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No matter how scary or funny they are, they can be used as thrills of badassery to the viewer.

  • This PIF aired in 2010 is about wearing seat belts. The film is concerns the father driving an imaginary car and how his wife and daughter "saved" him from the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. The amazing part about this is the speed of the video that makes the PIF interesting.
  • "Rappin' Smokey", a Smokey Bear PSA from 1993 made to celebrate the character's 50th anniversary, offers a lesser-taught but nonetheless important message of how if you want to get through to someone, it's better to talk to them like you mean it rather than to sell out.
    Director: But Smoke, you're fifty. We agreed you'd talk to kids in their language!
    Smokey: I know, but I'll just give it to them straight; Kids, only you can prevent forest fires.
  • These PSAs from LTSA know how to pull an awesome plot twist. In "Sports Fans", a group of drunk fans celebrate in a car. However, the pulled over into a checkpoint, where a cop then checks the driver's alcohol level. It then turns out that the driver is sober and the cop allowed them entry. Another one is called "Crate Idea" where a man who was drinking with his mates in their house. However, when he decides to leave as he grabs his keys, it turns out that he actually got his guitar from his car, ultimately deciding to stay with his mates for long.
    If you drink then don't drive, you're a bloody legend.