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Heartwarming / I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

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The nightmare has passed
  • Kaoru's drunken antics in episode 5, since her only thoughts are how much she loves Hajime (both romantically and sexually).
    Kaoru: I love you! I'm drunk so I'll keep saying it! I love you! I love you lots!
  • Hajime and Kaoru spending the day with Ai-chan in episode 8, especially when she holds both of their hands at the end.
  • The end of episode 11. After an episode long Flashback Nightmare, Kaoru wakes up and remembers that she's not alone anymore, going back to bed with a smile on her face... until Hajime rolls over in his sleep and whacks her in the face. It ends with a piano version of the ending them as the two of them roll around in their sleep.
    • Made even better when Kaoru has a smaller flashback to when the two of them were on a date and she told him that she loved him. When he said that he loved her back, he used "aishiteru".
  • The end of episode 13 when Kaoru sheds Tears of Joy in response to finding out that she's pregnant.
  • The kiss at the end of episode 9.5note 
  • Hajime and Kaoru sitting down to watch New Year's fireworks as they hold hands in episode 12.8 note 
  • The winning popsicle stick from Mayotama's Day in the Limelight.

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