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Funny / Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage

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  • Gaara, being as Oblivious to Love as Naruto, missed all the (not so) subtle signs that Temari and Shikamaru are in love with each other. But when he decides to inform Kankuro about the unexpected relationship between their sister and Shikamaru:
    Kankuro: “Nah, it was really obvious.”
    Gaara: “Is that how it was?”
    • Concerned with his lack of knowledge in the romance department, he decides to read a book on the subject: Icha Icha Paradise! By the end of the day, he's even more confused than before and resigns himself to his obliviousness.
    • Just the mental image of Gaara reading Kakashi's favorite dirty book, frowning in confusion at the *ahem* adult content instead of giggling.
  • Gaara is so surprised when the elders tell him it's time for him to get married, he's reduced to stammering. He tries to get out of this by telling them they should make sure Kankuro gets married first, only to find out that they already asked his older brother, who politely pointed out that Gaara, being the Kazekage, takes precedence. Seeing to other way out of this, he concedes, sweat dripping from his forehead and down his back.
    • Just the fact that their relationship has evolved from Kankuro doing whatever Gaara ordered him to do out of fear to each brother having no qualms about trying to throw the other one under the bus and forcing the other to get married.
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  • Temari eavesdropping on Gaara and Hokuto and either mentally facepalming or cheering Gaara on as if she was at a martial arts tournament.

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