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Funny / I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

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  • Any scene where Kaoru is drunk.
  • Kaoru playing cute to get Hajime to go outside. Her smug face is what sells it.
    • In the manga, Hajime tried the same trick to get Kaoru to take out the garbage. It didn't work as well
  • Kaoru's father is hilarious, especially in episode 9 where he pulls out a taser to give to Kaoru during a flashback when he finds out about Hajime, and when she refuses that he pulls out an assault rifle.
  • Miki getting absolutely furious with Hajime after finding out Mayotoma is a guy. Complete with Miki getting Tears of Blood.
    You have the nerve to call me!? YOUR SISTER HAS A PALM TREE AND COCONUTS!
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  • When Kaoru and Hajime are talking about names for their hypothetical children, Kaoru tells Hajime not to name them after anything subcultural. After thinking, Hajime goes full Gendo Pose and says "If it's a boy, Shinji, a girl Rei." which leave Kaoru frustrated. Hajime then defends that most names have been used in anime before. When Kaoru asks where her name was in an anime, he can only reply "Eva*******".
  • I am the husband.
  • Everything and anything related to Kaoru's senpai. Like making a hole in the wall which prompts Hajime to ask if her senpai was the Terminator.
  • The fact that Hajime calls Hime-chan his waifu.
  • Kaoru's innocent little smile in chapter 1 when one of her work friends (who used to be in a Love Triangle with her and Hajime) said she was looking forward to NTR with Hajime.
    Kaoru: that the name of some game?
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  • Everyone congratulating Hajime when Kaoru turns out to be pregnant since they all appear to be standing in front of a matte painting.

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