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He ain't heavy. He's my brother.

These Public Service Annoucements have messages that will truly warm your heart.


  • This Japanese PSA should be shown in every country.
  • This Canadian PSA commercial about two childhood friends and one in rehab due to drugs and his old friend visiting him. The song "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)" in the background tilts it into Tear Jerker territory.
  • This PSA, where a girl guides her friend through a pledge about Internet safety, is one of the sweetest things ever.
  • There used to be a PSA where a couple of gruff businessmen are bulling their way through an airport. One of them runs into a little boy and he spills the puzzle he's been working on all over the floor. Businessman immediately stops, asks if he's OK, and helps him pick it up. Other businessman: My God. Hurry up. We'll miss the plane. Little boy, looking at helpful businessman: Are you God?
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  • There is a PSA about counting others in that has aired on This TV Twin Cities. It features a handicapped boy who can't participate in a soapbox car race because it would be impossible for him to get inside the soapbox. Another boy decides to stop being in the race to have the handicapped one race. They decorate his wheelchair with fancy stuff and he wins the race.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have a series of 1970s PSA's with moralisms that could be heavy-handed, but at least one is overwhelmingly powerful in its heart. As a narrator describes the world from a child's point of view, a toddler is watching his mother prepare for a picnic, and despite his mother's instruction to wait, he can't resist climbing on a chair to see what's being prepared on a table. While the toddler gets some hot dogs, the family dog comes up for a bite and they accidentally make the table collapse, creating a big mess ("And When your world comes crashing down around you..."). The dog runs off, leaving the child to face his mother's wrath alone ("Even your best friends desert you...") The child is left standing, alone, guilty and scared (When you're all alone in a tough world like this..."). The mother, having seen the incident, struggles with her frustrations, but when the child tries to flee, she grabs him and takes him in her arms to gently reassure him that she knows it was an accident and everything is alright ("It sure is good to be understood.").
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  • One "Pass It On" video features a boy sneaking onstage at a concert, just as his parents realize they can't find him, and they go Oh, Crap! when he starts playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at the main piano. The pianist comes up to the piano, and whispers to him, "Don't stop. Keep going" and accompanies him with fantastic harmonies, telling him he's doing great. Soon the dad is no longer praying and smiling, and the audience is murmuring in awe at the kindness. They finish with the flourish, the pianist encourages the boy to bow, and the parents give a standing ovation. Best of all, it was apparently based on a true story.
  • During a Budweiser commercial that is against drinking and driving, a guy adopts a puppy and raises him into a beautiful Golden Retriever. They spend all their time together snuggling in bed, swimming at the lake, and driving. When the guy goes out to a party, he doesn't come back that night, worrying his pet. Fortunately, he returns the next day, explaining that he decided to spend the night rather than drive inebriated. His dog showers him in a million kisses and wagging his tail as his human apologizes for the worry.

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