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Mitsuki is going to kill somebody without a second thought.
Sure, he's a fun and witty kid who's good at reading the atmosphere, but this is still Orochimaru's son we're talking about. This might actually serve as a source of tension if he kills one of the more sympathetic anti-villains we've come to expect from this series.
  • Alternatively: Mitsuki will hesitate to kill, even when it might save the lives of many innocents in the long run. He may be the son of a literal supervillain, but Mitsuki's shown a lot more empathy than one would expect.
    • Jossed. In Episode 5, during a sparring match, Mitsuki took Iwabe's demand that the former don't hold back way too seriously and would've killed him had Boruto not intervened. And in Episode 6, when a possessed Shino was trying to kill Mitsuki, Boruto and Shikadai, Mitsuki suggested killing him, believing that there was no other way to stop him and reasoning that if Shino was willing to kill them, they should be willing to kill Shino.
  • Or maybe he'll kill someone without a second thought, only to regret it almost immediately.
    • I would actually like to see how Orochimaru himself would react to any of those situations, considering how he seems to have become less evil and more neutral. He also seems to genuinely care for Mitsuki and wants him to become a better person than he ended up being. In the former WMG, he might be disappointed in Mitsuki and/or maybe even worried at the implication that merely being related to a villain makes him more likely to pull a Face–Heel Turn. In the latter two WMG, he might be proud of Mitsuki for being more empathetic than him and take solace in the fact that he's the one good thing he's ever created.
  • Well, as mentioned above, Mitsuki almost killed Iwabe in Episode 5 and suggested killing Shino in Episode 6. So he certainly isn't hesitant to kill, thus Jossing the second WMG. But seeing as how he hasn't actually killed anyone yet, the first and third WMG aren't confirmed or Jossed.

Boruto's and Sarada's relationship will be explored.
And there will be a hell lot of Ship Tease that will occur between the two. Considering that in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Boruto promised to Sarada that he supports her decision of being Hokage and that he will protect her if she becomes the Hokage, this is a given.

Sarada will awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan.
She already awakened her Sharingan out of joy in her quest to find out who she really was.

Naruto or Sasuke
will die.Presumably to give the manga more emotional weight.
  • Possibly confirmed by the first chapter itself with Naruto.

Just like Kakashi, Boruto will lose his right eye via a blade slash.
And then Boruto will have a Byakugan eye transplanted into him, presumably from Hinata. The first pages of the first chapter have already shown that in the future, Boruto has a Byakugan in his right eye to battle Kawari.
  • Jossed. Boruto already has the eye (which isn't the Byakugan) as a child.

Sarada has Sasuke's eyes.
If Boruto having Sasuke's sword and cape is any indication, Sasuke is dead and he most likely gave his eyes to Sarada so she could become strong enough to protect the village.

Sarada will learn Sage Mode
Because why not?

The man on the left will appear as a villain later on in the manga
  • Considering he was anime only, no.
    • Kishimoto actually supervises both the manga and the anime, so this is still a possibility, and therefore neither Confirmed nor Jossed at this point.
    • Confirmed in the anime. It's Urashiki that will be appearing in the anime version of the movie recap. The legend says he was cut from the movie due to time issues.

Naruto is still alive.
I mean seriously, would Kishimoto really kill off the previous series' protagonist?

Team Konohamaru will become the next Legendary Sannin.
Has anyone else noticed that Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki each have some sort of connection with the Sannin? Jiraiya trained Boruto's father, Tsunade trained Sarada's mother, and Orochimaru trained Sarada's father and created Mitsuki. Not to mention they each have the same hair color as Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya respectively. Who's to say this isn't Foreshadowing?
  • Alternatively: the trio will just be compared to the Sannin. For better or worse, considering what happened with Orochimaru.

Orochimaru created Mitsuki... an experiment to see if he is still capable of feeling love.

This is probably going to sound really cheesy, but unless getting killed (twice!) didn't teach Orochimaru a lesson after all (which admittedly is pretty likely), I see no other reason why he would create Mitsuki. After seeing how hard Sasuke fought to protect Konoha in Itachi's name despite going through Sanity Slippage, Orochimaru wanted to see if he himself was still capable of genuinely caring for others. So, just like Justine, he conducted an experiment: create a child and raise him/her to be a good person. First, he created the first "Mitsuki" (Log) as a test to see how to properly create a synthetic human being (and judging by the meaning of the name "Mitsuki", use as his next host). When he turned out to be a success, Orochimaru created our Mitsuki and ensured he was capable of making his own decisions. Once everything was said and done, he sent his son to live in Konoha; the best place to learn to be a true shinobi.

Mitsuki's origins will be revealed to the public.
Knowing Naruto, he'd most likely be shocked but accept him regardless. But what about the rest of Konoha? They'd either become distrusting of Mitsuki, proving that some things never change. Or they'll accept him as well, proving that they learned their lesson.

If Naruto really does end up dying, Kurama will be sealed inside Boruto.
Because it would be cool?

Alternately, even if Naruto dies, Kurmama will not be sealed in Boruto.
Because while Boruto does have some similarities to his father, he's also determined to follow his own path and recognized in his own right rather than just for who he's related to. That's why he wanted be Sasuke's apprentice, not his father's. Having him not become a jinchuriki would further highlight the fact that Boruto is Boruto, not Naruto version 2.0. As for what would happen to Kurama if Naruto dies, he'll get sealed in Himawari. Because she needs to be more important than just "Boruto's little sister", especially given that she's a prodigy on par with Neji.

When Orochimaru inevitably debuts in the new series, he will act completely benevolent.
If only for Mitsuki's sake, he will go out of his way to be as pleasant to Team Konohamaru as possible, giving them advice and offering to help them enhance their powers with no strings attached, to the point characters who already know him or know of his reputation will remark how incredibly unlike him all of that is.
  • Semi-confirmed in Episode 35. He is uncharacteristically benevolent when he visits Konohagakure. However, he has yet to be introduced to Boruto.

The mysterious card.
Since Chapter 11, Boruto has been looking for a rare character card, which he hasn't specified who. Judging by Boruto, it has to be someone important in Boruto's life. It is definitely not Naruto, as he already has five of them. Possible candidates include:
  • Sasuke.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 15.
  • Neji.
    • Jossed.

The mark that Momoshiki gave Boruto will develop into the Power Tattoo the latter has in the Flash Forward.
Maybe it's some kind of Curse Mark?

Boruto's dojutsu is a downgraded Byakugan.
Kind of like how the Sharingan is a downgraded Rinnegan.

Boruto's doujutsu is some form of, or related to the Tenseigan
Aside from the similar colors, Boruto first started manifesting it after Toneri visited him in his dream. Now Toneri's Tenseigan was manifested by putting Hanabi's eyes into his body to let his chakra turn her Byakugan into the Tenseigan. With Boruto, it might be that he added some of his own chakra during the dream in an attempt to create the Tenseigan, or something similar in Boruto.

Sumire was originally meant to die or at the very least be Put on a Bus
It seems to me that Sumire was meant to be a Filler arc villain that was supposed to exit the story after playing her part, but her popularity with the fanbase proved too big and the writers decided to keep her. Reasons for that are that in the episode right after her confrontation with Boruto and Mitsuki, Sumire has virtually no spoken lines, this even on her scene when she is welcomed back at the Academy, also the whole scene looks edited in my opinion; For the subsequent episodes she is either absent or shown in the background with no lines, until a couple of arcs later where she again has more lines and interactions with her classmates. This seems to fit with the MO of the behind-the-scenes anime production: Her voice actress had probably signed a contract for a number of episodes, but then the writers decided to keep her character, so the following episodes had to show Sumire being present without saying any lines until they negotiated another contract with her VA.

Mitsuki will develop an obsession with Boruto

Similar to his father Orochimaru’s obsession with Sasuke, Mitsuki will value his friendship with Boruto so much that he’ll become a borderline Yandere trying to do whatever it takes to protect him and do what he believes will make him happy. Bonus points if Orochimaru himself calls him out on this, claiming, from experience, that following this path of obsession will only lead to death, failure, and sorrow.

Karin lied to Suigetsu and Sakura is not Sarada's mother.
Her story makes no Sense for the following reasons:
  • Sakura being an experient medic would never risk her unborn child travelling through dimensions lacking basic sanitary conditions and health services.
  • Sasuke would never risk having his wife and unborn child getting caught in a fight against members of Kaguya's race.
  • Sasuke can teleport across time and space, there is no reason for Sakura to deliver a child in an Orochimaru hideout when he could take her directly to Konoha.
  • Sakura never mentioned her midwife to Sarada even though Karin and Sakura are supposedly friends.
  • Sakura can remember how much her first date with Sasuke lasted but can't remember if Sasuke wore glasses or answer if they kissed.
  • Sakura has no pictures from marrying Sasuke or even dating him despite keeping several pictures of Sarada and even a copy from Taka's photo.
  • Karin kept Sarada's umbilical cord even thought Japanese tradition has the mother taking it home with her.
  • Neither side of Sarada's stated lineage ever wore glasses and while it could be a random mutation or optical nerve damage from disease (which would have placed her on an ITU in coma rather than her bedroom) she displays not just physical traits but also behaviours similar to Karin despite never meeting her.
  • There were no flashbacks confirming what Karin said was true which has always been the norm in the series when revealing the past.

Unless the anime releases additional content jossing the above, it's very likely that Sarada's true origins remain hidden and her Gaiden just established this plot threat for the future like how Kakashi Gaiden introduced Obito without revealing his importance.

  • Jossed as in addition to both official and unofficial information against this theory, in Anime Episode 73, Sarada and Karin have met face to face; there was no emotional display from Karin that hinted of her being Sarada's biological mother, Sarada also addressed her formally as Karin-san and she didn't have the reaction you would expect her to have if she met her alleged real mother. And if that wasn't enough, in Episode 101 Sarada and Karin have a talk together alone in which Karin explicitly confirms not being related to Sarada.

Boruto will end up Walking the Earth, just like Sasuke.
This may because Boruto ends up murdering an antagonist, and horrified with the blood on his hands, he will secretly leave Konoha, and return as a teenager when Kawaki attacks. It was foreshadowed when Boruto spared Ao after he beat him, with the latter chiding Naruto for his "spare the villain" attitude, claiming it will get him killed.

Boruto will end up with Sumire.
All the Ship Tease with Sarada will turn out to be red herrings, just like the ones between Naruto and Sakura.

Boruto is a Stealth Prequel to Samurai 8
Kishimoto's new manga, Samurai 8, is said to be set in a world where technology like cyborgs, computers, and other elements coexist with elements from ancient Japan. The story of Boruto seems to headed towards exploring the impact technology will have over the Ninja world, it also has introduced those very same elements like Cyber Ninjas, Powered Armor and aliens.

Kawaki is a clone of Naruto and Sasuke.
He was born in a test tube after all, making him an Artificial Human. Plus, the fans probably always wanted Naruto and Sasuke to have a kid together, so why not have a Superboy (clone of Superman and Lex Luthor) Expy? He has some of Naruto's blonde hair and most of Sasuke's black hair. Also, he has more of Sasuke's personality, so that would explain it. This will also cause some angst for Kawaki when he finds out.
  • Jossed. Kawaki is not a clone but a cyborg modified with ninja tech. His flashback in the manga shows he used to be a normal child with a drunken father.

Boruto will travel and train with Sasuke for 3 years.
After Kawaki starts moving to the darkside, he becomes so powerful that he ends up becoming a major threat to the Leaf Village and the other villages. After Kawaki and Boruto fight, the latter is beaten and severely injured, like what Sasuke did to Naruto when he left to Orochimaru. This may become a Generation Xerox if Boruto starts traveling and training with Sasuke around the world for 3 years, like Naruto did with Jiraiya. This will help Boruto take some levels in badass when he comes back home.

How Naruto will die.
Kawaki doesn't kill him, as Naruto was being a Parental Substitute to him. Instead, Naruto will pull a Heroic Sacrifice when a new member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan brings a meteor down to the Earth. Naruto releases all of his chakra to stop the meteor, killing the Ōtsutsuki villain and himself in the process.

Naruto's death is the cause Kawaki's Start of Darkness.
As Kawaki experiences the death of his Parental Substitute, he gets so angry that he awakens a hidden power and starts killing the enemies around him, a Call-Back to Obito witnessing Rin's death. This scary sight frightens both Boruto and Himawari. Boruto tries to stop him, they start fighting. This causes their bond to be severed.

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