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Usually, PSAs and PIFs are scary and effective but some of them take these messages in a funny yet effective way.


  • Dumb Ways to Die as a whole.
  • Though the Drug-Free America PSAs are best know for terrifying young children, one '80s ad was rather amusing. A 30-something man and his friend are seen smoking pot and laughing at another PDFA ad in the background talking about the negative side affects of marijuana. "We've been getting high for what, fifteen years? Nothing's ever happened," he says. "I'm exactly the same as when I smoked my first joint." Cue the voice of his mother from another room asking if he bothered looking for a job today.
    • The same organization later made a similar anti-marijuana ad in the 2000s. In this ad, a teenager uses weed to construct a cocoon in his bedroom, eventually closing himself in it. He emerges as a middle-aged man with a receding hairline still living with his parents.
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  • This Amnesty International PSA makes a serious point about the extent of the arms trade... by showing a shopping channel selling an AK-47.
  • From the Shelter Pet Project, Sand Box Cat.
    • ”POOP ALREADY! You’re making me nervous!”
  • The "kick the habit" ad from Singapore.
  • This 2012 ad about the evils of electoral bribery from Hong Kong's sole anti-corruption agency, the ICAC.
  • This anti-piracy PSA from the Philippines starring comedians, Jose and Wally.
    • And after this: "I liked your willy. Can I show you mine?"
  • This 1990 fireworks safety PIF is one of the most hilarious PI Fs (though meant to frighten viewers) ever made due to an child yelling "DON'T BE A DUMMY, DON'T THROW FIREWORKS!!" which annoys viewers. It shows that being annoying can make the message effective.
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