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Across all adaptations


Original Light Novel

  • Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, upon putting her elegantly programmed Made of Shiny Meido Golem Trimmau into "idle mode", is only momentarily surprised silent when said Maid uses profanity. She puts Trimmau back into "Formal" mode and then comments that she is going to have to kill Flat Escardos.


Manga Adaptation

  • Waver makes an absurd face when asking Gray to come with him when he investigates the Castle of Separation: "If you don't come, who'll be my body guard? And just to be clear, if we get into a fight between us and the other magi, the only one that'll die will be me."
    • Also, Gray points out that the background behind him looks like the flag of Macedonia.
  • In the Castle of Separation - a castle that has angel motifs absolutely everywhere - Gray manages to mix up the rooms Mihael and Michael. Michael is Luviagelita's room. Also, Waver's face when Luvia mentions their "discussion" at the breakfast table the next day, in front of the rest of the Magi, is something special. The fact that this mix up is actually critical to figuring out the true identity of the Angel just makes it even funnier.


Anime Adaptation

  • Episode 0:
    • Episode 0 has a couple of scenes where poor Waver ends up having to deal with stumbling over a box of pyramid-like objects (first by stepping on one and then tumbling back onto some more) and then tripping over a table while trying to stop the stray cat from stealing his shoe.
    • Waver banging his foot against the table trying to get his shoe back from the cat. As he falls his voice regresses ten years and he sounds as he did in Fate/Zero.
  • Episode 1:
    • Melvin notices that Waver has changed... and wonders if Waver has finally lost his virginity. Young Reines in the Framing Story, who has a truly demonic expression on her face, wants to hear the answer to that as well, because Waver apparently didn't think to leave that bit out when telling her what happened.
    • Melvin and Waver have a sort-of-heartwarming moment where Melvin declares that of course he'll lend Waver the money he needs to buy the El-Melloi class, because they're friends now... which is spoiled when he vomits blood into Waver's jacket.
  • Episode 3: El-Melloi II using 'The Iron Claw' wrestling move on Flat. This is ultimately explained as him not getting his tea and breakfast in his favorite teashop.
  • Episode 4:
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 6:
    • Reines plays "dress-up" with Gray by finding new clothes for her to try on. While none of this detracts from how stunning Gray turns out in all of them, she is damn near embarrassed/blushing every time the camera focuses on her.
    • Reines smirks at an embarrassed Luvia hugging a teddy bear.
    • Luvia busts out the wrestling moves... while Trimmau provides commentary sounding less like the formal maid she is programmed as and increasingly more like Tiger Dojo Taiga.
  • Episode 8: During Waver's call to Reines, she tells him he shouldn't hesitate to use the card she gave him; after all, it'll only increase his debt. We don't hear what Waver's response is, but Reines wincing, covering her ear, and quickly putting the phone down suggests he was not happy to hear that.
  • Episode 9: Much of the episode is tense, what with Waver out of commission and the train taking a detour to a haunted forest. How, then, should Melvin Weins (demonstrated last episode as having been given permission to board Rail Zeppelin) make his entrance? Why, by shambling outside the train like a zombie with hands bloodied (with his characteristic Blood from the Mouth) of course!
  • Episode 10 is both this and awesome. How was Gray able to re-enter the still moving Rail Zeppelin? Turn Add into a shield and use him as a makeshift snowboard, much to the latter's complaints.
  • Episode 12: When Reines explains how she and Caules got to Rail Zeppelin on short notice (by what appears to be Flying Broomstick), we're treated to a quick shot of them in mid-flight. Reines looks like she's having the time of her life, Caules... significantly less so.
    • Then it cuts to Sisigou, Luvia, Svin and Flat, all exhausted from having helped launch them, only for Sisigou to note that they must've, at the very least, reached speeds of Mach 1. He even wonders if they're still alive.
  • Episode 13:

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