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These Public Service Annoucements have messages that will truly warm your heart.


  • "My Heroes," a PSA aired in October 2017. A couple of parents prepare to take their kids out for trick or treating, but they're clearly anxious about something, especially the dad. At the end of the ad, we find out this is because the son chose to dress up as Wonder Woman, and the daughter chose to dress up as Batman. The parents, despite being worried about how people will treat their kids in response to this, are supportive and let the children dress up in the way they want. (The creators of the ad said they specifically wanted to reach children who may want to experiment with the type of clothes they want to wear, but may not have supportive parents like the ones in the ad.) It ends with the children sleeping happily, still in costume, and the father fondly smiles and whispers, "My heroes."
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  • This Japanese PSA should be shown in every country.
  • This Canadian PSA commercial about two childhood friends and one in rehab due to drugs and his old friend visiting him. The song "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)" in the background tilts it into Tear Jerker territory.
  • There used to be a PSA where a couple of gruff businessmen are bulling their way through an airport. One of them runs into a little boy and he spills the puzzle he's been working on all over the floor. Businessman immediately stops, asks if he's OK, and helps him pick it up. Other businessman: My God. Hurry up. We'll miss the plane. Little boy, looking at helpful businessman: Are you God?
  • There is a PSA about counting others in that has aired on This TV Twin Cities. It features a handicapped boy who can't participate in a soapbox car race because it would be impossible for him to get inside the soapbox. Another boy decides to stop being in the race to have the handicapped one race. They decorate his wheelchair with fancy stuff and he wins the race.

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