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The Fox Sister is a Webcomic written by Christina Strain and drawn by Jayd Aït-Kaci. It is described as a "supernatural thriller/dram-edy" by the creator. It is based on the Korean folk tale of the same name, about the shape-shifting nine-tailed fox Kumiho.

The comic is set in Seoul, Korea, of 1968. After having witnessed a Kumiho murdering her family as a child, Cho Yun Hee has grown up a bitter young woman. On her hunt for said Kumiho, who has taken the shape of her sister Sun Hee, she meets the American ex-soldier Alex.


  • Cho Yun Hee: The protagonist. Besides being a university student, she works as a Mudang - a priestess of an almost extinct indigenous Korean religion.
  • Soot Bull: Yun Hee's faithful Korean Jindo dog.
  • Alex Martin: a former US-Army specialist who after his term stayed in Korea as a Methodist Christian missionary.
  • Mrs. Park: Alex's neighbor and a member of his church community.
  • Min: A friend of Alex and another member of his church community. This is the identity the Kumiho has assumed in her human form.

The comic began in 2011, but stopped updating some time in 2014. In 2017 a news post said the final chapter had been written and an epilogue was in progress but there has been no further update. A backup of the comic can be found here.

The Fox Sister contains examples of: