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Chapter 1:

  • Choji enthousiastically greets Chocho and Sarada while holding a bag of chips, much to Chocho's embarassment. Sarada points out that it's not that unusual for an adult to walk around with a snack in his hand, but Chocho is still angry. After all, he's holding a bag of lightly salted chips, a flavor she detests.
    • And on that note, Sarada's droll reaction to all of the above. She may be a total cynic well before her time, but at least she seems to have developed a masterful sense of snark.
    Sarada: "An adult man can walk down the street with a bag of chips in his hand, you know."
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  • During their sparring match, Boruto tricks Naruto with a Shadow Clone. Naruto gets annoyed he fell for it and is about to create a ton of clones for payback until Sai remarks how childish his behavior is.
  • Sai and Inojin are training too, with the kid drawing and animating a beast that looks like a cross between a bunny and a lion using Sai's jutsu, while thinking that his dad's art taste (classic lion) is ancient.
    • Shikamaru tries to lecture Boruto about his behavior, then gives up saying that he's just like Naruto at that age and puts and end to their game of hide-and-seek by binding the kid with his shadow paralysis jutsu, much to Shikadai's amusement. Then, he tells his son to go and bring Naruto here:
      Shikadai: "Eh? Why me? This is such a pain..."
      Shikamaru: "Huh, I guess it's happening in my family too."
    • Sakura smashes the ground in a fit of rage. Unfortunately, this ends up bringing down her house.
      Sakura: "No... no way... I still haven't paid off the loan..."

Chapter 2:

  • Sasuke's face and sigh when Shin is about to attack him, before bitchslapping him with ease.
  • Chocho has something important to tell Sarada,but it must be their secret. Turns out, she's having doubts she's really Choji and Karui's daughter, since she's nothing like them. Cue "what the?!?" looks form Sarada, Choji and Karui -apparently, the conversation was not so private.
    Sarada: "... R..Really...?"
    • Then, Mitsuki appears out of the blue and tells her that a Changeling Fantasy is a common occurrence in girls their age who are insecure about their self-worth. After a snark-filled speech, he introduces himself and goes on to say that he doesn't need to see Chocho's family crest to know she's from the Akimichi clan. That last bit may or may not be a Stealth Insult.
      • Just to keep the ball rolling, Mitsuki is relatively new to the Leaf and not well acquainted with either Chocho or Sarada. Apparently, he couldn't resist the opportunity to dish out some snark.
    • Shikamaru is exasperated with Sasuke's insistence on using pen, paper and a messenger bird to communicate with them, calling Sasuke old-fashioned. Naruto has to remind him Sasuke doesn't have easy access to electricity when travelling through unpopulated areas and can't be expected to have access to the latest tech.note 
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    • Now, let's take a moment to appreciate this: lazy, cloud-envying Shikamaru, who has had the attitude of an old man since he was a kid, is calling someone "old-fashioned".
  • Kakashi is taking a vacation in a bath-house, wearing a robe with a shuriken pattern over his usual shirt-and-mask. When Naruto calls, he's less than happy to hear from him:
    Kakashi: "What's up, Naruto? What part of me being in the middle of R&R didn't you understand?"
  • Sarada decides to secretly follow Naruto to meet her father. What could possibly go wrong when tailing a powerful sensory typenote  ninja? Well, first off, Chocho is going to tag along to look for her "real" parents. Sarada, too polite to say anything or pull a Facepalm, adjusts her glasses in exasperation.

Chapter 3:

  • In her hurry to follow Naruto, Sarada accidentally trips Chocho on a tree branch. Her reaction is priceless:
    Sarada: (freaking out) "Sorry! Are you okay?! Geez!!"
  • Mitsuki, noticing that Boruto and Sarada need to talk alone, drags Chocho away to give them some privacy. Unfortunately for him, Chocho gets the wrong impression:
    Mitsuki: "C'mon."
    Chocho: "You asking me out?"
    Mitsuki: "Your condition... it's pretty advanced."
  • Naruto realizes that whoever it is that's been tailing him since before he left the village is not going to give up. Exasperated, he decides to turn back to meet them rather than wait for them to catch up. How Sarada thought she could follow him and remain unnoticed is anyone's guess.
  • Chocho gets exhausted after their fast paced run and can't keep going any more.
    Sarada: "If you can't run, I'll roll you if I have to!"
    Chocho: (excited) "That's it!"

Chapter 4:

  • Chocho is so impressed with how utterly badass Naruto is, she flat out asks him if he's her real dad. Naruto just.. can't... wrap his head around what she says and leaves it at that, taking the first chance he gets to change the subject.
    Naruto: Is Chouji away or something?
  • Naruto describes Sasuke to Sarada, but he's glossing over some of the details. According to Naruto, back in the academy Sasuke was popular with all the girls, good-looking, cool and, most importantly, top of the class, just like him. After the last bit, Chocho starts questioning the validity of the narration —not because she has any reason to doubt Naruto was any of those things, but because there can't be two top-of-the-class students. She probably doubts Sasuke was as awesome as Naruto.
    • But the real highlight is the part where they differ: unlike Naruto, Sasuke was a loner with no social skills who always talked back to others. Amusingly, this is the only thing where Naruto and Sasuke were exactly alike. The only difference was their attitude: the former was a Boisterous Weakling while the latter was an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy.
    • Of course, there's Sarada's extremely disappointed look on her face when she hears the Hokage bagging on her father.

Chapter 5:

  • When Sarada shows Sasuke the photograph of Team Taka, Naruto has this "who the hell are those guys?" expression on his face.
  • Chocho realizes who Sasuke is after Sarada spent a good time venting her anger on him, demanding answers.
    Chocho: "Oh... So, you're Sarada's dad... Huh..."
  • Naruto has this completely flat, "you again..." look as the hooded man is about to attack him and Sarada. Then, he casually gets up on his feet and goes straight in Six Paths Sage Mode.

Chapter 6:

  • A bit of Black Humor can be found in the completely blank expression Naruto has after he's stabbed with Sasuke's sword. The fact that he has a blade through his gut just doesn't register with the guy at first.
    Naruto: ...
  • While everyone's out fighting Shin Jr and Shin Sr, Chocho's inside the tower eating a bag of chips, oblivious to the action.
  • Sakura's Dynamic Entry into the battle: she literally pounded Shin Sr into the ground; he couldn't even move after that punch. And then she turns around and asks who these guys are.

Chapter 7:

  • Chocho once agains offers Sasuke a bag of chips so that he, in turn, can give them to Sarada as a peace offering. Unfortunately, now there's only the salt flavor left. Wonder what happened to the other ones...
  • Yamato gets really embarrassed when the Hokage adressess him as "captain".
    • He then says that infiltrating Orochimaru's hideout won't be as hard as last time, since Sasuke is on their side this time. The way Sasuke hesitates a bit before admitting he knows the place inside-out really makes this exchange gold. Everyone is trying so hard to skirt around the fact that Sasuke once was a Rogue Ninja.
  • Naruto is concerned they're just walking into the hideout; after all, this is the base of a deranged scientist, not the Local Hangout. Before they get too far, they're intercepted by Jugo and Suigetsu, with the latter lampshading their folly.
    Suigetsu: "This isn't the sort of place you take your kiddies on a day trip, you know."
  • Orochimaru now looks even younger than Tsunade. And very feminine too boot. So much so, in fact, that Chocho can't even determine if he's really a man or a woman.
    • The girly way he pronounces "watashi" (the gender-neutral personal pronounnote ) probably doesn't help matters.
  • The way Orochimaru acts like two old friends have come to visit him after a long time is hilarious. You can't help but wonder if that's how he really feels or if he's just going with the flow so that the two most powerful men who ever lived won't destroy his base -and him.

Chapter 8:

  • Naruto grabbing Sarada's arm to stop her from leaving the village is very heartwarming, but also a bit funny: some part of him is probably thinking "Oh, no! I'm not going through that again."
  • Sarada asking Sakura in the flashback if she's ever kissed Sasuke. Sakura blushes, hesitates, then thinks about it a bit and starts laughing.
    Sarada: "What? What's wrong?"
    Sakura: "It's just... I remembered something better than that..."
    Sarada: "...Mama's dirty..."
    Sakura: "No, no! Not that!"
    • Sarada then asks what's better than a kiss; Sakura responds by giving her a forehead poke. Also a heartwarming moment
  • For a bit of Black Humor: Naruto and Sarada meet up with the others, who have apparently been waiting for them for some time. When Sasuke yells at them for being late, Naruto immediately yells right back that when this is over the two of them are going to have a "talk". Sasuke -understandably- doesn't get the jab.
    • Suigetsu acting all ignorant by saying then Naruto and Sarada must have gotten lost inside the base, as if he didn't accidentally unleash hell with his actions.
    • When Naruto asks about Sasuke's eye powers weakening, Sasuke starts explaining before pausing and remarking that Naruto has no right to try to lecture him. After all, Naruto is the one at fault here, since his eagerness to start a fight serves no purpose besides upsetting the kids. Naruto, who spent all that time trying to calm Sarada, is incensed by this.
      • Considering how Sasuke is a less-than-stellar parent, it's a bit of Hypocritical Humor seeing him so concerned about the children.

Chapter 9:

  • Sarada and Chouchou's reaction to the many Shin Jr. clones:
    Chouchou: "There's like a sea of them...!! I even see some chunky ones out there!!"
    Sarada: "We'll leave those to you then, Chouchou!!"
  • Sasuke has no qualms about punching the humongous Shin Jr clone in the face using Susano'o. Not the most classy thing he's done...

Chapter 10

  • A Shin Jr. tries to impale Naruto, who easily catches and destroys his weapon with his initial jinchūriki form. The Shin Jr. gets into a staring contest with Naruto, and becomes increasingly terrified by Naruto's Red Eyes, Take Warning and Hellish Pupils. Then he sees into Naruto's mental world with his Mangekyo Sharingan and finds himself on the receiving end of a Death Glare from Kurama. The Shin Jr. nearly wets himself and completely loses the will to fight.
  • In the end, Chocho does manage to find her "real" dad: A slim, chiseled Choji. She immediately asks him to teach her the Calorie Control jutsu; Sarada just laughs. It's topped off with Naruto telling Choji that Chocho has been looking all over for him.
  • When Ino starts walking up to Sasuke to greet him, Sarada jealously blocks her path. Given the emotional gauntlet Sarada been through, who could blame her?
  • The giant Shin Jr has to wait outside while his brothers are inside the orphanage. He also has a mark on his face where Sasuke punched him using Susano'o.
  • Sasuke leaves once again and Sakura leans forward so he can give her a forehead poke, too. Sasuke, who has just shown his warm and caring side while saying goodbye to Sarada, looks at his wife for a moment and quickly turns around. He's too embarrassed to say goodbye properly! You half-expect him to start blushing when Sakura looks at him expectantly.
    • Sakura hanging her head in dissappointment, Sarada enthusiastically waving goodbye and Sasuke's little grin as he walks away make the scene both hilarious and heartwarming.
      • It gets even better when you realize that he really couldn't give her a forehead poke. To do that, he'd have to place down the the lunchbox Sakura had just given him. So, to save face (in more ways than one), he pretends to be all cool and aloof but that little smile just gives him away.
  • A subtle Brick Joke, but the Uchihas are shown living in an apartment now, since Sakura destroyed their house back in Chapter 1.

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