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Usually, PSAs and PIFs are scary and effective but some of them take these messages in a funny yet effective way.


  • Dumb Ways to Die as a whole.
  • Though the Drug-Free America PSAs are best known for terrifying young children, one '80s ad was rather amusing. A 30-something man and his friend are seen smoking pot and laughing at another PDFA ad in the background talking about the negative side affects of marijuana. "We've been getting high for what, fifteen years? Nothing's ever happened," he says. "I'm exactly the same as when I smoked my first joint." Cue the voice of his mother from another room asking if he bothered looking for a job today.
    • The same organization later made a similar anti-marijuana ad in the 2000s. In this ad, a teenager uses weed to construct a cocoon in his bedroom, eventually closing himself in it. He emerges as a middle-aged man with a receding hairline still living with his parents.
  • Thai PSAs are one of the contenders in this category. Just like their advertising counterpart, however, when they can get to be heartbreaking, they will.
    • this PSA, about the danger of eating pesticide-given seasonal vegetables, is the most popular one so far, exceeded expectation when it comes to Thai-style comedy, while keep sending the message across.
    • Another one example of Thai PSA, about safe driving. Unlike above, the ending, a.k.a reality, is shown brutally.
  • This Amnesty International PSA makes a serious point about the extent of the arms trade... by showing a shopping channel selling an AK-47.
  • "Slab" from Transport Accident Commission Victoria should be your usual terrifying traffic PSA, as two dead teenagers are wheeled in to an autopsy room, not realising they're dead, but a healthy dose of Nightmare Retardant comes in when the first teen sounds more annoyed than in pain when the technician comes over to cut open his skull. The technician then begins rapping and dancing, mocking the two dead guys for the idiocy that resulted in them ending up there while riding around on a table. A trio of doctors wheeling another dead guy carry out an interlude, then upon arrival at the autopsy room, the dead guy himself begins singing!
  • From the Shelter Pet Project, Sand Box Cat.
    • ”POOP ALREADY! You’re making me nervous!”
  • The "kick the habit" ad from Singapore.
  • This 2012 ad about the evils of electoral bribery from Hong Kong's sole anti-corruption agency, the ICAC.
  • This anti-piracy PSA from the Philippines starring comedians, Jose and Wally.
  • While the I Saw Your Willy PSA does get kind of creepy near the end with the stranger messaging Alex, his bully's "UR WILLY IS RUBBISH!" is pretty hillarious.
  • This 1990 fireworks safety PIF is one of the most hilarious PIFs (though meant to frighten viewers) ever made due to an child yelling "DON'T BE A DUMMY, DON'T THROW FIREWORKS!!" which annoys viewers. It shows that being annoying can make the message effective.
  • For those of you terrified of the work safety ads (especially the chef getting burned by the grease), this spoof is total Nightmare Retardant involving a clumsy guy at his "house" (complete with a dry-erase board and indoor chain link fence).
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  • This public information film about using an alternative mode of transportation from Spain has a man's escalating Humiliation Conga on full display.
  • This ad reminding you to get checked for lung cancer after you've quit smoking.
    • "Aw, man, that's a new fence."
  • In response to the French nuclear tests in the 1990s, a 1995 Greenpeace PSA utilises the baby basinette analogy. The father comes down with a bad case of Potty Emergency, and proceeds to, in nuclear fashion, crap the bassinet. It turns out the father was an analogy for France, and the basinette the Pacific.
  • The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has been said to have "the best account on Twitter" because of its absurd, often hilarious PSAs. One highlight is this image of Bird Ben Franklin partnering with a black-and-white photograph of Abraham Lincoln to tell American kids to quit eating laundry pods. Bird Ben Franklin is actually a character of his own, complete with lore: he's Benjamin Franklin, transformed into a top hat-wearing cardinal after a time-travel experiment gone wrong. He's part of the Birds for Human Safety Consortium, along with fellow chubby, hat-wearing birds Reggye the Wise, Stacy!, and Handsome Ron:
    "Four birds brought together by fate to protect people by delivering important safety messages. Bird Ben Franklin - the actual Ben Franklin turned into a bird after an experiment gone wrong and gifted a hat by Abraham Lincoln. Stacy! - Excited to be here. Looking sharp. Thinking sharp. Ready to lead. Reggye the Wise - named for a high performing CPSC Office of Communications intern. Queen. Ruler of all they see. Handsome Ron. European immigrant. Proud naturalized American citizen. Magical hat changes color and form depending on the season. Very handsome."
  • This anti-drink driving ad from New Zealand has a man deciding on if he should convince his buddy to crash at the party instead of driving home. Affectionately nicknamed "Ghost Chips" due to imagining his friend's ghost haunting him after and repeatedly offering him chips, it's certainly one of the more light-hearted ads featuring the potential dangers of drink driving. It's so popular, it was even spoofed by a two-man group.
  • The Canadian PSA where zombies suddenly attack a group of construction workers might have scary moments due to how intensely scary the zombie attack and details were, but the narration might end up giving you chuckles.
    Narrator: Workplace injuries and deaths are preventable. If there is a random zombie attack, run like a motherf**ker.

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