edgar Allan Poe is born on January 19.
    • 29 days later, Kajii Motojirou is born on February 17.
  • A year later, Nathaniel Hawthorne is born on July 4.
  • A year later, Kouyou Ozaki is born on January 10.
    • Nine months and eleven days later, Ranpo Edogawa is born on October 21.
  • A year later, Akiko Yosano is born on December 7.
  • Two years later, Tayama Katai is born on January 22.
    • Nine months and four days later, Oda Sakunosuke is born on October 26.
  • A year after Katai and Oda are born, Nakahara Chuuya is 'born' on April 29.
    • One month and twenty-eight days later, Osamu Dazai is born on June 19.
    • Two months and eleven days later, Doppo Kunikida is born on August 30.
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    • One month and twenty days later, Sakaguchi Ango is born on October 20.
    • One month and ten days later, Mark Twain is born on November 30.
  • A year later, John Steinbeck is born on February 27.
  • A year later, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke is born on March 1.
    • Eight months and a week later, Margaret Mitchell is born on November 8.
  • A year later, Lucy Maud Montgomery is born on November 30. She grows up in an orphanage where she is harshly treated.
  • A year later, Nakajima Atsushi is born on May 5. This boy too grows up in an orphanage where he is harshly treated.
    • Somewhere between this point and the Dragon's Head Conflict, Atsushi kills the first incarnation of Shibusawa when electrical torture goes wrong. (DEAD APPLE)
    • Two months and nine days later, Junichirou Tanizaki is born on July 24.
    • Four months and nine days later, Louisa May Alcott is born on November 29.
  • Three years later, Kyouka Izumi is born on November 4.
    • In the same year (Chuuya is 7 by then), Rimbaud attempts to steal Arahabaki. This goes awry and wipes Rimbaud's memories. (FIFTEEN)
  • A year later, Miyazawa Kenji is born on August 27.
    • Tachihara's brother performs suicide after having given Yosano her butterfly hairpin. Yosano is aged 11 by then (and Mori is 32).
  • Odasaku is an assassin. He meets Fukuzawa and Ranpo. (Dark Era)
    • Kouyou attempts to run away from the mafia. (For reference: Dazai is 10 by then)
  • A year later, Kyuusaku Yumeno is born on January 4.
  • Ougai Mori becomes an underground doctor after the Great War. He is a surgeon on neutral territory amidst of a gang war.
  • Fukuzawa, an assassin aged 32, meets Ougai Mori. They clash often, but when they work together, they are invincible.
  • Odasaku, now 14, meets Souseki and stops killing. (Dark Era)
    • Some time later, he joins the mafia and becomes their handyman. (Dark Era)
  • Fukuzawa meets Ranpo and founds the Armed Detective Agency with the help of Souseki to protect the boy. (Founding)
  • Yosano joins the Armed Detective Agency, defecting from her work at the ship.
    • Kunikida joins and Katai joins too, to leave it some time later. (Founding)
  • Mori retires from his work as an underground doctor and murders the boss of the Port Mafia because the Mafia would've gone to its demise if he lived. Dazai, who cannot be older than 14 at that point, watches in silence.
    • Fukuzawa and Mori are put together in a great scheme of things by Natsume Souseki, called The Tripartite Tactic together with the Government.
    • Ango goes undercover in the Mafia. (Dark Era)
  • FIFTEEN/The Blue Era
    • Dazai turns 15.
    • Rimbaud dies.
    • Chuuya defects from the Sheep and joins the Mafia.
    • He receives Rimbaud's hat.
  • Dragon's Head Conflict.
    • Oda takes the orphans in (starting with Sakura, DEAD APPLE).
    • Ango goes abroad to Europe, presumably to meet a car broker. (Dark Era)
    • Mimic is first heard of. (Dark Era)
    • Mori declares Dazai as the best candidate for executive.
    • Chuuya kills Shibusawa's second incarnation as a reaction to Shibusawa killing the Sheep. (DEAD APPLE)
  • Dazai becomes executive.
    • The very same day, Akutagawa is recruted by him.
  • The Dark Era.
    • Mimic enters Yokohama.
    • Ango is revealed as a triple spy and returns to his position in the Government.
    • Oda dies at age 23.
    • The Mafia obtains the Permit.
    • Mimic is wiped out.
    • Dazai leaves the mafia.
    • Somewhere between Q's birth and this point, Dazai locks him up. This is the last point in the timeline when this could have happened.
  • Dazai spends his time anonymously, while Ango cleanses his records.
  • Dazai is 19 and Atsushi is 15 as Sigma is created by the Book.
  • Kyouka's parents are killed.
  • Kyouka joins the mafia under Kouyou's tutelage.
  • Azure Messenger runs amok. By the resolving of this, Dazai passes his Entrance Exam for the Agency. The Gaiden events cannot happen earlier than this moment.
  • The Tanizaki siblings join the Agency.
    • Kenji joins the Agency.
  • Two months later, Atsushi is kicked out of the orphanage. note 
  • He joins the Agency.
  • The Mafia and the Agency fight.
  • Atsushi saves Kyouka.
  • Guild Arc
    • The Guild enters Yokohama.
    • Atsushi and Tanizaki defeat Lucy.
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne and Akutagawa fight, resulting in a victory for the latter. Margaret Mitchell ends up in the hospital.
    • Q is released out of prison and kidnapped by Steinbeck, sending the city into chaos.
    • Atsushi and Dazai save the day.
    • Double Black is sent to retrieve Q. They fight against Lovecraft.
    • Akutagawa and Atsushi defeat Fitzgerald in a united battle.
    • Kyouka passes the Entrance Exam as well.
    • The Guild splinters.
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne approaches Fyodor and is brainwashed by him.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple
    • Shibusawa's third incarnation arrives at Yokohama, working together with Dazai and Fyodor.
    • The mist spreads in Yokohama, splitting Abilities from their owners.
    • Akutagawa, Kyouka and Atsushi meet up and fight against their Abilities. The three eventually win.
    • Shibusawa and Dazai are killed by Fyodor, who revives the former into Singularity.
    • The true form of Draconia Room appears as a giant dragon, which Chuuya defeats.
    • Chuuya finds Dazai in the chaos and wakens him.
    • Atsushi gets his Ability back and defeats Singularity.
    • Everything is back to normal.
  • Lucy finds a new job at Uzumaki.
  • It is revealed that Gin is a sister of Akutagawa.
  • The Headmaster dies.
  • Kyouka's past is revealed.
  • Cannibalism Arc
    • Ace is killed by Fyodor.
    • Fyodor pits Mori and Fukuzawa against eachother with Pushkin's Ability. He uses the brainwashed Hawthorne to carry out his plans.
    • Fitzgerald builds up the Renewed Guild in another country, with Alcott at his side. They obtain the 'Eyes of God'.
    • Steinbeck founds the Remnants of the Guild.
    • Souseki comes in to save the day and give Fukuzawa and Mori courage after a lengthy duel.
    • It is revealed that the Special Abilities Government Division leader Santouka Taneda is in the hospital.
    • Akutagawa and Atsushi defeat Ivan Goncharov.
    • Pushkin removes the virus.
  • Ranpo meets Mushitarou Oguri.
  • Sunday Tragedy
    • The Decay of Angels lead the Agency into a trap and rewrite the book to frame the Agency. From this moment, the Agency is scattered.
    • Nikolai Gogol is presumed dead.
  • Hound Dogs
    • The Hunting Dogs are called in to find the scattered Agency members.
    • Tachihara reveals his true nature and his Ability.
    • Mushitarou Oguri breaks out of jail, with some help of Atsushi and Kyouka.
    • Ango decides to help Oguri, Atsushi and Kyouka. The effect of his Ability is revealed.
    • Atsushi, Kyouka and Lucy go to the sky casino of Manager Sigma, a member of the Decay of Angels. Tachihara and Teruko soon follow.

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