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In General
  • Despite Shino becoming a teacher at the Academy, he's treated as a Butt-Monkey as his students would ignore him or be put in situations that makes him feel left out.
  • Mitsuki has a tendency to randomly appear mid-conversation and surprise everyone around him, which is frankly hilarious considering how often he does this.

Episode 1: Boruto Uzumaki!

  • After resolving the conflict, Boruto and Denki head towards the entrance ceremony for the Academy on a runaway train car. When Shino is taking attendances at the ceremony and he calls for Boruto's name, everyone's wondering where he is. Suddenly, they see the train car flying above them and crashing into Naruto's face on the Hokage Rock. Naruto and all the instructors were shocked by what Boruto did, special mentions for Iruka reacting with a Facepalm and Shino turning completely white. Boruto's friends on the other hand were hardly fazed by what he did.
    Shikadai: That guy... Talk about doing something embarrassing.

Episode 2: The Hokage's Son!

  • While talking to Anko about having Boruto in his class, Shino said he's going to be strict with him when he teaches him. But when he enters his classroom, all the students are gone to watch the fight between Boruto and Iwabe, causing him to drop his study materials in shock.

Episode 3: Metal Lee Goes Wild!

  • Shino is having his students practice throwing shuriken. Before he can finish his instruction, the students immediately start throwing the shuriken at the target with Shino still in the way and forces him to get out of the way.
    Shino: No one's listening...
  • After getting involved with Boruto's pranks, Shikadai gets punished in an attempt from Shino to teach the kids responsability. As soon as he gets home, he gets scolded by Temari who asks what the hell he's been doing at school. When Shikamaru gets home, Temari asks him to take to his son to straight him up. Instead, Shikamaru puts himself in his son's shoes and says a perfect kid doesn't exist, he must gets scolded, lectured and mature. Temari then scolds her husband for being too easy on Shikadai and grounds BOTH OF THEM without dinner. It's like she has two kids to take care of. Also the fact that she correctly guessed that Shikamaru and Shikadai thought to themselves "What a drag.".
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  • When Boruto returns home tired and is greeted by Hinata and Himawari:
    Hinata: Welcome home, Boruto. You're just in time for dinner.
    Boruto: I seriously paid attention in class today, so I'm really hungry!
    Hinata: Just today?
    Boruto: I mean... We had lots of hard stuff to learn today, so...
  • Metal Lee getting nervous and breaking Boruto's video game handheld console. Boruto's Freak Out! is priceless.

Episode 8: The Dream's Revelation

  • When Boruto believes he obtained the power of the Byakugan, he starts acting liking a Large Ham complete with colorful dialogue, flamboyant movements, and a visor. Anyone who recognizes the symptoms can associate this behavior with chuunibyou making it all the funnier.
  • Boruto calls whoever stole the Scroll of Sealing an idiot.
  • Said idiot then hastily and vehemently agrees with him...while his wife and right hand man laugh behind his back.
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  • Hiashi Hyuga, the stern head of the Hyuga clan and Abusive Father to Hinata until the Chunin Exams arc... turns out to be a Doting Grandparent who adores his two grandchildren. Doubles as Heartwarming.

Episode 10: The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins

  • Hinata and Temari, the Education Mamas.
  • Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki skip class to keep look-out after Ghost (the shadow chakra), handing in absence excuse notes written by Mitsuki. Of course, Mitsuki doesn't understand the concept and hands in notes that anyone can tell are fakenote  , so Hinata and Temari find out. Hinata waits for Boruto at the door with her Byakugan activated. Shikadai doesn't get off so easy. The next day we see him, he still has Temari's palm-print glowing on his cheek. Shikadai even comments to Boruto, "Compared to my mom, yours is mild."

Episode 12: Boruto and Mitsuki

Episode 17: Run, Sarada!

  • Sarada asks her mother to get her a new father.
  • Earlier in the episode, Sarada reprimand the boys for riding on the roof of the train. Later, she finds herself taking the train the same way but worries that the boys (who are inside the train this time) will find her and will not let her hear the end of it.
  • After falling into the river, Sarada ends up getting hooked by Boruto and his friends who are fishing. When they asked her why she is in the river, she glares at them with a scary face while claiming that she is just went in for a swim.

Episode 18: A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family

  • The day before the Hokage inauguration, Naruto and his friends went out to celebrate and is brought back home in a drunken state. One wonders how Lee of all people is more sober than Naruto.
  • Kiba claims that he simply allows Naruto to claim the title of Hokage but Shino reminds him that Kiba wasn't even a candidate.
  • Hinata apparently has taken some of her late mother-in-law's temper. When father and son are arguing what to cook for the ill Himawari, and making a lot of noise in the process, Hinata activates her Byakugan and throws them out of the house.
  • Choji and his daughter having their monthly Ramen eating competition and both eventually pass out.
  • After hearing Cho-Cho mentioning of someone named Legendary Queen of Gluttony, he asks his father who is it. Turns out its none other than Hinata, holding the record of 46 bowls surpassing Choji with 42 and his father.
    • Doubles as a callback to one of the Shippuden omakes in which Hinata wins a ramen eating contest, finishing with the same number of bowls.

Episode 25: A Turbulent Field Trip!!

  • Boruto and Sarada's interactions during the trip to the Hidden Village of the Mist: Starting with Sarada admitting to Boruto that she nominated him as the trip leader so that he behaves himself and doesn't goof off so that she and the other students can have a nice trip while showing a devilishly smile, Boruto outraged by this calls out the move as unworthy of a future Hokage, Sarada then giggles at Boruto's reaction to which he responds by imitating Sarada's giggling and saying that it's not funny, then finishing with Boruto chasing Sarada all over the deck. And to all of these, Chocho, continues eating her potato chips while uttering "I'm not getting involved".
  • After Boruto's prank on Iruka fails, Naruto scolds his son by telling him that if he's gonna pull a prank to do it with more finesse.

Episode 38: Formation Of The Three Man Squad

  • In a fun re-enactment of the infamous Naruto and Sasuke kiss from the original series, Iwabe accidentally knocks Boruto into Sarada, seemingly leading the two to kiss, complete with a smacking sound. The next scene shows Sarada having kicked Boruto's face and him calling her foot filthy. Word of God later confirmed that Boruto actually kissed Sarada's sole.
  • After a heartwarming scene between Naruto and the New Team 7, the end of the episode cuts to Mirai still hanging on the broken bridge without any way to escape without falling into the river. She even asks if anyone is going to help her get back up!

Episode 48: Genin Documentary

  • After Naruto delivers a heartfelt acceptance and notification of Team 5 efforts and the reveal that the director included all of the events of the episode in the documentary, the episode ends with Naruto remembering that he never completed or passed the Chunin Exams at allnote . So even though Naruto is the Hokage he is technically a genin, just like Team 5. Iwabe, Denki and Metal are too shocked.
  • Team 5's instructor, Udon shows his students an interesting jutsu, his specialty: Ninja Art: Dripping Nose Jutsu. It is very impressive.

Episode 50: The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting''

  • Konohamaru telling Shino about Mitsuki's background, especially when he's Locked Out of the Loop about his own genin.
  • Konohamaru and Hanabi have a blast about how they love when Boruto calls them his Big Bro Konohamaru and Big Sis Hanabi, while they drink and grin happily towards each other much to Moegi's annoyance.
  • Hanabi teases Shino with sake, only to fall on top of him and accidentally ingests it in his mouth. We soon see why he doesn't drink, as all of his insects nearly blow the shop and fly rampant around the Hidden Leaf Village.

Episode 54: Sasuke and Boruto

  • In one scene added to the movie arc, was see Sarada being left speechless and Sakura fainting upon seeing Sasuke turning up at their doorstep.

Episode 58: The Tournament Begins

  • It seems that Rock Lee has been aging less gracefully than the others. During Boruto's fight with Yurui, Yurui creates a bubble forcing Boruto to cut it with a kunai. As a result, it creates a large gust of wind which causes Lee to frantically clamps his hands on his head to prevent his hair from being blown back, implying that he's actually wearing a wig these days.

Episode 70: The Other Side of Anxiety

  • Every time Guy falls into screen complete with his wheelchair. One wonders how he manages to leap so far in it, and how durable it is to cope with the ceremoniously loud thuds.
  • Both Metal and Rock Lee bursting into copious tears and hugging Guy, who is also crying, after Metal wins the match. The audience reactions are equally as priceless.

Episode 93: Parent and Child Day

  • Naruto returns home after dealing with lots and lots of paperwork so he can be with Boruto and Himwari. Boruto goes off to train, telling Naruto Himawari is waiting for him. To Naruto's shock, she's sleeping on the floor, wrapped in a blanket just at the foot of the stairs. Could count as a tear jerker moment as well.
  • Himawari describing the new Kurama toy (called Kuraa-ma) as a toy pet you feed and take care of after it hatches from an egg. Naruto describes it as taking care of a baby. Then the real Kurama asks him indignantly, "Who are you calling a baby?" Naruto tries to tell him he's talking about the toy. And then he sees Himawari's confused face. Obviously, she might not know about the real Kurama that well.
  • Everyone in the village is in such a hurry to get to the store, they don't even recognize Naruto. You know, the Seventh Hokage?
  • Naruto gets what he thinks is the Kurama toy...but to his, Himawari, Kiba, Akamaru and Akemaru's shock and disappointment, he accidentally grabbed a Shukaku toy instead. Even the real Kurama's so disgusted he doesn't want to help him.
  • Naruto tries to use his Shadow Clones to look for the toy. But he is so tired, he can only produce two clones and both of them are fast asleep! Even Himawari is quick to criticize him!
  • Boruto catches Shino talking baby talk to a Kurama toy. Poor Shino.
  • Naruto goes to his friends' stores to buy a Kurama toy. First, he goes to Ino's flower shop, then to Tenten's weapon shop. In the latter case, Tenten's been asked four times already!
  • By the end of the episode, Kurama still doesn't forgive Naruto for grabbing the Shukaku toy by mistake. And when he tries to cheer Kurama up by calling him Kuraa-ma, he just glares at him.

Episode 94

  • To impress his wife, Choji and Cho-Cho enter an eating contest where the only real competition is a father and son team, the Gluttons. What's funny is that Shikamaru, Shikadai, Sai and Inojin enter the contest as well and by the end of it, they are regretting it. Especially since one of the foods they have to eat is a very spicy hamburger that looks unfit for human consumption. Despite that, Boruto really wants to eat the burger (he doesn't enter; he's just a spectator).

Episode 95

  • Since Sasuke never had a good relationship with his father, he's clueless on how to spend Parent and Child Day with Sarada. Kakashi, of all people, tries to help his former student by advising him to imitate scenes from Icha-Icha Tactics. Sasuke first tries calling Sarada a cute nickname, "Peanut", but she takes this as a sign of Sasuke forgetting her name. Sasuke then tries to carry Sarada on his back like Naruto does with Himawari but Sarada quickly points out she's too old for that. Sasuke then tries to put his cloak on her (with Kakashi explaining that in Tactics, it made all the girls fall in love) but it's too big for Sarada and she ends up storming off in embarrassment. When Sasuke and Kakashi meet up again, he threatens to throw both Icha-Icha and Kakashi into the river.
  • The ending has a montage of several families spending time together, and while most of them are heartwarming, one slide that stands out has Shikamaru and Shikadai eating dinner with scared expressions on their faces while Temari stands over them with scary red eyes.

Episode 104

  • Mitsuki is asked to take care of a kitten. Since he is still learning how to be human, he doesn't really know how, so the episode is filled with laughs.
  • When asked by the pet store owner what gender Mikazuki is, Mitsuki doesn't know and begins thinking, and the owner is just confused.
  • When he returns from getting supplies for Mikazuki and can't find him, he looks inside his closet, over his apartment balcony and inside his toilet.
  • When Mikazuki gets sick, he doesn't know to take it to a Vet and instead goes to a hospital and pharmacy.

Episode 127

  • Boruto, Sarada and Cho-Cho try looking for Jiraiya's Icha-Icha books, only to be turned down time and time again by their parents and their friends (who know exactly what kind of man Jiraiya was) who all say the same thing, "You're too young to read these!"
    • Sasuke probably has the best reaction. As Boruto asks him if he could borrow it from Kakashi, there's a pause, before Sasuke looks at Boruto, eye covered with shadow, as he tells Boruto "Don't go there." And if you recall in an earlier episode, Sasuke hasn't exactly had a good relationship with Jiriya's books.


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