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  • In Episode 5, Fierte is busy watching a detective show, when Asuka gives her a telepathic call. She is so into the show(where the heroine is about to expose the killer) that she immediately blurts out "I didn't do it!"
  • Asuka tries to enlist the girls into making a cake for Aina's birthday.
    • While sifting the flour, Azumi sneezes so hard from the flour that she kicks up a smokescreen and covers Ayase and Rigel.
    • Rigel uses her cybernetic strength to beat the eggs... so fast she starts generating smoke from the friction.
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    • And finally, somebody sets the temperature to nearly twice the temperature, burning everything.
  • Sera's first meeting with Orihalcon Tyranno: She's out walking all the way to Nagoya alone to find her Missing Mom (very foolish we know, but she's like nine), and passes an egg, out of which hatches a baby metal dinosaur the size of a large cat. Now, it finally sinks in to Sera that perhaps it could be dangerous out there, and she runs like hell. The Baby, having already imprinted on her, follows. After a while, Sera stops to catch her breath, turns and notices the little Tyrannosaurus is still behind her, and takes off again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat, for what is apparently several miles, until she finally trips and the little guy gets to catch up.

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