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The Call of Duty series does not normally present its missions in chronological order, with events taking place days or even years apart within the same game. This is usually done for gameplay reasons but sometimes Anachronic Order is employed to confuse or conceal the plot - most prominently in the Black Ops series.

Note: Technically speaking, outside of the specific storylines of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series's, each Call of Duty game is effectively self-contained and doesn't really influence or affect other games outside it's storyline. Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are within their own continuity. Modern Warfare (2019) is an Ultimate Universe reboot of the original Modern Warfare storyline, and as of 2021, shares a universe with Black Ops and Sledgehammer's WWII entries.

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Main Universe

    World War II: 1939 - 1945 

Call of Duty is, for the most part, authentic if not necessarily accurate in it's portrayal of the events of World War 2. For a more detailed overview of the conflict check the Useful Notes page.



  • August 11th; Pvt. Miller & his reconnaissance squad land on Makin Atoll. They are eventualy captured, tortured and most of the squad is executed.
  • August 17th; Pvt. Miller is rescued by a squad containing Cpl. Roebuck and Sgt. Sullivan. He joins them in assaulting several Japanese positions on the island before escaping.
  • September 17th; Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko and Sgt. Viktor Reznov, the only survivors of a failed attack on Red Square, manage to covertly move across Stalingrad. With the assistance of a squad of Soviet soldiors they manage to assasinate German General Heinrich Amsel but are separated during the retaliatory attack.


  • January 15th; Pvt. Koslov, after several blocks of brutal city fighting, participates in the capture and defense of Stalingrad's Town Hall.
    • On the same day, British Tank Commander David Welsh commands his tank during a breakthrough attack in northern Libya.
  • January 18th; Tnk. Cdr. Welsh participates in another breakthrough attack in Libya.
  • February 24th; The Battle of Kasserine Pass, the first major engagement between American and German forces, ends in a disaster for the Americans. Sgt. Pierson loses a large number of his men in the battle, which cost him a promotion and hardens his character severely. Cpt. Turner helps keep his friend stable.
  • March 10th; Sgt. Davis, with Price and Mcgregor, attempt to hold Toujane, Tunisia against a massive German attack. They are eventually driven out of the city.
  • March 11th; Reinforced by several Crusader tanks, Sgt. Davis & Co. re-take Toujane.
  • March 30th; Sgt. Davis & Co. participate in grueling urban combat to capture the town of Matmata, Tunisia.
  • July 4th; Pvt. Yuri Petrenko participates in the defense of Cherkasskoye in the Soviet Union.
  • July 11th; Pvt. Yuri participates in the capture of the town of Ponyri and it's tank depot
  • July 12; Sgt. Doyle, now a part of the S.A.S. alongside Maj. Ingram, partakes in a daring raid of a Sicilian coastal fort as a prelude to Operation Husky. The raid is a success but Doyle and Ingram are the sole survivors.
    • On the same day Pvt. Yuri, temporarily assigned to a T-34/85 fights in the Battle of Prokhorovka - the largest tank battle in history.
  • August 22nd; Pvt. Yuri fights in the intense Battle for Kharkov.


June 6th; D-Day

  • Pvt. Martin is paradropped into Normandy as a prelude to the landings later that morning. He regroups with other paratroopers (including Pvt. Elder, Sgt. Moody and Cpt. Foley), participates in the capture and defense of St. Mere-Eglise before going on to assault several artillery pieces at Brecourt Manour.
  • Sgt. Evans and Capt. Price are deployed by glider to assault and capture Pegasus Bridge and defend it from a counter-attack.
  • Cpl. Taylor, Sgt. Randall and Pvts. Braeburn and Mccloskey land at Point du Hoc near Omaha beach. They manage to capture the fortification atop the point and hold it against a counter-attack the next day.
  • Pvts. Daniels, Zussman, Stiles, Aiello, Sgt. Pierson and Cpt. Turner land at Omaha beach. Despite heavy resistance they are able to push inland and destroy some local artillery although Zussman is badly wounded in the fighting.
  • June 11th; Sgt Davis, Capt. Price and Pvt. Mcgregor capture the French town of Bellot and rescue/capture several prisoners of war.
  • June 12th; Sgt. Davis & Co. capture an improtant crossroads at the town of Anctoville, France. When they move on to capture St. Louet their convoy is attacked by a German Tiger tank and all but destroyed, blunting their advance on the city of Caen.
  • June 14th; Sgt. Davis & Co. manage to capture and defend a German Headquarters located in the town of Amayé-sur-Seulles, France.
  • July 14th; Cpl. Taylor & Co. capture the small French town of Beaumont-Hague from German troops.
  • July 25th; Pvt. Zussman returns to his unit earlier than expected. He joins Pvt. Daniels as they attack several enemy positions in the Marigny region of France.
  • July 26th; Pvt. Daniels & Co. participate in the capture of the French town of Marigny, most prominently by sniping from the steeple of the town church. Despite a fierce German counterattack the town is eventually captured.
  • August 7th; Pvt. Martin participates in the capture of a chateau in the Bavarian Alps and rescues Cpt. Price from German captivity.
  • August 20th; Working with elements of the British Special Operations Executive, Pvt. Daniels & Co. attempt to intercept a German train trying to transport V2 rockets into firing distance of Paris. They eventually derail and destroy the train near Argentan.
  • August 25th; French resistance member Camille "Rousseau" Denis infiltrates the Parisian German garrison, assassinates it's commander Heinrich and plants explosives throughout the structure. When they detonate, the Parisians rise in revolt against their occupiers and are joined by American troops rapidly moving into the city. Pvt. Daniels & Co. are one of the first units to arrive and capture the Garrison structure. The Germans eventually retreat from Paris.
  • September 2nd; Sgt. Evans, now a part of the S.A.S, is paradropped onto the Eder Dam, where he single-handedly destroys all of the anti-air emplacements and kills most of the garrison. After regrouping with Capt. Price and Sgt. Waters they fight their way to a nearby airfield and escape in a captured Fw 2000.
  • September 15th; Pvt. Miller, now joined by Pvt. Polonsky, Cpl. Roebuck and Sgt Sullivan, land on Peleliu Island, Palau under heavy fire. They succeed in capturing a Japanese fortification but Sgt. Sullivan is killed in the process. Although shocked by his death, the rest of the squad goes on to capture Peleliu's airfield and primary command bunker on the same day.
  • September 16th; After relentless fighting, Pvt. Miller & Co. capture Peleliu Island's main artillery position.
  • September 18th; Pvt. Martin participates in the liberation of Dulag 3a and rescues Maj. Ingram.
  • October 18th; During the capture of the German city of Aachen Pvt. Daniels's squad is rescued by Tnk. Cdr. Perez who, despite being ambushed by no less than 3 German tanks including a King Tiger, is able to break through to the main German command post inside a large hotel. Upon capturing the hotel Pvt. Daniels's squad discovers a number of civilians hiding in the basement and decide to evacuate them. The evacuation is mostly successful, but the Germans counter-attack halfway through it and several civilians are killed.
  • October 27th; Sgt. Evans and Capt. Price infiltrate the battleship Tirpitz to sabotage it's boilers and radio equipment in preparation for a strike on the vessel. The operation is successful, but Capt. Price is killed.
  • November 14th; At the Hurtgen forest on the German-Belgium border, Pvt. Daniels & Co. are slowly preparing to attack Hill 493 when their routine combat patrol gets hit by German artillery, scattering the squad. Most of the squad regroups at a nearby lumber mill but Sgt. Pearson rallies some men and launches a reckless attack on the Hill. Racing to reinforce Lt. Pierson, Pvt. Daniels & his squad manage to briefly push up onto Hill 493, but are driven back by a counter-attack from German Waffen-Schutzstaffel troops supported by a King Tiger. Pvt. Daniels destroys the King Tiger and shoots the surviving tank commander but Cpt. Turner is killed when he tries to cover the retreat.
  • December 6th-8th; Cpl. Taylor & Co. despite stiff resistance and heavy casualties assault, capture and defend Hill 400 near Bergstein, Germany.
  • December 25th; Newly-promoted Cpl. Daniels & his squad are chafing under the abrasive leadership of Sgt. Pierson, angry at himself over Turner's death, as they repel a heavy attack on their lines during the Battle of the Bulge. They are briefly joined by African-American Cpl. Marcus Howard, who had taken a demotion to serve with white soldiers.
  • December 26th; Cpl. Riley, serving alongside Sgt. Moody and Cpt. Foley during the Battle of the Bulge, runs a combat patrol into a major German attack and just barely manages to hold their position against German armor as the reinforcements arrive and relieve the Siege of Bastogne.
  • December 27th; Cpl. Daniels & his squad ambush a German convoy and go on to attack a major German base in the Ardennes, but Pvt. Zussman is taken prisoner during the battle. Cpl. Daniels briefly goes rogue in an attempt to rescue him, but fails and narrowly avoids court-martial for his actions.


  • January 13th; Cpl. Riley participates in the capture of a section of roadway between Bastogne and Foy, Belgium.
  • January 15th; Pvt. Martin participates in the capture of two bunkers in the vicinity of Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge.
    • On the same day Cpl. Riley participates in the capture and defense of the town of Noville. Curiously, Capt. Foley is present for both encounters.
  • January 17th; Pvt. Voronin participates in the capture of a major tank factory in Warsaw.
  • January 26th; Pvt. Voronin, temporarily assigned to the crew of a T-34/85, participates in combat along the Oder River, eventually capturing a town over the border of Germany proper.
  • February 2nd; Sgts. Evans and Waters destroy a V2 site in Burgsteinfurt, Germany.
  • March 7th; Cpl. Daniels is offered a Bronze Star and an honorable discharge, but turns them down in favor of continuing the fight in hope of rescuing Zussman. This manages to improve his relationship with Sgt. Pierson. Cpl. Daniels & his squad go on to assault and capture the Ludendorff Bridge, the last intact bridge over the Rhine river.
  • March 24th; Cpl. Taylor & Co. use amphibious transports to cross the Rhine river and capture the German town of Wallendar. For their actions, Taylor and several others are promoted.
  • April 3rd; P. O. Locke, a crewman on an American PBY Catalina, experiences a brutal night's fighting against the Japanese navy and air force.
  • April 4th; Cpl. Daniels & his squad find an abandoned prisoner of war camp but manage to track the prisoners into the nearby forest, arriving just in time to save Zussman from execution.
  • April 16th; In a chance encounter, Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko is rescued by Sgt. Viktor Reznov after being captured briefly near Seelow, Brandenburg. He re-joins the offensive and overruns a major German supply camp in the area. For the rest of the day Pvt. Petrenko and Sgt. Reznov are placed in command of a T-34/85 tank to capture the Seelow railway station.
  • April 23rd; Pvts. Petrenko, Chernov and Sgt. Reznov participate in the siege of Berlin, pushing hard into the city.
  • April 24th; Pvts. Petrenko, Chernov and Sgt. Reznov continue with the brutal city fighting within Berlin. They eventually push into the city's subway system but are caught in the sudden flooding of the subway tunnel. Curiously, it takes them almost a week to emerge.
  • April 30th; Pvts. Petrenko, Chernov and Sgt. Reznov eventually capture the Reichstag after heavy fighting. Chernov is killed and Petrenko badly wounded, but he still manages to wave the flag of the Soviet Union over Berlin. Pvt. Voronin, who also participated in the fighting, witnesses this.
  • May 14th; Pvt. Miller, now on Okinawa, participates in the capture of Wana ridge despite his squad nearly exhausting their supplies.
  • May 29th; Pvt. Miller's squad is finally resupplied and participates in the capture of Shuri Castle on Okinawa. The fighting is brutal and either Sgt. Roebuck or Pvt. Polonsky will be killed.
  • May 30th; Pvt. Daniels departs Europe to return to America, but not before visiting Zussman who is recovering in a military hospital. He even manages to depart on almost-amicable terms with Sgt. Pierson.
  • October 29th; Despite the formal surrender of Nazi Germany five months earlier a small group of holdouts managed to escape with a particularly nasty chemical weapon; Nova-6. When their ship runs aground in the Arctic Circle, commanding officer Friedrich Steiner manages to contact Maj. Gen. Nikita Dragovich and Col. Lev Kravchenko to barter the secrets of Nova-6 in exchange for his life. Dragovich and Kravchenko, accompanied by Red Army elements including Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko and Sgt. Viktor Reznov assaults the holdout's position to "capture" Steiner and kills everyone else. Seeking a demonstration of Nova-6, Dragovich betrays Pvt. Petrenko and Sgt. Reznov and kills Petrenko by exposing him to the gas. When the ship is suddenly attacked by British Commandos, Reznov manages to escape, plants explosives to destroy the Nova-6 stockpile and manages to escape the exploding ship. He is later captured and sent to the prisoner/labor camp Vorkuta.

    Interwar Period: 1946 - 2010 


Following the conclusion of World War 2 relations between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union deteriorated into a state of mutual distrust and unspoken hostility known as the Cold War. The History of the Cold War page has a more detailed breakdown of events and the culture of the time period.

  • April 17th, 1961; During the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, CIA agents Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro but only succeed in killing his body double. Woods and Bowman manage to escape, but Manson, who was separated from the group, is captured. Castro hands Mason over to Dragovich, who imprisons him in Vorkuta.
  • October 6th, 1963; During his imprisonment in Vorkuta, Mason is subjected to brainwashing to condition him to respond to code phrases in the form of a sequence of numbers. Unbeknownst to his captors, Reznov - whom Mason has formed a friendship with - interferes with the brainwashing to create within Mason a compulsion to kill Dragovich, Krevchenko and Steiner. Reznov and Mason stage a mass prisoner uprising at Vorkuta but despite initial success only Mason and Reznov manage to escape. Furthermore, Reznov is separated from Mason at the end of the escape, leaving his fate uncertain. He is believed to have been killed, but Mason retains hope he is still alive.
  • November 10th, 1863; Now back in the USA, Mason is briefed in person by President John F. Kennedy about Dragovich and the danger he poses to the USA. Mason is hallucinating heavily during this conversation, including pointing a gun at President Kennedy.
  • November 17th, 1963; Mason, Woods, Bowman and Russian defector Grigori Weaver infiltrate Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Kazakh SSR and destroy a Soyuz-2 rocket being launched from the facility. Weaver loses an eye to Lev Kravchenko in the process.
  • November 22nd, 1963; President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. While history blames Lee Harvey Oswald for the killing, Alex Mason was photographed on-site and is implied to have been involved in the assassination.
  • January 21st, 1968; Mason, Bowman and Woods meet CIA agent Jason Hudson at Khe San base in Vietnam to discuss Mason's actions in Laos and a possible Russian defector in Vietnam. The conversation is interrupted by the opening attack of the Tet Offensive and the base just barely fights off the combined VC/NVA forces.
  • February 2nd, 1968; Mason and his team are inserted into the city of Hue amidst heavy fighting to extract a Russian defector with information on Dragovich's activities before extracting via boat. Mason is shocked to perceive Viktor Reznov as the defector, but his perspective is unreliable and Reznov's presence is never verified.
  • February 9th, 1968; Following information suggesting a Russian presence in Vietnam, Mason and his team assault several VC held villages and uncover a Russian outpost in the Quang Tri region. Information found at the site suggests Russian activity in Laos.
    • On the same day Agents Hudson and Weaver attempt to interrogate and extract Dr. Daniel Clarke from the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. The extraction is attacked by Spetsnaz troops and Dr Clarke is killed, but not before he gives up valuable information about Nova-6 and a sequence of numbers broadcast over the radiowaves.
  • February 11th, 1968; Mason, Woods and Bowman investigate and attack the site of a crashed Soviet cargo plane carrying Nova-6 and related materials. The site is contested by Spetsnaz and VC troops and the three are eventually captured.
  • February 18th, 1968; With support from a SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, Hudson and Woods infiltrate a Soviet military base at Mount Yamantau in the Ural Mountains to uncover information about a Nova-6 attack on the USA. Dr. Steiner contacts them mid mission to offer information in exchange for his life, so Hundaon and Woods escape as the base is buried by an avalanche.
  • February 19th, 1968; Mason, Woods and Bowman manage to escape from a secret prisoner camp in the Sekong province of Laos, but Bowman is killed in the escape. Commandeering an enemy Hind helicopter, Mason and Woods discover and assault a compound run by Lev Kravchenko holding American prisoners of war. Kravchenko attempts to kill them all with a grenade, but Woods tackles him off a balcony. Mason, believing them to both be dead locates Dr. Steiner at Rebirth Island and departs on the advice of a hallucination of Reznov. Unbeknownst to Mason, both Woods and Kravchenko survive and Woods is taken to the infamous Hanoi prisoner camp.
  • February 23rd, 1968; Both Mason and Hudson arrive at Rebirth Island at the same time and independently fight their way to Dr. Steiner, although Hudson is slowed by a release of Nova-6 and arrives just in time to witness a hallucinating Mason kill Steiner. Mason is subdued by Hudson and taken to a NSA facility in the USA.
  • February 25th, 1968; Mason is interrogated by Hudson and Weaver and experiences several flash backs in an attempt to decode the numbers transmission and locate the broadcast site to prevent the activation of Russian sleeper agents armed with Nova-6 across America. Mason eventually breaks through his brainwashing to identify the broadcast site as the Cuban cargo ship Rusalka.
  • February 26th, 1968; US forces launch an immediate attack on the Rusalka to halt the broadcast. Mason and Hudson spearhead the capture of the Rusalka only to discover that it sits above a secret underwater supply base for the Soviet submarine fleet. Mason and Hudson assault this base, destroy the broadcast equipment and kill Dragovich, ending the Nova-6 operation and preventing the activation of the sleeper agents.


The threat of thought-to-be-dead Soviet agent, Perseus, rears its ugly head again in early 1981 after his supposed death in the '60s. President Ronald Reagan assigns Alex Mason, Frank Woods, Jason Hudson, Russell Adler, and their associates to the task.

  • January 12th, 1981: Alex Mason and Russell Adler lay low in a bar in the Netherlands, having arranged a meetup with police chief Hans Timmerman. Hans informs him that he has turned away his police force from the apartment building in which Adler and his team plan to raid, of which Iranian terrorists masterminding a hostage crisis are holed up. Mason, leaving a hefty tip on the table, follows Adler to the back alley, in which Woods is waiting for them with a trunk full of weapons. They move in on the building, smoke it out, and engage in a huge firefight with the Iranian terrorists, hunting down a person of interest, Qasim Javadi. Upon finally capturing him after a lengthy rooftop chase, Mason brutally interrogates him. Qasim lets it slip that Arash Kadivar, his superior who plans to undermine the American-backed Shah government, is meeting up with someone at Trabzon Airfield in Turkey. Mason either..
    • shoots him, throws him off the building, or lets him go, to which Adler will kill him.
    • or knocks him out, feeling he is a valuable asset.

  • January 13th, 1981: 18 hours later, Adler, Mason, and Woods arrive at Trabzon Airfield. They observe Arash's men loading supplies onto a plane. A Jeep pulls up, of which Arash steps out, speaks to someone, and shoots everyone inside. After getting a positive ID, Mason shoots at Arash, instead hitting the man standing in his way. Startled, Arash high-tails it, prompting the trio to give chase. After shooting it out with Arash's men in their own vehicles, Mason deploys an RC-XD to blow up Arash's plane. This predictably causes a huge wreck that knocks them off the road, knocking Mason out. Upon waking up, Adler helps him to his feet, confirming that they caught Arash. Woods, as haughty as ever, snarks that Arash should've freed the hostages when he had the chance. Arash attempts to pull a pistol, claiming that his plan was never about hostages, but Woods knocks it out of his hand. He states that "his" plan is underway, to which Woods asks who "he" is. Arash names Perseus, and Adler is notably quick to deny this, sounding certain that Perseus is dead. Arash stifles out a laugh, snarking that Perseus will watch the West burn before Adler puts a bullet in his skull. Adler states that this is something Hudson will want to hear, and instructs Woods and Mason to sweep the area for any other survivors. Woods, looking appropriately confused, inquires about "Perseus" to Mason.

After the events on the Rusalka Alex Mason retires to raise his son David, alone after the death of his wife, in Alaska.

Meanwhile, Nicaraguan Raul Menendez, heir to the Menendez cartel, is orphaned after the CIA assassinates his father. After several years living rough, including an incident when his sister Josefina is horribly scarred in a warehouse fire, he manages to regain control of the cartel and expands it by moving into gun running in addition to drug production and exploiting corruption within Central and South American governments. At some point prior to 1986 he takes custody of the still-POW Frank Woods, whom he tortures horribly.

  • July 2nd, 1986; Learning of Woods survival, Hudson recruits Alex Mason back into his service in order to find and rescue him. This eventually leads to the civil-war embroiled Angola where, after delivering arms and military aid to the warlord Jonas Savimbi, Mason locates Woods on a river freighter carrying arms for the Menendez cartel. After rescuing woods, Mason has a chance encounter with Menendez while trying to locate a radio and shoots one of his eyes out during the resultant fight. Fleeing from Menendez's troops, the three are eventually rescued by Savimbi.
  • September 5th, 1986; During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Mason, Hudson and Woods trade weapons and military aid to the Mujahideen in exchange for information on Menendez's gun running operations in the area. They are caught in an attack by Russian troops lead by Lev Kravchenko, who they manage to capture and interrogate, before he is executed by either Mason or Hudson. They are then betrayed and left for dead by the Mujahideen, but are rescued by an unknown stranger who Mason perceives to be Viktor Reznov.
  • September 25th, 1986; Moving against the Menendez cartel, Mason, Hudson and Woods assault the cartel's headquarters in Panama with the intent to capture Raul Menendez alive with the aid of PDF troopers, but the mission goes awry when Menendez is removed from the compound minutes beforehand by the corrupt Manuel Noriega. Menendez fights his way back into the compound to rescue his sister Josefina and arrives at the same time as the CIA team. A struggle ensues in which Woods throws a grenade into Josefina's room, killing her. Menendez is believed to be KIA, but his "corpse" is taken away by Noriega before his death can be verified. Menendez subsequently swears bloody vengeance on America and the First World.
  • December 20th, 1989; During Operation Just Cause, the American invasion of Panama, Mason, Woods and Hudson are deployed to capture Noriega, but their mission is compromised when Hudson is captured by Menendez and lures Woods and Mason into a trap. Woods is deceived into firing upon Mason, possibly killing him, while Menendez kills Hudson and cripples Woods, all in front of a terrified David Mason. Panama nevertheless falls to the USA and Noriega is captured.

    Modern Era: 2011 - 2019 

    Post-Modern Era: 2020+ 


David Mason, having been adopted by Frank Woods following his father's death/disappearance, has risen to the rank of Commander in the U.S. Navy and has joined SEAL Team Six based out of the USS Barack Obama under the command of Admiral Tommy Briggs. He still regularly visits Frank Woods, who has been "retired" to The Vault - an advanced aged care facility for persons knowing sensitive information, and asks him for advice regarding Menendez.

Meanwhile Menendez has grown his cartel to N.G.O. Superpower levels with associated Private Military Contractors, covert research facilities through their front company Tacitus and connections to black markets and corrupt governments across the world. He is also the covert figurehead for the social protest movement Cordis Die which inflames socio-economic tensions around the world calling himself "Odysseus".

Geopolitically the world has fallen into a Second Cold War with tensions rising between the USA-lead NATO and the Chinese-backed Strategic Defense Coalition that is becoming increasingly heavy-handed in it's efforts to build a military alliance across the Asian continent. Military buildup of this period has taken the form of increasingly-intelligent unmanned drones that now comprise a significant percentage of all modern militaries.

  • April 20th; Cdr. David Mason, M.C.P.O. Mike Harper and C.P.O. Javier Salazar infiltrate and assault a covert research facility in the Hkakabo Razi Mountains, Myanmar staffed by Cordis Die/Menendez PMC troops, where they discover evidence of advanced cyber warfare systems being developed around advanced Celerium chips.
  • May 21st; Cdr. Mason oversees the defense of FOB Specter in northern India against an attack by SDC troops to determine the fate of India.
  • May 29th; SEAL Team Six takes advantage of severe flooding in Lahore, Pakistan to infiltrate a Menendez stronghold to covertly record Menendez in conversation with his second-in-command Defalco. The team uncovers quite a bit of useful information but is discovered and has to fight their way out of the flooded city, but not before a chance encounter with Gen. Tian Zhou of the SDC, who is secretly working with Menendez.
  • May 30th; Cdr. Mason oversees the destruction of a shipment of SDC missiles in Singapore to determine the fate of Iran.
  • June 6th; Cdr. Mason oversees the defense of a convoy containing Afghanistan's political leaders to determine the fate of Afghanistan.
  • June 12th; SEAL Team Six covertly infiltrates the massive floating resort Colossus in the Cayman Islands to find a person known only as "Karma" who is believed to be targeted by the Menendez cartel. "Karma" turns out to be Chloe Lynch, an ex-Tacitus employee and expert in Celerium technology. ST6 attempts to extract Lynch, but Lynch is captured by Menendez PMCs lead by Defalco and a running gunfight takes place. Lynch is either rescued by ST6 or abducted by Defalco. A considerable number of civilian lives are lost and significant damage is done to Colossus during the fighting.
  • June 14th; In the event that Lynch was captured by Menendez, Cdr. Mason will oversee a rescue mission on Socotra Island, Yemen in an attempt to rescue her.
  • June 17th; Cdr. Mason oversees an assassination attempt on Gen. Zhou in an effort to put an end to the SDC once and for all. Success sees an alliance formed between China and America against Menendez.
  • June 19th; Operative Farid, a deep-cover CIA mole within Cordis Die, fights alongside Menendez as his Socotra Island base is attacked by Yemeni troops supplemented by SEAL Team Six as they attempt to capture Menendez. Menendez will be caught, but Farid will be forced to chose between keeping his cover by killing M.C.P.O. Harper or blowing his cover and losing his life.
    • Menendez is taken to the USS Barack Obama, but before he can be interrogated C.P.O. Salazar betrays SEAL Team Six and Menendez escapes custody as a huge number of PMC troops board the Obama and attack the crew. Cdr. Mason fights his way through the ship as Menendez reveals his master stroke: a Cerium chip hidden in his glass eye containing a virus that subverts control of the entire American drone fleet. Menendez attempts to have Lynch killed - she will only survive if Farid is able to intervene at the cost of his own life - and flees via aircraft as Defranco is killed and Salazar surrenders, with Cdr. Mason in pursuit. The Obama suffers heavy damage in the fighting and will be lost with all hands unless it is rescued by the intervention of the Chinese drone fleet.
    • The majority of the hijacked American drone fleet converges on the city of Los Angeles where President Bosworth and other G8 leaders are attempting to evacuate to the local high-security bunker amidst drone strikes and a large-scale attack by PMC troops. Cdr. Mason assists in the evacuation, even "borrowing" a FA38 fighter, and the President is evacuated to the bunker.
    • Menendez is tracked to a compound in Haiti and a joint NATO-China strike force attacks the site, spearheaded by Cdr. Mason. Intense fighting eventually sees the capture of the facility, but not before Menendez is able to make another broadcast where he orders the self-destruction of the American drone fleet, severely hampering the US military. Menendez is eventually caught by Cdr. Mason who holds him at gunpoint.
    • Exactly what happens here is unclear (i.e. largely dependent on player choices earlier in the story) but history records that a large-scale cyber-attack was foiled by Lynch, Menendez was killed by Mason and Cordis Die disintegrated peacefully.


Menendez's hijacking of the American Drone Fleet triggered a reassessment of the strategic defense priorities in the minds of military thinkers worldwide and a redirecting of funding and research towards possible countermeasures against a large-scale drone attack. Directed Energy Air Defense weapons became a core part of the defense strategy of modern nations which also had the unintended effect of removing ICBM missile strikes as a viable option for strategic warfare. Deprived of this trump card, modern militaries have re-focused on large-scale troop deployments supplemented by robotic soldiers and drone units, while the world's geopolitics have settled into a new cold war between a US/China-backed NATO successor called the Winslow Accords and a Russia-Europe centered Common Defense Pact. Egypt has essentially become a second Vietnam as WA backed loyalists fight against a CDP backed Nile River Coalition.

The premier Special Operations unit of the WA is it's CIA backed ((Cyborg)) DNI unit that males use of cutting-edge Direct Neural Interface technology to allow their cybernetic bodies to perform well outside the capabilities of an unaugmented human and to extract, transmit and share data at incredible speeds.

The biosphere of the planet has continued to degrade in the face of increasing global warming; this has most notably affected Singapore where rising sea levels and pacific "Superstorms" caused an unspecified chemical disaster in 2060 that killed 300'000 people and caused half the city to be hastily abandoned. The crime syndicate 52 Immortals moved into the abandoned areas to build themselves into a pseudo-government.

  • October 27th: Cdr. Jacob Hendricks deploys his Black Ops team, including an unidentified individual known only as Soldier #25954, to the Abu Simbal airport currently under occupation by NRC forces to rescue a high-ranking Egyptian minister. The operation is a success but most of the Ops team is KIA, except for Soldier #25954 who is brutally maimed by NRC robots.
  • October 29th: Soldier #25954 undergoes surgery to be converted into a DNI Cyborg alongside Cdr. Hendricks, who volunteered in solidarity. As part of the DNI integration and pre-surgery coma Cyborg Cdr. Jacob Taylor and his subordinates Spc. Sarah Hall, Spc. Sebastian Diaz and Spc. Peter Maretii introduce Soldier #25954 to the functions of their new cyborg body by walking them through a simulation of the December 12th, 2054 Zurich terrorist attack. Soldier #25954 dies as a result of complications during the surgery.

The following events are... confused. With the death of Soldier #25954 during the DNI link it is believed that they perceived a fanciful interpretation of Cr. Taylor's last mission, imposing themselves onto the role of Taylor as they relived Cdr. Taylor's pursuit of one Dylan Stone, a rouge WA agent who uncovered evidence of torturous CIA experiments carried out at, and responsible for, the center of the Singapore disaster. The following events should be considered entirely fictitious although similarities to recorded events will be noted.

2070 - allegedly

WWII (Original) Universe


  • September 2nd; Sgt. James Doyle, crewman on a B-17 Flying Fortress, is shot down over Holland. He makes contact with a cell from the Dutch resistance lead by Maj. Gerald Ingram and assists them with the destruction of a nearby railway bridge.
  • December 17th; Pvt. Vasili Koslov, in lieu of more formal training, is thrown into combat as part of the defense of Moscow.


  • August 10th; Pvt. Martin undergoes training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.
  • September 18th; Pvt. Alexi Voronin is shipped into Stalingrad, where he plays an instrumental role in the re-capture of Red Square before fighting his way into the city.
  • October 29th; Sgt. Davis, Pvt. Mcgregor and Capt. Price participate in a nighttime raid on a German supply depot in Northern Egypt before falling back to defend a nearby hamlet from a German counter-attack.
  • November 3rd; As part of the ongoing Battle for El Alamein Pvt. Davis participates in an attack that breaks through German lines and captures a command post.
  • November 6th; Pvt. Davis participates in the capture of the coastal town of El Daba.
  • November 9th; Pvt. Voronin is dispatched via the sewers to assist in the capture and defense of Pavlov's House.
  • December 2nd; Pvt. Koslov, now fighting in Stalingrad, participates in the destruction of an office building containing a German outpost.
  • December 8th; Pvt. Koslov fights a hectic running battle to repair phone lines in the streets of Stalingrad before being redeployed to capture and defend the railway station.

Modern Warfare (Original) Universe


  • 1996; John Price and Captain Macmillan covertly infiltrate the abandoned city of Pripyat within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in an attempt to assassinate Imran Zakhaev, a high-ranking weapons dealer and fuel rod smuggler with ties to the nascent Ultranationalist movement within Russia. Zakhaev loses an arm in the attempt but is evacuated by Vladimir Makarov and survives.


The geopolitical circumstances of the world of 2011 are very much similar to the real-life history of the period; The War on Terror has left it's mark upon the reputation of the United States and it's allies and the Middle East is still a hotbed of instability and infrequent insurgent activity. One major change is within the Russian Federation, where growing dissatisfaction and a yearning to return to the "glory days" of the Soviet Union has fostered an Ultranationalist movement with both significant political clout within Russian Politics and an active well-armed insurgency fighting within the Caucus region.

  • Day 0; Captain John "Soap" Mctravish is assigned to Captain John Price's Special Air Service squad.
  • Day 1; Capt. Price's SAS squad launch a midnight raid on the Estonian freighter Väljakutse at sea in the Bering Straight. They discover a nuclear warhead on board and uncover information suggesting it was intended to be smuggled to the Middle East, but the freighter is bombed by Ultranationalist aircraft before a more thorough search can be conducted and the squad is forced to evacuate.
    • A few hours after the raid on the Valjakutse, in an unidentified Middle-Eastern country stretching from the Red Sea to the Tigris River, Khaled Al-Asad seizes power in a coup and executes the former president Yasir Al-Fulani in a live broadcast. Imran and Viktor Zakhaev are personally involved in the coup, in addition to having smuggled large amounts of weapons and material to Al-Asad's forces.
  • Day 2; Soap, Price and Gaz are deployed into the Caucus region to extract informant Nikolai from an Ultranationalist held village amidst a midnight assault by Loyalist Russian forces lead by Sgt. Kamarov. They manage to extract Nikolai via helicopter but are shot down over a rural area note , necessitating fire support from an American AC-130 to successfully evacuate.
    • Just after midday, USMC 1st Force Recon Sergent Paul Jackson and Lieutenant Vasquez are part of a rapid attack on a Middle Eastern costal town note  made in an attempt to capture Al-Asad, but he simply isn't present.
  • Day 3; Still in the Middle East note  Sgt. Jackson is deployed to defend the immobilized tank War Pig from an enemy assault. War Pig is repaired within 12 hours note  and assists in the assault on a nearby urban center.
    • By evening, Sgt. Jackson is redeployed to the Capital City note  alongside the bulk of the American invasion force in another attempt to capture Al-Asad amid concerns he may have a nuclear weapon in the city. A warhead is found and identified and an evacuation is called, but Sgt. Jackson's squad makes a last minute rescue of downed Cobra pilot Captain Pelayo and is caught in the blast when the warhead detonates. Over 30,000 American troops are killed along with countless civilians and much of the Capital City is destroyed.
  • Day 4; Hours after the detonation of the warhead, Price's SAS team locates and assaults a safe house in Amsar, Azerbaijan holding Al-Asad. After a brief interrogation, Price connects Al-Asad to Zakhaev and executes him. Ultranationalist troops assault the SAS position the next morning but are held off long enough for the SAS to evacuate.
  • Day 5; Viktor Zakhaev, field commander for the Ultranationalists and son of Imran, is identified at an Ultranationalist base in Uzlovoy and a combined SAS, 1st Recon, and Loyalist force attempts to capture him. Viktor is eventually cornered atop an apartment building but commits suicide rather than be taken prisoner. An enraged Imran issues an ultimatum and promises massive retaliation.
  • Day 6; Ultranationalist troops capture and occupy a nuclear-armed missile base note  and prepares to launch nuclear missiles at the American east coast. A combined SAS and 1st Recon force is deployed to capture the base, with renewed urgency as the Ultranationalists launch two missiles, and eventually succeeds after heavy fighting. The missiles are disabled and the base is destroyed, but during the escape almost the entire force is killed, including Gaz and Staff Sgt. Griggs, when Zakhaev arrives in a Hind gunship. Soap manages to kill Zakhaev before Sgt. Kamarov arrives to rescue the survivors.

  • October 8th: Capt. John Price leads an attack on an Ultranationalist stronghold in the Ukrainian Karkonosze Mountains believed to be occupied by Makarov. The operation is a failure and Price is captured.


The events of 2011 did not deescalate global tensions as hoped. The Russian Ultranationalist movement emerged from their leadership struggles as a more-moderate-but-politically-tenable political party that would take power with Boris Vorshevsky as President, resulting in a highly nationalistic shift in Russia's military. Most of the Ultranationalist insurrectionists split off under Vladimir Makarov and continued to undertake terrorist activity both domestically and globally. Non-Ultranationalist Russians are effectively forced underground with Sgt. Kamarov, Nikolai, and eventually Yuri forming a Loyalist resistance movement.

To combat this threat, Task Force 141 - a multinational NATO-backed elite unit under the command of US General Shepard - is formed. Capt. John "Soap" Mctavish is assigned to the Task Force alongside Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley.

  • August 10th; While training Afghan National Army recruits in Afghanistan, Pfc. Joseph Allen alongside Sgt. Foley and Cpl. Dunn participates in the rescue of a recon unit from a militant-held town. Pfc. Allen's actions during the fighting earns him the attention of Gen. Shepard, who hand picks him for a special mission.
  • August 11th; Task Force 141 operatives Soap and Roach infiltrate an Ultranationalist Government military base in the Tian Shan Mountain Range in Kazakhstan to recover an American Identification Friend/Foe chip taken from a downed satellite from it. The operation is successful, if improvised, but unknown to 141 the chip has already been decrypted to allow Russian transports to bypass American early-warning detection systems.
  • August 12th; Pfc. Allen, whom Shepard has inserted into Makarov's inner circle, is present for the Zakhaev International Airport Massacre, where Makarov and his men gun down several hundred civilians despite heroic resistance from airport security and Moscow SWAT teams. Makarov escapes, but betrays and kills Pfc. Allen, leaving his body as evidence of American involvement in the massacre. This attack shocks and enrages the Russian government and populace and provokes international condemnation of America. Unbeknown to both Allan and Makarov, this was Gen. Shepard's intention all along.
  • August 13th; Task Force 141, while examining evidence of the massacre, identifies a connection to Brazilian arms smuggler Alejandro Rojas and deploys to Brazil to capture him. Despite opposition from a Brazilian militia gang, 141 extracts information from Rojas about an important P.O.W. held in a Siberian gulag and exfiltrates with the assistance of Nikolai.
    • Later that same day and by exploiting the compromised IFF system to deceive NORAD, Russia launches a surprise airborne invasion of the eastern seaboard of the United States, paradropping thousands of men and hundreds of tons of hardware all along the eastern coast. Pvt. James Ramirez, alongside Cpl. Dunn and Sgt. Foley, is among the American troops scrambling to resist the invasion and evacuate civilians in the North Virginian region.
  • August 14th; Task Force 141 assaults and captures a Siberian oil ring being used as a SAM site by the Russian military. With the airspace open, 141 launches a surprise attack on the remote Siberian gulag and rescues the P.O.W, who is revealed to be John Price. Price is integrated into Task Force 141, but remains distrustful of Gen. Shepard.
    • Mere hours after being liberated from the Gulag, Price and 141 infiltrate and assault a covert Russian submarine port where a docked sub is armed with nuclear missiles. Wile the rest of 141 holds off the guards, Price boards the sub and hijacks the launch systems to fire a single missile towards the United States...
    • At the same time Pvt. Ramirez is involved in heavy urban fighting in the capitol of Washington D.C., capturing the Dept. of Commerce building from occupying Russians during a desperate evacuation. Price's nuke detonates in the atmosphere above the eastern seaboard, causing relatively minimal destruction note  but releasing an EMP wave that disables all electronic systems in the warzone, nullifying most of the hardware, air support and vehicles of the invasion force note . The now-equalized American defenders are able to retake several important buildings during the reprove - enough to avert a planned Hammerdown strike on the capitol area.
    • General Shepard exploits Price's insubordination to acquire a substantial increase in budget and resources from the American government, intending to reinforce his black-ops unit Shadow Company.
  • August 15th; Task Force 141 is deployed in it's entirety to assault two separate locations simultaneously in an attempt to capture Makarov. Both operations are successful, despite the absence of Makarov, but 141 is betrayed by Gen. Shepard and most of it's members, including Ghost and Roach, are killed. Price and Soap manage to escape to the Loyalist resistance after being caught in fighting between Shadow Company and Makarov's troops. Price, having deduced that Makarov and Shepard where working together, convinces Makarov to betray the location of Shepard's primary HQ. Makarov, seeing an opportunity to dispose of two problems at once, agrees.
  • August 16th; Price and Soap, having been declared terrorists and war criminals by Shepard, undertake a two-man infiltration and assault of Shepard's mountain-cave base Site Hotel Bravo in Afghanistan, eventually flushing Shepard out into a nearby river and pursuing him by boat. After managing to bring down Shepard's escape helicopter, Price and Soap engage him in hand-to-hand combat; both are near-mortally wounded but Shepard is killed and Nikolai is able to extract them from the site.
  • August 17th; A badly-wounded Soap is medivaced to a Loyalist safehouse in Himachal Pradesh, India. There, he and Price meet Yuri but Soaps' treatment is cut short when an Ultranationalist Spetsnaz team assaults the remote village and forces the Loyalists to evacuate.
    • On the same day, Delta Force Team Metal, comprised of operatives Frost, Sandman, Grinch, and Truck, is deployed to the New York warzone to destroy a critical communications jammer atop the Stock Exchange building. Taking advantage of the resultant confusion, Team Metal is assigned to the capture of a Russian command sub and uses the sub's cruise missile battery to inflict heavy losses on the Russian Navy. This defeat effectively ends the Russian invasion of America.
  • October 3rd; Having withdrawn from the invasion of the USA, the moderates within the Russian government call for a peace conference with America and President Boris Vorshevsky and his daughter Alena travel to Hamburg to facilitate this. Incensed by this, and Vorshevsky's refusal to authorize the use of nuclear weapons, Makarov and his Ultranationalist allies hijack and crash the Presidents' transport, kill most of his security detail and take him hostage - although, crucially, Alena manages to get away.
  • October 5th; The still-disavowed Task Force 141, joined by Yuri and a mostly-healed Soap, uncover evidence of unidentified cargo being shipped by Makarov through Imperi, Sierra Leone and infiltrate a small village believed to be holding a shipment. Stiff resistance from a local militia prevents 141 from reaching the shipment in time but they are able to determine the shipment's location: London. Price calls in a favor and passes this information on to Commander "Baseplate" Macmillan.
  • October 6th; Acting on Prices' information, an SAS assault team undertakes a dawn raid on a Canary Wharf warehouse in London secretly held by Ultranationalist special forces. Although the team is able to prevent some of the cargo from being distributed, the rest - revealed to be deadly chemical weapons - is detonated at several locations around London. This coincides with similar detonations in other European cities which are subsequently followed up upon by a massive Russian invasion of Europe.
    • To counter this invasion, advanced US forces are deployed to several hot spots across Europe; Team Metal is deployed via a beach assault into Hamburg, Germany to rescue the American vice-president from occupying Russian forces.
  • October 8th; Task Force 141, with support form the Loyalists, assaults a pirate fortress in Bosaso, Somalia and interrogates and executes the local warlord Waraabe for information on the supply of nerve agents to Makarov. Waraabe's information points to one Viktor "Volk" Khristenko as being the main orchestra tor of the chemical attack and locates him in Paris.
  • October 9th; Team Metal is deployed to Paris amidst heavy fighting to capture Volk with the assistance of local GIGN forces. A heavy Russian presence also calls upon the use of an AC-130 to extract the team successfully. The Eiffel Tower is destroyed in the fighting.
  • October 10th; Task Force 141 infiltrates an occupied Prague, acting on information extracted from Volk in an attempt to assassinate Makarov. Although Makarov is actually present this time, he is able to capture and kill Kamarov and mortally wound Soap, but not before revealing that he has a past association with Yuri. After Soap succumbs to his wounds, a furious Price interrogates Yuri about his past with Makarov, although he relents upon hearing the circumstances surrounding Yuri's betrayal. Yuri is also able to provide information about a covert Ultranationalist base in the Czech Republic.
  • October 12th; Price and Yuri infiltrate the Ultranationalist stronghold and uncovers vital information about the location of Alena Vorshevsky and Makarov's intent to use her as a means to coerce Boris Vorshevsky into giving up the Russian nuclear codes. Price and Yuri are discovered an manage to escape, causing significant damage to the stronghold in the process.
  • October 13th; Team Metal is deployed to Berlin to try to rescue Alena before Ultranationalist troops can capture her. Despite support from Bundeswehr tanks the operation is severely hampered when an entire building is dropped on the assault force and Alena is just barely captured.
  • October 14th; After tracking Alena to a Siberian ex-diamond mine/gulag, a combines newly-avowed Task Force 141 and Team Metal (sans Frost) force assault the facility to rescue both the Vorshevskies present on site. Heavy fighting eventually sees the rescue of both P.O.W.s but not before Team metal makes a Last Stand to cover the exfiltration. President Vorshevsky immediately orders the withdrawal of all Russian forces from Europe and peace talks begin immediately.


  • January 21st; Task Force 141 finally locates Makarov inside a Dubai hotel and Price and Yuri launch a two-man Juggernaut assault to kill him once and for all. The operation is successful, despite the death of Yuri, and the Ultranationalist extremist leader is hung to death from a helicopter zip line.

Ghosts Universe

    Federation War: 2015+ 


In an Alternate History to the events of Modern Warfare an unspecified conflict within the Middle East causes the destruction of the region's oil reserves and sends the modern world into an economic crisis. Several South American nations - most notably Venezuela - see their economies boom as they become the primary oil producers on the planet. This leads to the founding of "The Federation", a political, military and economic alliance that eventually comes to dominate the entirety of South America.

In response to the changing economic circumstances the USA scales down it's conventional military forces and begins to construct ODIN; a network of kinetic-impact satellites. It also consolidates it's premier special forces troops into a single unit nicknamed "The Ghosts" under the command of Commander Gabrielle Rorke.

  • July 8th; In response to a ethnic cleansing of US-born citizens within Federation territory, the USA launches a hasty invasion of Caracas with the intention of killing Gen. Diego Almagro the military leader of the Federation. The Ghosts, including Capt. Elias Walker, are tasked with carrying out the assassination and succeed, but Cdr. Rorke is separated from his unit and believed KIA when the Guri Dam is breached during the fighting. Rorke is eventually captured by the Federation who subjects him to extensive mental and physical torture in order to break him and place him under their control.


  • July 10th; The USA's ODIN sattelite network is infiltrated and attacked by Federation Space Marine troops who turn the weapons onto the United States causing massive damage and destruction to the USA's southern states. Some 27 million US citizens are killed and several cities outright destroyed, including San Diego, home of Capt. Elias Walker and his two sons David "Hesh" and Logan, who barely escape.


The activation of ODIN wrought havoc upon the USA, especially her southern states, but the sheer geographic upheaval may have proven to be her salvation; a highly-cratered No Man's Land separated the USA from the Federation and slowed the advance of Federation troops enough for the US to construct a wall from Los Angeles through Las Vegas and Dallas and prevent a direct land invasion by Federation troops.

Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh Walker have been recruited into the US Rangers and are stationed at the Los Angeles Wall.

  • June 6th; The city of Dallas is overrun by Federation troops after interrogation of civilian scavengers lead to the identification of weaknesses in the city's defenses. Concerned that a similar attack is aimed at Los Angeles, Capt. Walker reassigns his sons Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh from patrol duty and sends them into No-Man's Land to scout for Federation Activity.
  • June 7th; Passing by their old home in San Diego, Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh identify a significant Federation force under the command of Rorke who has taken Ghost Sgt. Alex "Ajax" Johnson prisoner. Encountering a Ghost unit comprised of Sgt. Thomas Merrick and Sgt. Keegan Russ, Logan and Hesh join them in an assault on Greenway Park to rescue Sgt. Ajax. The assault is a success despite Sgt. Ajax succumbing to his wounds, but not before he names Rorke as his captor.
  • June 8th; After a hasty return to Los Angeles, Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh fight against a dawn naval assault by the Federation. The attack is eventually repulsed, but not before the destruction of the local command center forces Capt. Walker to evacuate alongside his sons. Capt. Walker takes this moment to reveal himself as the Commander of the Ghosts and inducts his sons into the unit.
  • June 15th; The Ghosts undertake a midnight infiltration of the Federation capital of Caracas to interrogate Federation science official Victor H. Ramos, who is believed to have information on the movements of Rorke. Rorke, having predicted the actions of the Ghosts, self-destructs Ramos's skyscraper before the Ghosts can extract much information from him, but his signal is tracked to the industrial hub of Freeport in the Gulf of Mexico's oil fields.
  • June 16th; With support from an American AH-64 wing, the Ghosts assault Freeport and manage to capture an apparently unconcerned Rorke. Much of Freeport is destroyed in the process.
  • June 17th; The extraction of Rorke from Federation territory is interrupted when the transport plane is intercepted and boarded by Federation special forces, who rescue Rorke and crash the transport plane in the process. Paradropping into the Yucatan peninsula, the Ghosts are eventually able to regroup and escape Federation patrols, witnessing the launch of a Federation rocket in the process.
  • June 20th; Re-tasked to investigate the Federation rocket program, the Ghosts infiltrate a Federation command base in the Santa Cruz Andes before exfiltrating via submarine. note 
  • June 25th; Using information obtained from the Santa Cruz base the Federation rocket program has been identified as operating out of a covert Brazilian weapons facility nicknamed "The Factory". In preparation for an upcoming attack on The Factory, and to destroy a significant part of the Federation surface fleet, the Ghosts launch a raid on a critical oil extraction rig in the Drake Passage, destroying it almost completely.
  • June 27th; Somewhere along the coast of Brazil, the sole Federation ship defending The Factory is scuppered by the Ghosts using a sub-surface-fired torpedo.
    • Taking advantage of the opening in the Federation's defenses, the Ghosts infiltrate The Factory and discover the secret of the Federation rocket program; an orbital kinetic-impact satellite system reverse-engineered from ODIN and codenamed LOKI. Realizing that this weapon has the potential to decisively shift the war in the Federation's favour, the Ghosts destroy the facility and retreat.
  • June 28th; While regrouping at a Las Vegas safehouse, a section of the Ghosts are ambushed and captured by Rorke, who executes Capt. Walker in front of his sons before leaving the survivors in the hands of his troops. When the timely arrival of sniper fire from Sgt. Keegan creates an opportunity the rest of the Ghosts escape and fight their way out of the deserted city.
  • July 5th; In an effort to prevent the activation of LOKI the USA gathers it's last remaining Carrier and as much military force as it can muster and launches a combine naval and armored assault on the Federation Orbital Control Center in the Chilean Atacama Desert while simultaneously deploying a strike force into orbit to seize control of LOKI.
    • The Ghosts are preparing to be deployed by the carrier USS Liberator - the last active US carrier - when a strike force of Federation troops assaults the carrier to disrupt the invasion. The assault is repulsed and the Ghosts are dispatched to the OCC but a strike from LOKI destroys the carrier.
    • The Ghosts, working in tandem with US armored assets, assault the OCC and manage to disable the early-warning systems defending LOKI. Identifying Rorke leaving the OCC via train, Lt. Hesh and Sgt. Loagn board the train and pursue him.
    • In orbit above the Americas, US Strike force ICARUS assaults and captures LOKI from it's controlling Federation garrison and redirect the weapon to fire upon Federation military assets. At the request of Lt. Hesh a single strike is fired onto Rorke's position.
    • Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh fight their way through Rorke's train and confront himin the control cabin, shooting him in the chest during the resultant scuffle. The LOKI strike hits just as Rorke gains the upper hand and derails the train into the Pacific Ocean. Leaving an apparently-dead Rorke under the wreckage Sgt. Logan and Lt. Hesh struggle ashore and briefly savor their victory. Rorke, who managed to survive somehow, attacks them and drags away Sgt. Logan to fates unknown...

Advanced Warfare Universe


The warfare of the world of 2054 has been marked by the development of a variety of exoskeleton- and drone-based battlefield systems that have simultaneously elevated and yet diminished the militaries of the world; these cutting-edge systems are often the deciding factor on the battlefield but are too complicated and difficult for most nations to easily manufacture. This has lead to the rise of exoskeleton-armed Private Military Contractors who hire out their small-but-elite military forces to nations at a fraction of the development price. The largest of these is the Atlas Corporation, still headed by it's founder Jonathan Irons.

The increasing discrepancy between the tech-haves and have-nots has lead to the formation of an anti-tech terrorist group known as the KVA.

  • July 10th; Pvts. Jack Mitchell and Will Irons - estranged son of Atlas CEO Jonathan Irons - despite only enlisting within the USMC six months previously are deployed into Seoul under the command of Sgt. Cormack during a North Korean offensive. Tasked with supporting a demolition team in the destruction of a North Korean mobile artillery piece, the loss of the demolition team forces Pvts. Mitchell and Irons to attempt the demolition themselves - they are successful, but Irons is killed and Mitcel is maimed, losing his left arm, in the process. The North Koreans are successfully repulsed, but at the cost of over 6'000 US lives.
  • July 24th; Will Irons is buried in a Virginian cemetery, leading to an encounter between Jonathan Irons and the medically-discharged Jack Mitchell. Irons takes a liking to Mitchell and offers him a place at Atlas, complete with top-of-the-line prosthetic arm.


Mitchell joins Atlas as an exosuit operator alongside operatives Gideon and Ilona. Despite some teething problems with his new prosthetic arm he quickly becomes a competent operator and maintains a close relationship with Irons, who seems to be treating him as a surrogate son.

  • March 7h; KVA terrorists attack a Technologist conference in the Nigerian city of Lagos and take several hostages. Mitchell's operator team is contracted in to rescue the hostages, including the prime minister, and eventually tracks down the last hostage - a central Tech Specialist - amidst heavy downtown traffic. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the Specialist reveals information about upcoming KVA plans to Irons, who secretly murders him, seeking to exploit the KVA's actions.
  • April 28th; The KVA launches a co-ordinated terrorist attack worldwide, targeting every major nuclear power facility in an attempt to force the world back to a lower-tech age. Mitchell's operator team is deployed to one nuclear facility near Seattle, but is unable to stop the attack and ordered to withdraw at the last minute.


The destruction of so many nuclear power facilities causes widespread economic collapse and political instability across the world. Worse, large amounts of radiation released by the destroyed reactors has contaminated and forced the evacuation of a number of cities around the globe. Atlas seized on the events of the attack to expand into resource distribution and humanitarian support, massively expanding it's political and economic power and influence. Now a true Mega-Corp and approaching independent nation status, Atlas even technically qualifies as the most powerful military on the planet, with it's high-tech military being hugely expanded.

  • August 5th; Mitchell's operator team is deployed to the irradiated ruins of Detroit to hunt down and capture biological weapons expert Dr. Pierre Danois, KVA leader Hades's second in command. Dr. Danois supplies Atlas with critical information on Hades's planned movements, before being covertly assigned to Atlas's bioweapons division by Irons.
  • September 13th; Atlas is tracked to the Greece coastal town of Santorini and Mitchell's operator team is deployed to assassinate him. Despite initially only killing Hades's body double, Mitchell and Ilona eventually catch up to Hades and kill him. Hades uses his last moments to pass a recording of Irons's discussion with the Tech Specialist to Ilona, who keeps it secret from Irons.
  • November 9th; Ilona, who has managed to decrypt and verify Hades's intel as authentic, reveals this information to Mitchell and Gideon at the Atlas capital of New Baghdad. Irons attempts to have them apprehended by Atlas troops but Mitchell and Ilona manage to escape via the city's canals, where they are exfiltrated by now-Major Cormack and his task force Sentinel.


  • January 3rd; Sentinel, having inducted Mitchell and Ilona into its ranks, infiltrates Irons's private estate to uncover information about a covert military project codenamed MANTICORE. Discovering that Dr Danois is still alive, and working with Atlas, Sentinel manages to place a tracking beacon on an Atlas transport jet carrying samples of an unknown organic substance before they are discovered and forced to exfiltrate.
    • The cargo jet is intercepted by a Sentinel force over the Darwin Glacier in Antarctica and brought down with it's cargo intact, but the Sentinel force is attacked by an Atlas Orbital Quick Response Force and all but overwhelmed. The last-minute betrayal of Atlas forces by operator Gideon, who defects to Sentinel, allows Sentinel to acquire samples of MANTICORE. Analysis of MANTICORE reveals it to be a programmable bio-weapon capable of being attuned to only target non-Atlas personnel. Worse, intel points towards an impending attack on the USA by Atlas.
  • April 4th; The primary Atlas bioweapon production lab is identified in Bulgaria by Gideon and Sentinel infiltrates the facility and destroys the major MANTICORE storage tanks there, neutralizing most of Atlas's MANTICORE supplies. Information about Atlas's bioweapons program leaks to the public, causing Irons to give a speech to the UN declaring his intent to supersede the authority of the world's nations and install Atlas as the sole authority on Earth.
  • June 15th; Recognizing that at Atlas attack on US naval assets is imminent, Sentinel deploys to San Francisco to oversee the safe extraction of the 3rd fleet from the San Francisco Bay. Their hunch is correct when an Atlas terrorist team destroys the Golden Gate Bridge right as the central carrier of the fleet is underneath it.
    • Atlas follows up this ambush by using captured container ships to board the disabled carrier in an attempt to turn it's weapons onto the US naval elements escorting it. Sentinel is able to assist the carrier in repelling the boarders and turns the carriers weapons onto the improvised Atlas fleet, utterly destroying it.


  • January 8th; In an effort to end the all-but-declared war between Atlas and the rest of the world, the US military, inducing task force Sentinel, launches an airborne assault on New Baghdad to capture or kill Irons and force an end to the conflict. The assault meets heavy resistance but makes strong headway, forcing Irons to deploy MANTICORE within his own city. As ex-Atlas operatives, Mitchell, Gideon and Ilona are immune to the bioweapon and captured in the resulting chaos.
    • Transported to a horrifying Atlas prison camp, Mitchell, Gideon and Ilona are reunited with Maj. Cormack just in time for him to be mortally wounded by Irons, who disables Mitchell's prosthetic arm. The four Sentinel operatives manage to fight their way out, commandeering several ASV suits in the process, but Cormack dies of his wounds just outside the camp.
    • Still employing their ASV suits, Mitchell and Gideon launch a two-man assault on Atlas headwaters, destroying a MANTICORE missile in the process at the cost of their ASV suits. A still-wounded Mitchell and Gideon eventually encounter Irons near the top of the Atlas building and attempt to kill him. Despite the disabling of their exosuits, Mitchell manages to catch up to Irons and tackles him over the edge of the building during the struggle. Mitchell severs his own prosthetic arm to cut Irons loose to fall to his death before he is rescued by Gideon.

Infinite Warfare Universe


By the year 2187 Mankind has expanded out into the Solar system, colonizing Mars and establishing resource extraction sites across the system to support a resource-strained Earth. Space warfare functions in much the same way as modern navies; Frigates, Carriers and small Strike Craft are the standard.

30 years prior to the events of 2187, Mars was taken over via coup by the System Defense Front - a militaristic fascist state - and seceded from the Earth-based United Nations Space Alliance in a bloody series of conflicts named the "Secession Wars." The UNSA founded the Solar Associated Treaty Organization (SATO) to counter the SDF and the two sides settled into a state of cold war.

  • May 6th; A UNSA black-site research lab on Europa is attacked by SDF forces under the command of Admiral Salen Kotch. Despite an emergency Special Combat Air Recon (SCAR) team being deployed to the site, SDF forces are able to extract data regarding SATO planet-based defenses and relay it to a sleeper cell active in the Swiss city of Geneva.
  • May 7th+: SATO holds it's annual fleet parade over the city of Geneva. The parade turns to terror when Geneva's heavy anti-capital AATIS guns are hijacked and fire upon the SATO fleet, decimating it. Lt. Cdrs. Nick Reyes and Nora Salter, under the command of Admiral Fredrick Raines and supported by SATOMC SSgt. Usef Omar and experimental combat android P.O.F.C. E3N are caught up in the attack and manage to fight their way to the AATIS control tower, despite resistance from a surprise raiding force of SDF troops. They capture SDF sleeper agent Akeel Riah in the AATIS tower before being transferred to the SATO Carrier Retribution.
    • The Retribution joins the remainder of the SATO fleet in high orbit above Geneva to mop up the SDF fleet deploying troops into Geneva but, despite the destruction of the SDF fleet elements, the SATO fleet is all but annihilated when the SDF super-carrier Olympus Mons joins the battle. Although the Olympus Mons is forced to retreat, only the Retribution and Tigris survive the battle. Captain John Alder of the Retribution is killed in the fighting and Admiral Raines promotes Lt. Cdr. Reyes to Captain and gives him command of the Retribution.
    • Retribution and Tigris immediately deploy to Luna's orbit to counter a SDF attack on Luna's Gateway port. The attack is repulsed and it's supporting frigate destroyed, but not before E3N is able to acquire intel on SDF fleet positions across the Solar system.
    • Using the information acquired by E3N, the Retribution carries out a number of attacks, strikes and ambushes on SDF fleet assets across the Solar system;
      • Taken Dagger to rescue UNSA personnel captured in the Europa raid from a SDF frigate in Neptune's orbit.
      • Phoenix to steal a SDF prototype fighter from a carrier near Uranus.
      • D-Con to eliminate a SDF ship carrying chemical weapons in low orbit above Venus.
      • Deep Execute to assassinate SDF commanders at a gathering near Pluto.
      • Safe Harbor to prevent the SDF capture of a civilian space station above Earth.
      • Pure threat fighting off a SDF ambush in Jupiter's ice belt.
      • Grave Robber attacking a SDF salvage operation at Pluto's decommission yards.
      • Sudden Death to capitalize on damage done to SDF refueling infrastructure during operation Burn Water.
      • Trace Kill eliminating an SDF fighter wing in retaliation for the destruction of the Vesta-3 mining base near the Sun.
  • The Retribution is ordered by Admiral Raines to attack a SDF refueling outpost on Saturn's moon Titan. The assault is interrupted by the intervention of the Olympus Mons who drives off the Retribution. The refueling outpost is ultimately destroyed.
  • Cpt. Rayes leads a small strike team to the asteroid mining station Vesta-3 to determine the cause of the asteroid's now-failing orbit and to rescue survivors. Despite the presence of a large number of rogue mining robots, the strike force is able to rescue several survivors but SSgt. Omar is killed during the evacuation. Worse, upon returning from the mission, Cpt. Rayes is informed of the destruction of the Tigris with the loss of all hands.
  • SATO identifies an implanted transponder inside their prisoner Riah and deciphers the message it's broadcasting. Concluding that Rias was intended to destroy the AATIS gun grid completely and die in the process, and hence that the transponder was a signal to the SDF fleet to trigger a full-scale invasion of Geneva. SATO decides to relocate Riah to the Geneva AATIS tower and disable his transponder, triggering a SDF invasion straight into the sights of the waiting AATIS guns. The Retribution is recalled to earth to support this operation, but the convoy carrying Riah is attacked by SDF holdouts and he manages to escape custody. Cpt. Rayes gives chase, but only catches up to Riah just as the AATIS guns are destroyed. Rias destroys his transponder, killing himself in the process, and the Olympus Mons arrives in the sky over Geneva.
    • In a desperate attempt to delay the SDF invasion, and taking advantage of a quirk of in-atmosphere FTL jumps, the Retribution jumps into the Geneva airspace and disables the Olympus Mons with an EMP pulse. Seizing the initiative, Cpt. Rayes leads a small strike team into the super-carrier to capture it, killing Admiral Kotch in the process.
    • Taking advantage of the confusion in the SDF leadership, Cpt. Rayes jumps the Olympus Mons and the Retribution to Mars and destroys a significant chunk of the SDF fleet guarding the Martian shipyard. An attempt to destroy the shipyard via ramming goes awry when the Retribution collides with the Mons and sends both ships spiraling to the surface of Mars.
    • The survivors of the Retribution regroup and assault the space elevator connecting to the Martian shipyard. Almost all of the Retribution's crew is killed in the attack, but Cpt. Rayes, Lt. Cdr. Satler and E3N are able to lead a small strike force to traverse the elevator to the shipyard. Aboard the shipyard, Lt. Cdr. Salter and the rest of the strike force commandeer a SDF frigate while Cpt. Reyes and E3N sabotage the shipyard to ensure it's destruction. Only Lt. Cdr. Salter and 3 others make it back to SATO space.