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They have these signs for a reason, just so you know.

"Now I'm gonna ask you ten times, Shelly, ten times..."
Micky Malnato, Bound

Eyes, ears, teeth, tongues, throats, feet and genitalia are not the only human body parts that are extremely sensitive and fragile. Our fingers are, too. As one of our primary means of negotiating the world other than our eyes, our fingers have an abundance of nerves, making them especially vulnerable to pain. This trope includes all the nasty things that can happen to them:

  • Fingers broken one by one;
  • Fingers cut off;
  • Fingers shot off;
  • Fingers bitten off, ripped out or eaten;
  • Fingernails torn off or pulled out;
  • Long sharp objects hammered into the finger bones;
  • The hand nerves are exposed and pulled to make the fingers move;
  • Fingers crushed between heavy objects or machine parts;
  • Accidentally catching fingers in closing doors or windows;
  • Fingers jammed in a collision;
  • Fingers comedically throbbing;
  • Any combination of the above.

What makes fingers so attractive for horror writers is that unlike the eyes, we generally have ten of them. The fun lasts five times longer! And that's not counting the toes.

Also, most people can relate to finger and toe injuries, since they tend to be very common in everyday life. This makes finger severing and other injuries a lot more cringe-inducing than something as over the top as limb dismemberment or decapitation. Most people have no idea how something like that would feel, but we pretty much all can imagine what a having a section of your finger cut off would feel like, and it seems very unpleasant.

There's also the fact that in humans, fingers have the highest number of touch receptors of any part of the body, primarily as an evolutionary consequence to the human species' tool biased survival strategy that required the use of the hands. As a result, fingers are so sensitive they could even be considered to be sensory organs on par with the eyes. The loss of hands can also be extremely disabling for the same reasons above, just as the loss of an eye can be.

The same thing can also happen to the toes. This is nastier than people may assume, as losing even minor toes can cause serious damage to people's ability to walk and balance.

See Mutilation Interrogation for Cold-Blooded Torture that often involves this. For this done as a ritual, see Yubitsume; for a game that may result in this, see Five-Finger Fillet. Fingers are a fairly common Creepy Souvenir, or see Finger in the Mail when they're used by a kidnapper to prove that someone is in custody. Compare An Arm and a Leg, where an entire limb is lost; and Impaled Palm, where the handpalm is pierced by some object. Contrast, among other things, Intertwined Fingers.

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  • Sortie En Mer is basically an interactive life jacket advertisement/Public Service Announcement, involves your character being knocked into the water and trying to stay afloat. A few minutes after you first fall in, the guy rips off his fingernail for unknown reasons. The two most common theories are that he's either invoking Slap Yourself Awake by using the pain to give him an extra push, or he's checking for hypothermia(since you wouldn't bleed from the nail bed—which he doesn't—if you're hypothermic due to lack of blood flow to your extremities).
  • In the work safety videos "Will You Be Here Tomorrow" and "Think about This", several employees sustain overly gory finger amputations, and another has their big toe severed.

    Audio Plays 
  • On We're Alive, Scratch cuts off Burt's finger while trying to extract information from him.

    Comic Books 
  • In Button Man, a disgraced button man can leave a "marker", i.e. a finger in lieu of being killed (unless something else has been agreed. However, a button man only has three markers, after that, it's death.
  • The DCU:
    • In Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor Jr. loses an index finger when the heroes fire energy at his hands through the portal he created.
    • In Death of the Family, Joker has Barbara Kean-Gordon hostage. He cut off her index finger with a ring on it, presents it to young Barbara Gordon, and asks her if she'll marry him.
    • The Dark Knight Returns shows the extreme measures of the Sons of The Batman, a vigilante splinter group of the Mutants. One member stops a robbery at a 7/11 by shooting the robbers dead with a shotgun. He then cuts off the worker's fingers for not trying to stop them.
    • In The Supergirl from Krypton (2004), Kara Zor-El wanders confused into an alley, and is spotted by three workers. One of them mistakes her for a prostitute and reaches for her. Kara grabs his hand and accidentally crushes two fingers of his.
    • In Superman storyline The Jungle Line, the Man of Steel has been infected with Bloodmorel disease, which causes hallucinations and eventually death, and Swamp Thing enters his mind to calm him down. Unfortunately, when he taps on his shoulder, Superman spins around, and mistaking him for an enemy, grabs his hand and crushes his fingers. Good thing Swamp Thing can heal any damage.
    • JLA (1997) sees that Batman in the Bad Future of "Rock of Ages" is missing parts of some of his fingers as the result of Dessad's torture.
    • One of the best ways to neutralize the threat of a Green Lantern (or any of the other Colored Corps) is to destroy their Ring of Power, often when they are still wearing it.
    • In the 33rd issue of the Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes comic, Tenzil Kem bites off Mekt Ranzz's finger.
  • Hack/Slash starts right off with Cold Blooded Torturer Dr. Gross cutting Cassie's toes off one by one. He got three before she was rescued.
  • One of the interrogation techniques employed by the protagonist of Warren Ellis' Jack Cross is shooting a suspect's fingers off one by one.
  • Jew Gangster: After Ruby promises to repay a butcher's delinquent loan, the enforcer settles for chopping off one of the butcher's fingers as a "down payment".
  • In King City, the drug "chalk" eventually turns its users into more chalk. One character who's started the transformation breaks off his own finger and sells it to a buddy in need of a fix.
  • In the graphic novel Level Up, the protagonist recalls his kindergarten teacher accidentally severing her finger with a paper-cutter.
  • The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck: In The Buckaroo of the Badlands, when Scrooge gets robbed by Jesse James and his henchman, he tricks them into thinking there are precious gems hidden inside his heirloom dentures. While the bandits are fiddling with the dentures, Scrooge slams his fist on the dentures and breaks the bandits' fingers, preventing them from using their guns and forcing them to retreat.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Doctor Strange's origin is based on a car accident ruining his hands and ending his career as a world-class surgeon. The extent of the damage runs from "near-crippling" to "purely psychosomatic," but from time to time people have broken his hands again for additional pathos. The Hulk physically crushed them both in World War Hulk, though Strange somehow made them usable again in later series. Currently, they're damaged again, though he still has a limited range of motion.
    • The Ultimates: Hawkeye is deadly with anything he can throw at his enemies. When he was captured, they tied him with nothing next to his hand. He then ripped his own fingernails and used them as projectiles.
    • Deadpool got his middle finger sliced off during his first fight with Taskmaster. Its failure to regenerate was part of what tipped him off that his Healing Factor was on the fritz.
    • In Punisher Noir, real-life mobster Dutch Schultz cuts off an underling's finger with a cigar cutter when he fails to squeeze protection money out of Frank Castelione's store. We later see that he's got a whole box full of severed fingers because his men just can't get Castelione to give up that cash.
    • Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom once had his hands crushed by The Thing. As as a result, he hates Ben Grimm almost as much as he hates Reed Richards.
    • Sabretooth & the Exiles: The titular Sabretooth, who's been captured and Strapped to an Operating Table, threatens to tear villain Dr. Barrington's throat out. She responds by getting her robot Auto Doc to surgically remove his claws. Without anaesthetic.
  • In Nailbiter the modus operandi of the eponymous Edward Warren involves chewing off the fingernails of his victims before killing them.
  • The Corinthian, a nightmarish being from The Sandman (1989), bites off a punk's fingers with his eyes (which happen to be little mouths).
    Joe-Bob: My fingers, man. Oh God. Oh God.
    Dougie: His eyes! Joe-Bob, look at his eyes!
    Joe-Bob: Holy shit, Dougie... He bit off my fingers with his eyes.
  • In Sweet Tooth Johnny shoots off all of Abbot's left fingers after Abbot threatens him.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • When Rick discovers that Thomas is the serial killer at the prison who previously murdered two innocent little girls, he goes berserk and unleashes a ruthless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him. It comes at a cost, though: the beatdown on Thomas is so severe that Rick winds up ruining his own right hand in the process, breaking several bones, causing one finger to nearly fall off, and even getting a tooth stuck in one of the other fingers. Later on after the Governor first shows up, he sees how damaged Rick's hand has become and decides to "help" him with it by having the entire hand amputated.
    • Later on, when the group is dealing with The Hunters, Rick gets them to surrender by having Andrea snipe their leader's finger off.
  • Watchmen has the thing where Rorschach breaks some guy's fingers to get information.
    Rorschach: I have just broken this man's little finger. Who killed Edward Blake?
    [silence, horrified stares]
    Rorschach: [SNAP] And his index finger. Who killed Edward Blake?
  • In The Punisher MAX, Barracuda loses all the fingers on his right hand (but not the thumb) just past the knuckle when he first attacks Frankp. He's not too bothered by it until Frank tells him he can't get them reattached because he put them directly on ice, killing the nerve endings.
  • Saga:
    • Klara bites off one of Dengo's fingers while fighting him.
    • The Will gets the fingers on his right hand chopped off by Ghus. He later has a cybernetic prosthesis replace his hand.
  • In Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt (2019), Thunderbolt reacts to being attacked by Supreme Justice by breaking his fingers one by one. This is a clear reference to Rorschach's notorious methods in Watchmen, showing that, although Thunderbolt is an expy of Watchmen's Ozymandias, he has also acquired Rorschach's casual brutality (and Dr Manhattan's emotional detachment).

    Fairy Tales 

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): In the Exposition Beam from San which shows Vivienne his memories from ancient times, the ancient Bone Singer who communicated with Ghidorah while it was frozen in ancient Antarctica has fingers frostbitten from exposure.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Peter baits the leader of the Rocket Racer Gang into punching a brick wall with his rocket-powered glove. Since the glove wasn't designed to hit anything harder than the human body, his hand is horribly mangled after it goes right through.
  • Authors Note: Knuckles the Echidna delivers this to Steve Jobs after he tries to take his wallet.
    Steve Jobs shook his head, before getting back up and shooting a fireball at Knuckles. Knuckles managed to deflect it with his green lightsaber (author’s note: Knuckles gained mastery of lightsaber combat after spending years training with Yoda and Knuckles gave Yoda ten pounds of cocaine in return) before running up to Steve Jobs and chopping his fingers off.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH” yelled Steve Jobs in pain as blood sprayed like a fire hose from where his fingers used to be.

  • A Fanfiction rewriting Fairy Tail's 321st chapter had Erza biting Minerva's fingers off with her teeth and then swallowing them!
  • Betray Me Not: A heavily mutated necrolyzer in Of Debt Bondage and Determination has his fingernail shot off.
  • In Child of the Storm: Ghosts of the Past, Natasha ends up slicing off Yelena's thumb during a Knife Fight. The latter is so hyped up on enhancers that she doesn't seem to notice.
  • In Eleutherophobia: Ghost in the Shell, Tom is so freaked out by CNN accusing him of being a voluntary controller that he runs into the bathroom, cuts two fingers off, and concentrates really hard so they won't grow back when he morphs. It doesn't work.
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, Vathek loses several fingers during the Battle of the Meridian Plains.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Nemesis grabs Duplicate Man's left hand and crushes his fingers before sending a surge of energy through his hand.
    Nemesis grabbed his left hand, grinned, and pressured it hard, sending a burst of mystic energy through it.
    Ord Quelu screamed in pain, despite himself.
  • Invader Zim: A Bad Thing Never Ends: With nothing to dig through her prison cell floor with except her hands, Tak wears her fingers down to bloody nubs and regrows them to do so again, a dozen times.
  • Karma Circle: Judgement: During Gaz's nightmare, Mr. Elliot's revenge on her involves smashing her hands bloody with a ruler in the style of old-fashioned corporal punishment.
  • In The Lunar Guardsman Luna bites off one of Raegdan's fingers. The one who is wholly disturbed and doesn't want to go through with it is Luna herself.
  • Metal Gear: Green: Snake and Miller do this to two of the captured Elementals to get any information on Night Owl and their next main event. Once they give up the info, the two are then transferred to the brig of Mother Base.
  • A flashback in chapter 19 of The Sun Will Come Up And The Seasons Will Change reveals that when Nora was confronted by her parents over locking her brother out of the house in negative two degree weather, she tries to make a break for her room, with her father chasing after her. When he tried to force his way into her room, she slammed the door on his hand, causing it to be "reduced to a bloody red mass, his fingers bent and contorted in unnatural angles."
  • In Thousand Shinji, Shinji lost a finger when Asuka had a seizure. Trying to prevent her from biting her own tongue off, he introduced his left hand into her mouth, and she accidentally cut his little finger off.
  • While fighting Him in The Utonium Trials, Buttercup loses three fingers on her right hand. They were cut off by His pinchers while she was trying to protect her neck.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Kaiba gets his finger sliced off by his own helicopter (the decision to let Mokuba fly it was a poor one).
    Kaiba: Don't forget to register and pick up your Duel Disks, because exactly one week from tod—(slice)—AAAA! MY FINGER! IT CAME CLEAN OFF! SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE! Mokuba, can't you fly this helicopter properly?
    Mokuba: Sorry, bro.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Monsters, Inc., when Mike asks Roz for the key card to Boo's door, she reminds him that he didn't turn in his paperwork after she already reminded him to and drops the security shutter to the help desk on his fingers. In a later scene, a kindergartner bites Mike's index finger, and in the Pixar Short Mike's New Car, he gets three of his fingers crushed when Sulley accidentally shuts the hood of the titular car on them.
    Roz: This office is now closed.
  • Night of the Animated Dead: When the undead start grabbing at the barricade, the men grab a knife and one of them starts chopping zombie fingers off.
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish: In the first fight against the Giant of Del Mar, Puss sticks his sword through the tip of one of the giant's fingers (right under the fingernail, too), calling it a Spanish Splinter. Later, Puss and Kitty do the same to a giant Jack Horner.
  • In the final scene of The Rescuers Down Under, Marahute's eggs begin to hatch, and babysitter Wilbur finds one of the chicks cute and rubs it under the chin, only for it to bite his finger.
  • In Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay after Dr. Zoom swipes the card from Deadshot that will let anyone who holds it as they die instantly go to Heaven, Bronze Tiger cuts off two of his fingers with the knife he used to fatally wound him with.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie: When Bowser asks Kamek to join him on the piano, Bowser abruptly closes the piano’s lid with Kamek’s fingers still on the piano. Even after he asks him to lift the lid, Bowser refuses, saying that pain is the best teacher.
  • In Tangled, after struggling for a whole montage to hide Flynn Rider away in the closet, Rapunzel finally manages to get the door slammed shut... directly on all of his fingers. Luckily, he's unconscious and seemingly indestructible.
  • In Turning Red, Mei bites Ming's hand to get her to let go of her.

  • In the Lone Wolf book Castle Death, an ugly dwarf servant of Lord Zahda proudly shows off to his master the seized weapon of the hero they'd just captured. That's a colossally bad idea, though, since the Sommerswerd is an Empathic Weapon which doesn't appreciate at all being manhandled by evil beings. One blast of energy afterward and the screaming dwarf is missing half the length of his charred fingers.
  • Talisman of Death: After defeating Hawkana, the sorceress then dissappears, leaving behind her magic ring. The book then gives you an option to wear her ring, which can heal you, but it also shrinks rapidly until it severs your finger, costing you 1 Skill point permanently.


  • Flashbacks of Gahui's past in Redrum 327 show her hands bandaged and the tips of her fingers bloodied from trying to escape the safe she had been locked in for a week.

  • Midnight by The Birthday Massacre has an example in the first three lines: "I can't decide. Which one of us should leave here alive? Your fingers breaking as I place them over mine."
  • "Don't Put Your Finger in the Fan" by The Tinklers warns against sticking fingers in fans, blenders, lawnmowers, etc.
  • Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath had the tips of his fingers cut off by a metal cutting machine on his last day of work before becoming a professional musician. He ended up creating plastic fingertips covered with leather for grip and used lighter strings to be able to keep playing guitar. Also, a reason he started tuning down his guitar giving the added bonus of a deeper, darker sound. This is a rare positive version of Fingore.
  • Brazilian band Raimundos has a line in "Eu Quero Ver o Oco": "My hatred for automobiles started early, ever since I trapped my fingers in the door of an Opalão"
  • Mandolinist/vocalist Gene Johnson from Diamond Rio accidentally cut his left thumb on a saw while doing cabinetry work in Little Rock, Arkansas the day before his 41st birthday in August 1990.
  • Tom Lehrer's "I Hold Your Hand in Mine", from Songs by Tom Lehrer, has the lines "I hold your hand in mine, dear / I press it to my lips /I take a healthy bite from your dainty fingertips." (Although it should be noted that the hand in question has already been detached from its owner.)
  • Pete Townshend of The Who has a famous "windmill" method of playing guitar. This tears the hell out of his fingers. In fact, there are several occasions where the strings have taken his fingernails right off.
  • "The Mariner's Revenge Song" by The Decemberists has the protagonist's dying mother telling him to track down the man who left them penniless and "break his fingers to splinters."
  • Bassist Abraham Laboriel Sr. lost the tip of his left index finger when he was four years old. His father taught him how to play guitar with his three remaining fingers. However, it became difficult for Laboriel, so he ended up switching to bass guitar.
  • Trace Adkins accidentally cut off his left pinky finger when cutting open a bucket with a knife in 1989. He had to have it reattached at an angle so he could continue to play guitar with it.
  • During the production of his Nylon Curtain album in April 1982, Billy Joel crashed his motorcycle into an intersection in his native Long Island. His left thumb was crushed and his right hand went out of his socket. Although he was able to recover, Joel had no bone in his left thumb.
  • At the age of only four, Jerry Garcia was holding a piece of wood for his brother to chop. His brother miscalculated and accidentally cut off most of his middle finger.

    Music Videos 
  • The music video for the song "Right Now" by Korn. Though Fingore is the very least of that video's issues.
  • Near the end of Earl Sweatshirt's "Earl", we see a Gross-Up Close-Up of Earl pulling his own fingernail off.
  • One of the many blink-and-you-miss-it gags in the video for Weird Al's "Like a Surgeon" is the OR nurse cutting off one of his fingers.

    Myths & Religion 

    Pro Wrestling 
  • James Mitchell (The Sinister Minister) blew off a chunk of a finger when he overloaded his fireball device and it went off in his hand before November to Remember 2000.
  • After hearing someone had broken into the Messiah's Home and nearly severed his finger when confronted, "Sick" Nick Mondo tried to gain an advantage over him in CZW matches by finishing the job whenever they wrestled.
  • Infamously, Raven genuinely broke several of Tommy Dreamer's fingers during a match in ECW.
  • Sara Del Rey seemingly went into SHIMMER volume 35 with the game plan of stop Rachel Summerlynn's fingers from working.
  • In 2008, Honky Tonk Man nearly lost his right index finger in an accident at a photo op, when someone wanted to take a picture of him swinging his guitar, but it broke and cut into his finger. The injury forced him to skip or cut short several matches, as he was in too much pain.
  • During Outlaw Inc's ambush of then-new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon, they broke Kyle O'Reilly's fingers.
  • This is Marty Scurll's trademark where he (kayfabe) breaks an opponent’s fingers with a loud sell from the victim.
  • Pete Dunne of British Strong Style fame also has a habit of (kayfabe) breaking fingers.
  • Red Velvett's most common way of breaking an illegal hold is isolating and bending a finger. Granted, small joint manipulation itself is traditionally illegal in professional wrestling.


  • It's for this very reason why fingerlocks and holds attacking the hands are banned in combat sports; if your opponent can't grapple or punch, you've taken most or all of his or her offense.
  • Former San Francisco 49ers safety Ronnie Lott - having had his left pinky finger crushed in the 1985 regular-season finale - elected to have the tip of that pinky finger amputated due to the fact that a bone graft (the other option available to him) would prevent him from being able to play at the beginning of the following season. Lott would play 9 more years (including winning 2 more Super Bowls with the 49ers) en route to being named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Former Kanas City Chiefs quarterback Steve {=De Berg=} broke the index finger on his non-throwing hand in a late season game in 1990. Unlike Lott, he was able to play even after having surgery to have a pin inserted (which could be seen sticking out), though the injury forced him and the offense to run out of the shotgun formation for the rest of the year and playoffs so as not to injure his hand further in the center-quarterback exchange.
  • Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker/center Chuck Bednarik (aka "The Last of The Ironmen") had his fingers so badly mangled as a result of his playing days that he couldn't even bend them all the way closed, or at all in the case of his pinky.
  • In the final moments of Game 2 of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, with his Washington Capitals leading 3-2, defender Brooks Orpik took a nasty slash from the Vegas Golden Knights' Erik Haula that severed half of his left pinky. Fortunately, his finger was reattached without much issue.
  • On July 4, 2015, NFL linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul, then playing for the New York Giants, infamously sustained a serious hand injury when a lit firework exploded in his right hand before he had the chance to throw it. As a result, his index finger was amputated and he also lost portions of his thumb and middle finger. He subsequently recounted the experience in a Public Service Announcement to warn others about fireworks safety. Fortunately, he was later able to resume his football career with gloves specially made to fit his mangled hand.

    Tabletop Games 

  • In Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distrutto, when Cesare Borgia catches the traitor, he uses the culprit's own dagger to inflict a bit of this in his interrogation, but the culprit drinks poison from his ring before Cesare can get much more out of him.
  • The play Dog Sees God climaxes with Matt breaking all of Beethoven's fingers over his piano, which leads to Beethoven's suicide.
  • Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin’s play Everyone Wants To Live has Count Pozna pulling out the fingernails of his eunuch negro slave Bambanote  one by one with pliers, because he wouldn’t agree to die in his place.

    Theme Parks 
  • The 2010 theme for Busch Gardens's Howl-O-Scream, MyX, is centered around a band whose lead singer Sylvie chooses a man from the audience at each show, gets him backstage, and amputates his index finger with her guitar strings.

    Urban Legends 
  • There's an old story from rural, 1970s Indonesia set in a biscuit factory staffed by underpaid workers, where one of the facility's machine operators suffered a nasty injury from having one of her fingers ripped off. The factory's wealthy owner, having no concern over his staff, simply had the worker's amputated finger wrapped in bandage and made her return to work the following day, resulting in the worker dying from gangrene within a few weeks. The owner then bribed for the media to have the affair swept under a rug — which is easy, as its a rural town where jobs are hard to get and workers are constantly wanted — but then during a routine inspection, the factory owner decide to, rather randomly, grab one of the finished biscuits on the production belt for a snack. Behold, the owner ends up unexpectedly choking to death on the spot, and the autopsy then reveals the biscuit that killed him contains bits of a woman's finger...

    Visual Novels 
  • In one of the Bad Ends of Remember11, Utsumi slices off Satoru's fingers (and then stabs him to death) when he tries to protect Hotori during Utsumi's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • In Thousand Dollar Soul, in some endings, Todd or Angela end up in Future Todd's body on December 24th 2043, with Clint's severed ring finger in their pocket.

    Web Animation 
  • AstroLOLogy:
    • In the short "Tender Loving Care", Aries goes to the hospital for a cut on his finger. Cancer treats it, but while snipping the excess bandage accidentally cuts another of his fingers, and this continues until she's bandaged both of his whole hands. The short ends with Taurus going in for a cut on his own finger.
    • The short "In the Trauma Room" centers around Pisces having a melodramatic breakdown over cutting her finger.
  • Blood Sun Vendetta: Jose uses his Stand powers on a Dirty Cop by forcibly blowing his own gun in his hand, and crushing one of his fingers blowing it to pieces.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Played for Laughs at the start of 'Carneelval' when Dave crushes Koden's hand, leaving it disfigured for the remainder of the scene.
  • Happy Tree Friends: In the episode "Tongue in Cheek", as part of the Cold-Blooded Torture the Ant Family inflicts on Sniffles, they stitch his hand to the bottom of the anthill, then tear out one of his fingernails, pouring salt into the open wound. Sniffles is subsequently forced to rip the skin off his forearm just to pull himself free.
  • In Meet Arnold, Arnold always manages to lose his finger, and first in each experiment.
  • In RWBY, Tyrian Callows once dislocated his right thumb intentionally in order to escape from the bonds holding his wrists together. You can clearly see the bruised digit hang limply from his hand before he slams his hand onto the ground to painfully reset his thumb.

  • Bicycle Boy: During a stern chase through enemy territory, Darla is shot through the palm by a sniper and her pointer finger is mutilated in the process.
  • Breakfast of the Gods: The Last Good Morning. Frankenberry does this to Snap.
  • In Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ethan breaks his own thumb in order to show Lilah that he's fine with her using the Xbox to practice (since she's a professional gamer). He immediately regrets this decision.
  • In Dicebox, Molly is missing the third finger on her right hand. As yet, it is not clear how she lost it, but flashbacks tend towards the bloody and freshly lost.
  • Vy'chriel of Drowtales has the misfortune to face Sil'lice, one of the most powerful Drow and sorcerers in the entire Drowverse. What follows is a Curb-Stomp Battle on the part of Sil'lice, whose Ice sorcery freezes the battleground around them and eventually starts freezing Vy'chriel solid. Before her death, the final of Sil'lice's attacks that she deflects shatter Vy'chriel's frozen fingers.
  • The Fox Sister: The Kumiho loses a couple of fingers to Yun Hee's knife.
  • Goblins subverts this in an incredibly nightmare fuelerrific way. The Well of Darkness is home to a gigantic Eldritch Abomination- like creature aptly nicknamed by the fans "Mr. Fingers" due to consisting mainly of hands with abnormal amounts of fingers. K'seliss rips one of the fingers off with the intention to eat it, and that's where the horror starts for K'seliss, not Mr. Fingers.
  • Lucid Spring: Viktor hallucinates and sees his hand this way.
  • In an animated update of morphE, somebody awakens to find their fingers cut off. We can't see who, because the segment is from their perspective.
  • In Oglaf, ever since Kronar the Manly Gay barbarian used a sword as a sex toy, he's been missing all his fingers on one hand.
    Krogar: [after a flashback to the even]t Leave the hilt on.
  • Ménage à 3 had one instance where a usually Dreadful Musician somehow gets in her zone and starts playing really fast, to the despair of the bassist and drummer trying to keep up with her. By the following strip, the former's fingers are very pained from the jam.
  • Penny Arcade has Tycho cutting off all his fingers.
  • Sarilho: Victor's deslusos all sport nine fingers, just like him. He also orders them to bite the fingers off people they may capture, as they do with Daria. Eurico and Estanislau seem to share his taste for the practice, as they cut several of the Foreigner's fingers during the torture scene. They grow back.
  • Sequential Art:
  • In Stand Still, Stay Silent, Reynir was an unexpected piece of Human Mail in a food crate. Upon the crate being open, Reynir's first reflex was to put one of his hands on the edge of the crate. The first reflex of the person who saw him upon opening the crate was to slam it shut again. Reynir didn't have the time to remove his hand from where it was.
  • In an episode of Super Stupor, a superhero's girlfriend defends herself against a would-be assassin, while lampshading and inverting Stuffed into the Fridge.
  • Being marked as an Untouchable in Trial of the Sun involves having all your fingers broken. While the comic is in black and white, pain (and magic) is rendered in colour, giving us this lovely image.
  • Unsounded:
    • Sette bites off most of one of "Vanilla"'s fingers when she puts it in Sette's face while saying she'll do whatever she wants to Sette.
    • Murkoph cuts off and chows down on part of his own thumb while talking to Sette.
    • A wright's hands start to get forced in odd directions and can explode or be torn apart around their hand ports when they overtax the khert. During the rebellion later termed the Foi-Hellick Affair Duane's fingers were twisted and started bending backwards during a khert fire, and Rion Keon's hand got split in half down through his palms when he stored too much pressure aspect in his ports while destroying Ethelmik.
    • Sette’s palms get punctured every time she extends her claws. As the claws shift into position they split and tear off her fingernails.
  • Jack from Zebra Girl performs a spell that is bound by a nail driven through his thumb.

    Web Original 
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-3100, a cave system in South Africa that keeps corpses interred there, such as a group of Homo erectus individuals with badly bent fingers, from decomposing. Personnel that spent long enough in the caves fell victim to Sanity Slippage, during which they muttered and made indistinct sounds while bending their fingers the same way the Erectus precursor bodies were. After containment was breached, all but one member of Task Force 707 was found in this state.
  • In chapter 10 of T.O.T., Eddie Sanchez has three of his fingers sliced off by Maximus Slade, shortly before he's killed.
  • Trapped starts with discovering a severed finger in your wallet. Subverted in that it's a prosthetic.

    Web Videos 
  • Breaking Trail: Coyote Peterson has many videos in which he personally demonstrates why and how certain animals can hurt you, including wasps, porcupines, lionfish, snapping turtles, ants, crabs, and lobsters, among others. And by "personally", it means that his fingers are usually the first in line to get struck by the animal of the day.
  • The Duck Guy's fingers get a nice close-up in the second episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared as they rot away to expose muscles, veins, and eventually bones.
  • Nightmare Time: In the episode "Yellow Jacket," Hannah is distracted while using the bandsaw in Shop Class, noticing too late that she's cut her finger off. Somewhat downplayed, since the injury happens offscreen, and the next time we see Hannah, her finger's been bandaged.
  • Tom Bishop winds up having one of his fingers horribly mutilated by the Big Bad's mooks in The Proxy. Sarah's Healing Hands fix it — and apparently transfer some of her powers to him, although he doesn't realize that last part until it's all over.

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