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  • Mama-san and Junior (the mother bear and her son who watch the Pizza Cats launch into action in each episode) get some funny moments.
    • In one episode, Mama-san announces her plan to get more screen-time by shooting Junior out of a cannon. He's understandably reluctant.
    Mama: You fool! Don't you want to be a star?
    Junior: Yeah, but not a shooting star! I wanna fall apart after I retire.
  • While lost in a fog, Speedy searches for Polly and gropes her ass after he seemingly finds her. Except that "she" turns out to be Bad Bird.
  • In the Hot Springs Episode, Speedy and Guido getting hit on by old ladies. They duck out, then approach what they think is a pretty girl but is actually Seymour Cheese.
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  • In "The Great Comet Caper," when Princess Vi realizes the comet is heading towards Little Tokyo, she yells out her usual orders:
  • Francine's rather dark statement in the first episode. Polly's horrified reaction really sells it.
    "Tomcats - you can't live with them and you can't throw them down a well and drown them. There really oughta be a law."
  • The entire episode of "Youth Is for Exploding", specifically involving the exploding dough robots.
    • Polly's reaction to Guru Lou's elixir.
    Polly: I'm ready for romance now... (spits fire) I'm a delicate flower... (spits more fire) On fire!
  • Speedy wants to cut down on his travel time, so he looks for a door apparently present on a mountain scene. He finds it by pulling the scene back like it's a wallpaper and slips under it.
  • Emperor Fred and his lookalike scatting off each other's Cloud Cuckoo Lander babbling, even set to beatnik-esque music.
  • The Reveal in "The Terror of Prisoner Island": Unbeknownst to Princess Vi, the far side of the island has been converted into a luxurious beach resort.
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  • This exchange from "Candid Kitty", when Jerry Atrick assures Big Cheese they've got some good footage of him coming up.
    Big Cheese: Do I get to chew the scenery?
    Jerry Atrick: You even swallow it!
  • "No one recognizes our samurai heroes in their secret identities! Don't ask me why, just one of the quirks of the show."
  • In the episode where Princess Vi's mother is introduced, Empress Frieda and her daughter greet each other by getting in a playful (but still very destructive!) fight, much to the shock of all present.
    Empress Frieda: You remembered what I taught you!
    Princess Vi: Yeah, say "please" and "thank you", and kick the other guy before he kicks you!

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