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Nightmare Fuel / Naruto Gaiden

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  • Chapter 1:
    • When Sarada presses for information about her father, Sakura uses her Megaton Punch on the ground in front of her before glaring at her daughter, basically threatening her to shut up.
    • Sarada finds the family portait among the rubble and discovers that it's fake. She already had doubts about her parents and their marriage but now... The last panel has her crumpling the photo.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Orochimaru is alive, well and continuing his insane experiments. Kakashi is quick to suspect his involvement when the mysterious boy appears and Naruto agrees with him, judging by the measures he[Naruto] takes to deal with this and the fact he called Kakashi in the first place.
  • Chapter 3:
    • The hooded man's sharingan doesn't look very healthy. It looks like a cross between Kakuzu's bloodshot eyes and something out of a Frankenstein movie. It's almost as creepy as Danzo's arm sharingans.
  • Chapter 4:
    • After being absent for so long, Sasuke mistakes Sarada for an enemy and points his sword at her, ready to attack. Sure, given the circumstances, he has every right to be suspicious of someone bearing the Uchiha crest and the sharingan, but still... It's like something out of an ancient Greek tragedynote . The ending narration even lampshades this nightmarish turn of events.
  • Chapter 5:
    • The hooded man finally reveals his face and not only does he have a Sharingarm like Danzo, his head also has Sharingan all over it. Who knows how many Sharingan he might be still hiding on his body.
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    • Shin was a Creepy Child before, but now he's crossed to a new level. We see that there are seven of him, each one with his own weird pet-thing.
    • On a sidenote, the fact that the hooded man, Shin(s) and the weird pets all have the same Mangekyou Sharingan design is really alarming. Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyou paterns are unique to a person and, therefore, to his pair of eyes. But there are literally dozens of eyes with the same pattern.
  • Chapter 6:
    • Shin Uchiha Sr's Sharingan Ability is pretty scary. He can freely manipulate any weapon from a distance. Even Naruto couldn't see it coming since the attack came from the weapon Sasuke was holding.
    • Shin Sr targets Sarada the moment Naruto's Tailed Beast mode shielding them gets undone because of his wound. Adult Fear at its finest.
    • Sakura is taken to the lair of Shin Uchiha Sr. There, she is asked to transplant Shin Jr's organs to Shin Sr.
      • Before that, he used the boy as a shield against Sasuke's Great Fireball Jutsu, and when they got back to the lair, used his Mangekyo to stab the kid in the gut.
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    • With Shin Sr implied to be the original Shin, suddenly it makes a horrifying amount of sense how he managed to get so many identical Sharingan eyes implanted into his body.
  • Chapter 7:
    • The experiments the original Shin was put through are horrific, as is the fact that both he and Orochimaru describe them in a completely matter-of-fact tone. He became Orochimaru's test subject when he was a kid because of his unique DNA, which allowed his body to adapt to any transplant. Then, his right arm (complete with Sharingan) was transplanted to Danzo. Eventually, he left Orochimaru and pursued his "dream" of reviving the Akatsuki, using his tissue to create clones of himself, which he treats as replacement body parts.
  • Chapter 9:
    • The clone army Shin Jrs' created on their own is a truly sorry bunch: some of them are too chubby while others are too skinny. And, crossing over into Fridge Horror: Where on earth did all these clones come from? Shin Sr said he used his teeth and nerves to create seven of them. So, what did the kids use to create that many?
      • Their own teeth and nerves. Which explains the discrepancies of the third-generation Shin Jrs: they are imperfect copies of slightly less imperfect copies.

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