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  • Episode 1 kicks off with the young superhumans Makoto and Bruno training by chasing after what appears to be a simple, harmless rabbit-like robot. The robot turns out to be not-so-harmless however when it starts firing at them with its built-in weapons.
    Makoto: Missiles, seriously?!
    • Makoto's dream of himself and Bruno receiving accolades for defeating the "villainous" Avengers.
    • When Tony Stark is confronted by several HYDRA goons in a sushi restaurant. He's neither impressed nor intimidated, even when their leader reveals his weaponized mechanical arm.
    • Tony and Makoto's first meeting, which involves Makoto landing face first into one of the windows of Avengers Tower. Tony is only mildly surprised by this.
    • Chloe's moment of Shapeshifting Failure when she uses her "Camouflage Act".
    • The moment when Tony digs up info on Adi and Chloé's HYDRA codenames.
    Tony: We got "Techno Priest" and the "Lead Actress". What, were your friends running out of good names?
  • In episode 2, Iron Man is unimpressed with Red Skulls' idea for the name of his new nanotech upgrade.
    Red Skull: (after his nanotech saves him from some missiles) Perhaps I'll call this my "Iron Skull Suit". Impressive, isn't it?
    Iron Man: Yeah, that's not gonna work, I kinda branded the whole "Iron" in the name thing.
    • Iron Man and Wasp's reaction when Makoto arrives to assist them in their battle with Red Skull.
    Wasp: So that's the kid huh?
    Iron Man: Yep, our teenaged genetically modified bundle of joy.
    • While Red Skull has captured Captain America, Thor and Hulk. Wasp hits him with one of her energy blasts. Amazingly, her attack seems to work and Skulls nanomachines are rendered powerless. Turns out Iron Man was actually responsible, having shut down Hydra's computers just in time.
  • Near the beginning of episode 4, Makoto is tested with a difficult math problem. He soon gives up in frustration, squashing the computer he was using with his foot. Though he almost instantly regrets it.
    • After another argument with Tony, Makoto decides that he will sell his services as a Superhero. In short, he wants to be a Hero for Hire instead.
    • The performance Makoto and Chloé put on for the school kids. With Makoto playing Captain America and Chloé... as Red Skull.
    • Makoto's reaction to the woman who hired them for the Hero Show being Captain Marvel is a stupefied 'wha'.
  • Episode 5, when Iron Fist puts the kids through some Wax On, Wax Off training, much to Makoto's shock and irritation.
    Iron Fist: We begin training tomorrow.
    Makoto: NOOOOO!
  • Episode 7, Deadpool manages to sneak into Avengers Tower and as one would except. He causes nothing but trouble for Makoto, Adi and Chloé.
    • Deadpool distracts the Avengers by sending them on a wild goose chase. Providing them with a fake tip about some weapons being sold on the black market in the middle of the desert. The team learns the truth when they only find a Deadpool themed jack-in-the-box buried in the sand.
    • The Future Avengers meanwhile try to distract Deadpool by having Chloé pretend to be Captain Marvel. Which seems to work, until they try to debilitate him with some ridiculously hot coffee. Unfortunately, his Healing Factor protects him.
    • Makoto lampshades Deadpool's habit of addressing the audience.
    Makoto: Who does he keep talking to? What a weirdo.
    • Deadpool's payment for his latest job isn't just money. It's the chance to star in his own Japanese anime...
  • Episode 8, the Avengers setting up Captain America's birthday party. Poor Hulk is stuck with putting the candles on Cap's birthday cake. And just as he's placing them on the cake... he ends up squashing it.
    • Tony's justification for not helping with the preparation for the party.
    Tony: The oven that baked the cake is made by Stark Industries.
  • Near the beginning of episode 9, three men break into Clint Barton's apartment and restrain him. Clint, is surprisingly casual about the whole thing.
    Clint: If you're gonna rob someone, you might want to pick a nicer apartment.
    • Once Clint hears the news about the Avengers having apparently been killed, he easily subdues the criminals and ties them up.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke by the end of the episode when he returns to his apartment. Only to find the men still tied up and sitting in his living room.
    Clint: (shocked) You three are still here? (thinks for a moment, then smiles) I got some Italian food.
  • Episode 10 starts off with Tony calling T'Challa. Then being genuinely surprised by the Black Panther's prompt response.
    Tony: (Black Panther's image suddenly appears on his screen) Whoa, I expected to go to voicemail.
    • After having snuck into the meeting between Tony and T'Challa by posing as a Wakanda guard. Chloé accidentally has a moment of Shapeshifting Failure, why? Because she was freaking out when she saw a bug coming towards her.
  • Episode 12, as Tony's armor is being taken from him. He's told he'll get the armor back only during a crisis, with council approval.
    Tony: Like some glorified costume rental service?
    • Spider-Man and the Green Goblin's bantering back and forth throughout the episode.
    Spider-Man: (uses his webs to catch a ride on the Goblin's glider) Whoa! This is a way more efficient way of getting around town. Hey, if this whole Supervillain thing doesn't work out. Maybe you could consider getting into the ride sharing business.
    Green Goblin: Not interested! The clientele seems to be rather clingy.
  • Episode 13, Stan Lee makes a cameo as the rather unfortunate hotdog vendor that the Green Goblin decides to attack. Fortunately, Spidey manages to rescue the man.
    Spider-Man: Hey buddy, don't I know you?
    Vendor: Whoa, hey! Thanks Spider-Man. You just scored free hotdogs for life.
    Spider-Man: Thanks! FYI, I like mine with sauerkraut.
  • Episode 14, Sam's obsession with Falcon-based superhero codenames. Offering up gems such as "The Extraordinary Falcon Jr." or "Falcon Lady".
  • Episode 15, in order to apprehend the person who's been impersonating Captain Marvel. Makoto puts a plan into play by pretending to be criminal and "attack" Chloé to draw the imposter out. Amazingly, the plan will actually works.
    • The introduction of the Inventor, who not only looks like an anthropomorphic cockatiel, but is not nearly as good at being a mad scientist. Or a criminal mastermind as he claims, repeatedly.
  • Episode 18, Deadpool is back...
    • His attempts at getting into Avenger's tower. F.R.I.D.A.Y. is easily able to see through every one of his ploys, and it's only thanks to Makoto's pity that he even gets in.
    • When the Avengers ask Deadpool why he returned, he claims he wanted to complain to Tony. For never fulfilling his promise to give the mercenary his own anime series.
    • At the end of the episode, when Deadpool grabs the crystal containing Makoto's drained powers, and he inexplicably transforms into Zenpool, of all things. Everyone is left completely baffled by the turn in events.
  • Episode 19, the introduction of Loki to the Future Avengers. Which involves demonstrating the power of the magical shackles meant to keep the God of Mischief in line. By causing him to fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes whenever Thor wishes.
    Loki: (awkwardly as he's still lying on the ground) Uh, excuse me. Brother, would you please release me now?
    Iron Man: Whhhy? You look so comfy down there?
    • This becomes a bit of a Running Gag for the rest of the episode.
    • Loki pulls a prank on the Future Avengers, getting some amusement out of deceiving them with his shapeshifting magic. He's far less amused, when he's suddenly confronted by "Thor" for his disrespect.
    "Thor": Hahaha! So, you don't like a taste of your own medicine, do you?
    Loki: What? What's that mean? What are you saying brother?
    Chloé: ("Thor" transformers back into Chloé, who sticks her tongue out at Loki) I assure you this is me, and you have nothing to worry about.
    • Loki ends up furious over Chloé's prank, stewing over it even hours later. He probably didn't like being upstaged on his signature move.
  • Episode 21, after the Avengers give an epic speech to Kang about how he will never conquer them. Hulk gets grumpy about being left out.
    Hulk: What's up, you didn't leave me a heroic line!
  • Episode 22, according to Makoto. Bruno once thought that Australia and Austria, were in fact the same country.
  • Episode 23, the tour of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Which involves Hawkeye and the Future Avengers meeting an odd little golem-like creature. Something that leaves even Hawkeye weirded out.
    • Makoto's annoyed and heartbroken reaction when Dr. Strange reveals Tony refers to him as, the bull-headed one. A bit of the "pot calling the kettle black" there Tony.
    • Bruno of all people even gives Makoto a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.
    • After Makoto is chosen to go into the past to rescue the Avengers, owing to his "pure heart". Hawkeye asks Dr. Strange what makes his own heart "impure". The Sorcerer Supreme then reveals he's got a sense of humor after all.
    Doctor Strange: Hawkeye, I'd advise you learn how to take a joke from time to time.
    • Makoto's first encounter with the sorceress Morgan's monsters, which mostly involves lots of screaming and running for his life rather comically.
    • Makoto, upon pulling the Ebony Blade from its pedestal. Acts like any child would and starts swinging it around like a toy sword. With Tony at one point even calling him, "Little Lord Fauntleroy".
  • Episode 26, when Kang's computerized belt short circuits. Thanks to Tony cutting off his access to his thrown, Falcon quips:
    Falcon: Bad time for a malfunction, but hey. At least it still holds up your pants.
    • Tony's deadpan reaction when he realizes Kang's teleportation device managed to get him to safety.
    Tony: (suddenly realizes he's back in the Quinjet) ...It worked.
    • Poor Makoto tries to give Tony a hug, only to discover the Iron Man armor is painfully hot to the touch. Then everybody laughs at Makoto, even Loki.
    • After Loki has (predictably) escaped, Thor goes into full panic mode. Stating that he is responsible for keeping him safe, as well as keeping everyone else safe from him.
    Wasp: (deadpan) You're your brother's keep, huh?