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Characters / Bungo Stray Dogs

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A list of characters in Bungo Stray Dogs. Characters on this page all have their names listed in Western order— given names followed by surnames. This universe has, if nothing else, Loads and Loads of Characters. These pages list tropes specific to characters of Bungo Stray Dogs, as well as works from the rest of the extended franchise.

Late-Arrival Spoiler Warning: Please take heed that approximately three-fourths of those pages are
spoiler-filled, due to Troper Critical Mass present ever since the first Wham Episode. Please read the manga completely before reading these pages.
This page is sub-divided in many sections:

  • Armed Detective Agency note 
  • Port Mafia note 
  • The Guild note 
  • Rats in the House of the Dead note 
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  • Government and Gaiden note 
  • Hunting Dogs note 
  • Decay of Angels note 
  • Dead Apple note 
  • Others note 

Alternative Title(s): Bungou Stray Dogs


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