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Azumi's disease has already been cured
The "medicine" Rigel is giving her is actually an addictive drug designed to make her think her survival is dependent on staying in the Blue World leadership's good graces and her seizures are really withdrawal symptoms. Rigel is unaware of this deception, and will be mad as hell when/if she finds out.
  • Somewhat confirmed in Episode 10. The disease is actually nano-machines, injected into Azumi to keep her close to the Blue World, because of her importance to the Blue Future. The medicine regulates the poison output of the nano-machines. Needless to say, Rigel was not amused by this.

Asuka Tennouji is reincarnation of white world's Asuka.
Otherwise, why would Fierté get visions of holding white world's Asuka?
  • Accoring to the card game's lore, the "White world's Asuka" is actually Uriel A.T, the first angel. The reason they look like each other is because Uriel is hinted to be Asuka's future self.

Going off of the above, not only is Uriel actually the possible future self of Asuka, but Fierte is a possible future self of Ayase.
Although only the former has really been foreshadowed very extensively, you'll notice that their appearances are indeed very similar, and Fierte's attitude is, at times, like a very mellowed out version of Ayase's. Furthermore, both of them seem to have some degree of affection for Asuka. It would also explain why during the battle with Sieger, Fierte barely ever attacks, and why she offers little resistance to Asuka's decision to rescue Ayase: she needs to ensure that a Stable Time Loop is created so that she continues to exist. The only question is why Fierte acts oblivious to Human society and customs when she arrives. Maybe an elaborate front to throw Asuka off her trail?
  • At least one Character Tic is shared by both of them: Playing with their hairs (on sync with each other!) in one scene.

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