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Drinking Game / Bungo Stray Dogs

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A lot of crazy things already happened in this series so get ready to take a shot.

Especially when its humor comes in.

  • Take one whenever a a character explains their ability.
    • Take two if they use it while explaining.
  • Take a shot when someone is using their ability.
  • Take a shot if one of the cast is an orphan.
  • Take a shot when Atsushi has a Heroic Self-Deprecation.
  • Take a shot when a part of Atsushi is turned into a tiger.
    • Take two if he turns into a full one.
  • Take one when Dazai talks about suicide.
    • Take two if he tries to commit suicide.
    • Take three if he asks a beautiful woman to try to commit lovers with him.
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  • Take one when Atsushi mentions his orphanage.
  • Take a shot whenever Kunikida complains about someone disrupting his scheduled plans.
    • Take two if it is Dazai.
  • Take a shot if Naomi acts 'affectionate' to Junichirou.
  • Take one when Kunikida acts as if he doesn't care.
    • Take two if he decides to do something in the situation.
  • Take a shot when Ranpo boasts about his 'ability'
  • Take a shot if anyone from the Port Mafia has some weird 'thing' for Dazai.
  • Take one shot when Ranpo doesn't want to use his 'ability' .
    • Take two if Fukuzawa has to praise him so he can use his 'ability'.

Alternative Title(s): Bungou Stray Dogs


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