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  • In the second episode, Age jumps into the air, and lands on a table, eating all the food on it. Then he jumps from that table to another table. It's funnier than it sounds.
    • What makes this funny is that the crew of the Argonaut have prepared this amazing formal feast for the savior of humanity... and he turns out to be this wild, super-powerful, half-naked boy with No Social Skills who just jumps around wolfing down food. While everyone runs around trying to stop Age, the captain just can't help but burst out laughing at the scene.
  • Age and the telekinetic twins throwing giant tubs of paint at each other in an early episode. Iolaous then walks in to find them and the cargo hold covered in paint: "Explain. Now."
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  • Iolaus tells Age to hang on as he's going to teleport them both. Age immediately holds his hand before Iolaus tells him he meant his suit.
  • Mehitak awakens on the Argonaut, and the twins who guard him freak out, before regaining their composure and try to take on him in an awesome pose combo not unlike one found in Dragon Ball Z... only to fail spectacularly when Mehitak is completely unaffected.
  • Age offers some fruit to Mehitak. Mehitak responds that his race doesn't eat anything living. The others ask what he eats, in that case, and he turns around, picks up a shovel, and consumes it whole. Age looks confused, picks up a shovel, bites it... and starts spitting in disgust. Then a few scenes later Iolaous is screaming at them to stop feeding Mehitak pieces of his Humongous Mecha's armor.

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