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"That finger was on my top ten list of favorite fingers..."
Navarone, Diaries of a Madman

"It's another letter. Is this the resolution we're after? I'm opening the envelope... It's a human pinky. No letter. No nail polish. It... looks kind of fresh. Whose fucking pinky is this? What am I supposed to do here? Soundman Steven is shaking his head. Fuckdammit!"
Corin Deeth III, Kakos Industries

"Okay, digit validation check..."
Largo, MegaTokyo

Reggie Mead: Now, Matty, do you know what my mother used to play with me? "This Little Piggy." Yeah! I've always enjoyed that one!
Matthew: Oh no. No, no, no, please, Reggie, don't-
Reggie Mead: You're gonna run all the way home back to Bristol...
Reggie Mead: You're going to receive only half the payment...
Reggie Mead: You'll pick up the remaining merchandise...
Reggie Mead: You'll come straight back here and complete the deal...
Reggie Mead: And there's no need to worry about Nimrod, because...
Reggie Mead: Because I'm the only person you need to be afraid of. Are we clear on this?
Matthew: ...perfectly...

Trevor: Oh, hell - I'm sorry. I was trying to snatch the stave out of your hand. How's your finger?

"My fingers and toes regrew as if they were nails and hair over and over and over and over and over. They regrew every time. And I felt like I was truly a monster."
Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul

Nemesis grabbed his left hand, grinned, and pressured it hard, sending a burst of mystic energy through it.
Ord Quelu screamed in pain, despite himself.

"You know what, Jason? I'm going to easy on you, since you're a family man. One finger, every time you lose! I think I'll start with... the ring finger."

"I'm gonna make sure you hurt before you die, Cole! Cut your fingers off, every single one!"

"You're all alone here. You have no friends here. You sat and took notes for a torturer, a bloody torturer! And I see a desk, and it's got a desk drawer, and if you ever, ever want to hold a pen again you'll tell me everything I want to know-"
Sam Vimes, Night Watch Discworld