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  • In episode 6, Natsume and Nyanko sensei find out that Natsume is being possessed. Nyanko sensei nonchalantly exorcises the Youkai by headbutting it. A nearby ayakashi raises a fan with the Japanese flag on it and congratulates him.
  • Episode 10 of season 1, Natsume gets himself possessed by a female spirit which occasionally shifts his looks and personality into that of a giggling, flirtatious lady. His male classmates are very, very confused, much of the amusement of the girls.
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  • The introduction of Hinoe, who like just about everyone before her immediately assumes Natsume is his grandmother when she meets him. Though unlike everyone else, curiously, she greets him with a rather aggressive fondling-session, before she astutely observes:
  • The forest boy recounts how Reiko described the ocean to him:
    Boy: It is blue and infinitely vast...
    Nyanko-Sensei: Mhm.
    Boy: There would always be waves and the sunlight and moonlight would sparkle...
    Hinoe & Nyanko-Sensei: Mhm!
    Boy: And there's a long necked dinosaur living in it...
    Hinoe & Nyanko-Sensei: Mhm, mhm! (beat) What?!
    Boy: And there's an island that is it's hideout and if you're lucky, you can see an UFO taking off...
    Hinoe & Nyanko-sensei: 0_0 ...
  • Episode 1 of season four, Natsume is lost in the forest after having been attacked by a group of youkai and is observing a strange set of talismans hung among the trees when Nyanko sensei pops out of nowhere and lands on his head.
  • Episode six of season four follows Natsume after he's been trapped in a jar by an ayakashi, and Nyanko Sensei's subsequent efforts to free him. Hilarity Ensues.
    • As well as Nyanko Sensei shapeshifting into Natsume in order to keep people from thinking that he's gone missing. His mannerisms change from Natsume's usual extremely polite to much more relaxed and almost arrogant. Natsume is utterly dismayed. One of his friends is so shocked he thinks that Natsume may be sick for an instant and offers to take him to the nurse's office.
      • Poor Jun thought that "Natsume" had gone insane and was going to confess to her...then he said she smelled delicious (he was smelling her lunch).
  • Benio, a youkai introduced in Zoku, reacting to Madara in his Lucky Cat form.
    "Madara-sama turned into a midget!"
  • In the first half of The Moon-Splitting Festival arc, the noises Natori and Natsume both make when they discover each other can't get any more disbelieving or shocked.
  • Episode 11 of shi reveals that Madara also acts as a Head Pet...when he and Natsume are brushing their teeth. He just idly sits there brushing his teeth when on top of Natsume's head.
  • There's an instance where Natsume and Nyanko-sensei see a commercial featuring Natori at his sparkliest and they laugh to the point of tears.
    • In the manga, Natori catches Natsume and Madara laughing from behind,then mockingly teases them by using the same line from the commercial on them.
  • The final episode of season three features Natsume just playing shadow-tag with his youkai friends, which also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. Nyanko-sensei and Misuzu get really into it, and at one point somebody asks if the winner gets to eat the losers.
  • Taki's usual reaction Nyanko-sensei, especially in A Broken Mirror when she says want you... in this creepy, seductive voice and grabs him from behind.
  • Nyanko-sensei waddling away on his belly in The Thing that Lurks in the Storeroom.
  • Many of Nyanko-sensei's nicknames and times that Sensei got drunk.
  • In chapter 62 where Nyanko-sensei and Natori, after Natori explain illegal contracts, give each other distrustful glances. Then a sudden noise sends Nyanko-sensei clinging onto Natori's shoulder.
  • Chapter 66 - we meet Tanuma's aunt, who apparently refers to him as "Kaname-chan." Cue not so silent snickers from Tanuma's three male friends and Tanuma delivering a death glare once her back is turned. In a way, also Heartwarming, given both Tanuma and Natsume never really got to bond with other boys their age before they met in high school and now are comfortable enough to be in a group that rib each other.
  • Episode 2 where the Dew God draws for Natsume and Nyanko-sensei some lineart of the ayakashi whom he believes his name in the book of friends is stuck to, he's proud of it, then enraged as both main characters burst out laughing at how comically bad the doodle is.
  • Nyanko-sensei throwing a childish tantrum on the floor in Episode 3 when he realizes the book of friends is mostly filled up with harmless low-level ayakashi that come to Natsume's door.

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