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The Fox Sister is a webcomic written by Christina Strain and drawn by Jayd Aït-Kaci. It is described as a "supernatural thriller/dram-edy" by the creator. It is based on the Korean folk tale of the same name, about the shape-shifting nine-tailed fox Kumiho.

The comic is set in Seoul, Korea, of 1968. After having witnessed a Kumiho murdering her family as a child, Cho Yun Hee has grown up a bitter young woman. On her hunt for said Kumiho, who has taken the shape of her sister Sun Hee, she meets the American ex-soldier Alex.


  • Cho Yun Hee: The protagonist. Besides being a university student, she works as a Mudang - a priestess of an almost extinct indigenous Korean religion.
  • Soot Bull: Yun Hee's faithful Korean Jindo dog.
  • Alex Martin: a former US-Army specialist who after his term stayed in Korea as a Methodist Christian missionary.
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  • Mrs. Park: Alex's neighbor and a member of his church community.
  • Min: A friend of Alex and another member of his church community. This is the identity the Kumiho has assumed in her human form.

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