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Boruto, as a sequel to Naruto, is expected to have a lot of those.

Chapter 1: Uzumaki Boruto!!
  • The Flash Forward of Boruto versus Kawaki. It is implied that Naruto has been killed by Kawaki, and Kawaki claims that the age of Ninja is over. However, Boruto claims that he is still a ninja, as he puts on his headband and gains a blue Power Tattoo on his right arm and face, while also activating his Byakugan. This entire sequence shows that Boruto can, and will become very strong, making the audience invested in his journey towards this pivotal moment.
    • Especially it's movie quality animation in the anime version (pictured), clearly living up to the same standards as of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Chapter 11: A New Mission!!

  • The battle against the Mujina robbers.
    • Sarada really holds her own against them, knocking out one immediately with a punch, and then keeping up with another. All while she seemingly flirts with one of them.
    Sarada: The Mujina thieves... So this is all you're capable of?
    Mujina Thief [Beat] You may be confident in your abilities... but compared to our boss, you're nothing but a regular little kid...
    Sarada: (adjusts her glasses) Ohhh... your boss is strong, isn't he? I'd love to meet him... I wonder if he's my type?
    • Boruto can now use a full Rasengan, despite the fact that he could only produce a small, teleporting version of it in Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Chapter 16

  • Surprisingly, Naruto uses Earth Wall jutsu rather than his past M.O. of mainly using Rasengan and Shadow Clones.

Chapter 22

  • The whole Boruto Vs Ao fight goes almost exactly as Boruto planned it. From letting go of his prototype chakra saber so that Ao can grab it to get his chakra absorbed, to make a clone of his equip his Absorbind Device so he could pass for the real one. Ao got fooled from start to finish.
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  • Kahin Koji's makes his entrance, summons a giant Toad and crush Ao alive.

Chapter 33

  • Naruto defeats Delta, overpowering her absorbing eye with his massive chakra volume. While the fight showed that, yes, advanced ninja tech can be dangerous even for the worlds' strongest shinobi, he is still leagues ahead of them. The fight would have been much easier for him had he used the Kyuubi, but he may have feared changing the topography or harming the nearby kids, so he didn't even bother.



Episode 1: Boruto Uzumaki!
  • Boruto's fight against some bullies, mainly consisting of taijutsu. It's refreshing to see old fistfighting especially after Naruto's endgame.

Episode 2: The Hokage's Son!

  • The fight between Boruto and Iwabe. The fight goes back to its roots of consisting of mostly taijutsu with some ninjutsu.
  • After the fight between Boruto and Iwabe, when some of Boruto's classmates still think that he rides the coattail of his father, Inojin calls them out on this:
    Inojin: He wasn't fighting for himself. He did it for his classmate. When Kaminarimon was being pushed around, did any of you go to his rescue?
    Classmate: Well...
    Inojin: I'm not quoting Boruto... But that's... totally uncool.

Episode 3: Metal Lee Goes Wild!

  • Shikadai uses his Shadow Imitation Technique to try and catch Metal Lee. Lee escapes, and Inojin distracts him with Ink Beasts... and then Shikadai reveals himself in the bushes and catches Lee from behind. Turns out the previous Shikadai was Boruto in disguise, and his "shadow" was just a drawing by Inojin!
  • Metal Lee starts to break free of the Shadow Imitation Technique by opening the gates, at least 3 gates. He's BARELY AN ACADEMY STUDENT!!!

Episode 5: The Mysterious Tranfer Student

  • Mitsuki doesn't disappoint. He mops the floor with Iwabe, and was going to kill him if not for Shino & Boruto's intervention.

Episode 9: Proof of Oneself

  • The entire Boruto Vs Hanabi fight. Even if Hanabi dominated the fight, Boruto showed some serious skills with his clones.
  • Sarada & Boruto Vs Kagemasa, in a fight full of Call Backs to the Naruto & Sasuke Vs Zabuza fight.

Episode 11: The Shadow of the Mastermind

  • The wonderful battle plan the kids puts into motion to catch the culprit is clever. After realising they can't watch over the village by themselves, Boruto, Shikadai & Mitsuki decides to call for backup and calls the other rookies. With this, all the possible routes can be watched, that means the culprit will probably be seen. When the kids leaves the post office to search for the village, the culprit shows himself in the post office, because that's the only place they can't see ... which was Boruto's plan all along, everyone returns to the post office to catch the culprit ... who still manage to escape. But it was a good strategy anyway.

Episode 23: Bonds Come in All Shapes

Basically everything described in the chapter 9 an 10 sections of the awesome moments page for Naruto Gaiden except now expanded upon and beautifully animated.

  • Sakura's fight against Shin Sr., putting him off balance and gaining the upper hand and catching him with a giant rock pillar (compared to the manga where she got smashed against it), which when he dodges and runs along it, has actually been booby trapped.
  • Sasuke hitting Shin Sr. with Susanoo from out of nowhere, causing the loss of his leg, effectively immobilizing him.
  • Sakura and Sasuke's final attack against Shin Sr. Sasuke's been stabbed and Sakura can't get close due to Shin Sr.'s blades, instead, she shares a look with Sasuke and then runs away from them, only for Sasuke to activate his Rinnegan, swapping places with Sakura (right as Shin tries to hit her with his blades), resulting in Sakura planting her fist right in Shin Sr.'s face. It should be noted that this is what finally puts Shin Sr down, unlike in the manga where it was Sasuke coming in with Susanoo.
  • As with the manga, the Shin Jr.'s finally standing up to Shin Sr.
  • When Shin's creature tries to teleport Shin and Sakura away, Sarada thwarts it with shuriken, reads and dodges its attack via Sharingan, and slams it into the ground with her mother's earth-shattering enhanced strength technique. She can already perform this technique at around just 12.
  • When one of the Shin Jr.s tries to stab Naruto, he grabs and cracks the blade with his hand, right before Kurama forces the Shin Jr. army into submission through sheer terror.
  • Sarada deciding that she wants to follow in Naruto's example and declared to Boruto that she will become the next Hokage.

Episode 30: The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!

  • Sarada vs. Buntan is easily one of the best fights in the show thus far, with Sarada going all Kakashi on Buntan. Their fight had everything: Sharingan genjutsu, jutsu copying, blade clashes, strategy & planning. Ultimately, Buntan digs her own grave by running a strong electric current in the water, causing ionization, which creates a lot of oxygen and hydrogen. Sarada uses a paper bomb to blow it up, defeating Buntan.
  • Chojuro defeated all three of the Seven Swordsman that immobilized him by breaking free, tanking stab wounds that went through his body, and losing half of his sword, and yet still won.
  • Ichirota is about to target Chojuro when Iwabe shows up and clashes with his Explosive Blade with just a boulder on the sword. Ichirota thinks that he'll just make Iwabe explode, but Iwabe unsheathes a hidden sword in his katana and finishes Ichirota off in a Single-Stroke Battle.

Episode 31: Boruto and Kagura

  • In the fight against Shizuma, when Mitsuki manages to get Shizuma in a chokehold, Mitsuki violently rips open his neck with a kunai in an awesomely brutal motion, though it was revealed to be a water clone (if it was the real Shizuma, the scene would have gotten real graphic really quick).
    • Subsequently after the real Shizuma throws Mitsuki off, it's incredible to watch Mitsuki dodge the water icicles fluidly before he finally got pinned.
    • It's also pretty awesome to realize that unlike Boruto, Mitsuki doesn't play around and try to play hero. He will ''kill' without hesitation if he deems necessary.

Episode 36: The Graduation Exam begins!

  • Mitsuki activating some of his Sage Form power to battle his teacher, Shino, in a one-on-one battle. Although, offscreen, Mitsuki can later be seen triumphantly standing over a defeated Shino, who was no weak opponent.
  • Later that same episode, Mitsuki jumps in to attack Kakashi to help free Boruto from being pinned. Despite being way younger and less experienced, Mitsuki matched Kakashi to power in his attack. Even if the latter was holding back, it is still an impressive feat.

Episode 37: A Shinobi's Resolve

  • Working together the whole class manages to trick Kakashi and get a binding jutsu on him, resulting in them coming pretty close to passing the infamous bell test.

''Episode 39: The Path Lit by the Full Moon"

  • After being forced into a stressing situation by Orochimaru and his brother, Mitsuki activates his Sage Form, surprising even Orochimaru. He gets coated in a chakra shroud in the form of snakes. Although we didn't see Mitsuki go into battle, it's clear that this Sage Form is not something to be taken lightly.

Episode 41: Strength in Unity

  • After Hidari immobilizes Konohamaru, he gloats about how the Shinobi from Konoha have become pushovers in this era of peace; but then as he prepares to deliver the final blow, Konohamaru frees himself using a wind-style Rasengan, and easily overpowers Hidari, who faints after seeing Konohamaru's true strength. Doubles to show how Konohamaru has grown and developed from a snotty kid into a very capable Jounin.
  • Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki using teamwork to defeat Ashimaru, their combination attack using Sarada's eyes, Boruto's wind release and Mitsuki's speed culminates with Sarada landing her super punch upon Ashimaru. Showing how they are growing as a team.

Episode 58: The Tournament Begins!

  • Watching Mitsuki completely dominate his match against Toroi, who didn't stand a chance against Mitsuki and his deadly chokeholds.
    • The fact that in this fight, Mitsuki was holding back.

Episode 59: Boruto vs. Shikadai

  • Even though Chocho was largely outclassed by Shinki, instead of giving up, Chocho put forth all her effort against Shinki, something she's never done before. Although she eventually collapsed thanks to chakra exhaustion and Shinki was declared the winner, Chocho's determination throughout the match was awe-inspring.

Episode 60: The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand

  • Sarada's match against Araya; despite being pushed to her limit, Sarada manages to figure out the secret of Araya's technique and win her match. This shows how she inherited both her father, Sasuke's, analytical capabilities and her mother, Sakura's, smarts.
  • Mitsuki vs. Shinki, both are evenly matched; yet despite being goaded by Shinki, Mitsuki refuses to show his true strength out of his wish to stay in the village with Boruto.

Episode 65: Father and Child

  • Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki, which is even more epic and awesome than the already awesome movie version, this fight combines extremely well choreographed taijutsu fights and creative usage of jutsu akin to fights in the early days of the original Naruto anime(including call backs to fights like the Zabuza fight with Sasuke using his shurikenjutsu and using Naruto as a transformed fuma shuriken). All while showcasing some of the best animation the series has ever seen
    • This episode deserves also special mention at a production level. This episode was a collaborative effort of 30 key animators all over the world, including both industry sakuga veterans and emerging talented webgen animators, and taking 4-5 months of production (for reference, the Boruto movie was created in 4 months of production) and it absolutely shows
    • A tweet by the episode's director, Chengxi Huang, really encapsulates how incredible of an achievement the effort and work the production staff put into this episode is, as well as what this episode represents for all the animators involved
    Chengxi Huang: Now, history is being rewritten. Tonight, the veteran's will of fire is carried by the next generation. Tonight, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is continued by the next generations from all over the world.

Episode 89: A Piercing Heart

  • After thinking Mitsuki is about to give him a human heart, Mitsuki walks behind Lord Kuu and runs his hand through his chest, piercing it. When Lord Kuu drops the heart, it's revealed to actually be Mitsuki's snakes formed into one. All this time Mitsuki was loyal to the Hidden Leaf Village. He was able to gain trust with the Fabrications and in the end, he deceives them all, which none of them saw coming.

Episode 91: Onoki's Will

  • Mitsuki using his Sage Mode on Ku when he threatens Boruto.
  • Team 7 back together using their teamwork trying to take down Ku.

Episode 100: Jugo and the Curse Mark

  • Konohamaru vs a fully transformed Jugo. Particular highlights include Konohamaru kicking his chakra-blade through Jugo's face, and landing a Rasengan on him, even as Jugo was absorbing his chakra.

Episode 103: Migration Season

  • Jugo vs Tosaka. The latter spends a good five minutes gloating about how his Curse Mark is superior to Orochimaru's, and how he's going to prove it, by killing Jugo, who was it's originator. Then Jugo fully transforms, and beats him into a pulp in twenty seconds.
  • Boruto pulling out a Double Boruto Stream, by creating a second pair of clones while in flight, to give him a second Nitro Boost after the first one, in order to add the power of his momentum to his Rasengan, making it strong enough to snap Jugo out of his rampage mode.
  • Suigetsu drinking the Curse Mark antidote and transforming into a watersprout to reach every goose before they start migrating and spread the Curse Mark infection across the world.


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