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  • From the first episode:
    • Yurippe manages one in only the first couple of minutes with her talk about how the (currently "Not Dead Yet") Battlefront is constantly changing it's name, never satisfied with the ones they end of picking. Otonashi then asks why she's in possession of a firearm, to which Yuri replies with a sigh and "Everyone new always asks me that..."
    • A minor one happens a bit later when Otonashi, despite Yuri's warning, goes to talk to Angel. Cue the latter scratching her head in frustration.
    Yuri: AAAAAHHHHH! I failed to recruit a new member!
    • Noda killing Otonashi... one hundred times. What makes the scene is the Mario 1-Up sounds that eventually follow each death. Then he resurrects a few minutes later, complaining that he missed his punchline.
    • The entire discussion about reincarnation is pretty funny, like discussing becoming a barnacle and devoured by humans, but the best part is when Yuri forgets the current name of their group and a deadpan "Barnacle Battlefront" is provided off screen, and so Yuri actually almost uses that name before angrily decking the guy who'd said that and declaring that they're switching back to their original name.
    • When discussing the NPCS Otonashi asks if they have repeating dialogue like real NPCS. Yuri suggests offering an enema to one of them and seeing what happens. The best part is that the whole incident is never mentioned again. The suggestion, I mean. The enema never happened.
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    • Otonashi goes looking around for an adult and comes across the Principal's office. He touches the doorknobs and... cue the pendulum trap pummelling him out of the windows, killing him. Otonashi death count, 102.
  • Noda getting pummeled by a pendulum trap in episode 2, the moment punctuated by the first few words of the ending song only for it to be abruptly cut off once said pendulum smashes him into the wall.
    • It is also something of a Humiliation Conga mixed with There Is No Kill Like Overkill, because let's see, getting hit by a hammer, hitting the wall, hammered once more, collapse on the floor, and buried by debris from the wall that he was smashed into. Yeah, Butt-Monkey.
    • A huge chunk of Episode 2, which actually manages to make Dwindling Party utterly hilarious.
      • When the SSS comes across the Descending Ceiling, TK stops the supports it, telling them to go on in a heroic tone. Cue everyone casually moving on, saying things like "Ok, see ya!" "Thanks!" and after Otonashi, the only one who feels remotely sorry about the whole thing, gets out, TK collapses in a short "Blaarrgh."
      • The party get dropped in a deep pit and have to form a human ladder to climb to safety. Yurippe tells Otonashi to just grab her anywhere he can so he can climb out. But when it's Hinata's turn....
      Yurippe: AH! DON'T GRAB ME THERE! [THWACK!]
      (scene change)
      Otonashi: Where's Hinata?
      Yurippe: He was a noble sacrifice.
      Otonashi: Poor bastard couldn't swim.
      • Shiina falling over down the fall after trying to catch a (obviously toy) puppy.
    Shiina: (falling to her death) How thoughtleeeessssss!!!
  • In episode 4, after Hinata's several failures at trying to recruit his baseball team...
    Yui: It's all right, for I, Yui-nyan will give you a hand!
    Hinata: What did you just say?
    Yui: Yui-nyan!
    Hinata: (gets her in a reverse swastika) THAT'S WHAT I HATE ABOUT YOU!!!!
    • Later that day, after they get to the field, Otonashi pitches the ball....then out of nowhere, Noda pops out strikes the ball...with his halbeldier, challenging him once again. Otonashi catches the ball back, throws it back, and it continues until the judge calls foul on both of them.
    • In a near Tear Jerker aversion, Hinata, goes to catch the ball, the same way it happened in his past life. He wonders, "I would disappear if I catch this ball, right? But it would be the most wonderful feeling..." Otonashi runs toward him, because he doesn't want him to go yet...then Hinata gets tackled by Yui, who wants her revenge, putting him in reverse swastika.
    • After the special opening theme, Yui lynched herself with the microphone cable, turning the mood from badass right back to hilarious.
    • Yuri's banter with Yusa regarding Yuri's supposedly infamous penalty games. And later Yuri giving an villainous sounding version of a Noblewoman's Laugh, prompting Yusa to remark that she sounds like a villain.
  • Rocket propulsion seats for a distraction when you can't pull one off anyone?
  • Naoi hypnotizing Hinata into believing he's lower than a clothespin.
    • Naoi doing it again to Hinata only with toilet paper this time. Hinata even spins like he is being flushed.
  • Episode 8: Rehash of the Guild trek (1:19-3:46), which means yet another stream of gruesome deaths.
    • The fact that, after each death, everybody screams the person's name dramatically. Hinata Lampshades it the first time:
    "Oi! What's with this scene like we're in a shounen manga!?"
    "Let me make you sm~ile—" *SPLORTCH*
  • Episode 11 has Hinata and Naoi trying to out Ho Yay each other to help Otonashi.
  • Christ Takeyama weaponizing Mouthful of Pi against Noda.
    • And this gem from Yuri right after:
    "Yes. That's right. Our weakness is that we're all stupid."
    "The leader really shouldn't be saying things like that..."
  • The ENTIRE first Special Episode. Picture every member of the Battlefront forced by Yuri to act like a Large Ham on pain of death. It truly must be seen to be believed.
    • To elaborate, Yuri orders the group to maintain a high tension-level for 24 hours or suffer not getting to eat for a full week. While they technically succeed in the mission, Yuri still forces them to suffer the penalty anyway after finding out that Angel's secret wasn't a path to Heaven, but just a private garden. If you had already seen how the series ends, the credits ends up being doubly funny because all the characters except for Yuri immediately disappear because they all starved to death.
    • BAD END
    • When Noda arrives and starts hamming it up, Hinata remarks that he's just acting like he always does.
  • The second Special is more delicious Black Comedy, but this time it's inflicted on the SSS by their own members, under Yuri's orders.
  • The shadows don't seem to have emotions or even consciousness, but that one that gets chopped up bit by bit by Tenshi's Hand Sonic, seemed really shocked.
  • Tenshi and Otonashi stealing Yui's guitar to get her pissed enough to give them chase. Instead, Tenshi complains about Yui's bad singing (which was an act) right after the other band members did it. Yui broke down like a balloon losing air. Second try, Tenshi still has Yui's guitar, Yui gives chase, Otonashi stumbles into Tenshi, Tenshi drops guitar. Or rather theatrically throws it saying something like "Yay". Cue almost Face Palm from Otonashi.
  • Takeyama being interrupted when he tries to say his catchphrase. In episode 5, Yuri turns to talk to someone else when he starts to say it. In episode 11, she hangs up on him.
  • Hinata's school principal costume in the last episode.
  • Tenshi's song about Mapo Tofu in the same episode.

From the visual novel (1st Beat)

  • After the amnesiac Otonashi joins the SSS on the first day it's possible for him to select a nickname instead of having him remember his name. The choices, as suggested by different characters, are:
    • Fujimaki: F*** A**hole
    • Hinata: Attorney (probably needs a better translation)
    • Ooyama: The Subtle Ikemen(?)
    • Matsushita: Lolicon
    • Takamatsu: Glasses Comrade
    • Yuri: Japan's Record Holder for Mental Arithmetic
    • Shiina: Shadow Killer
    • Iwasawa: Memoryless Man
      • After this choice Otonashi can either keep the nickname or attempt to remember his name (with the choices being his canonical name from the series or variations using the kanji for "sound" (音)). His choice is locked in for the rest of the play through. Yes, it's entirely possible, with voiced text, for Otonashi to be referred to as Lolicon for the entire game (or at least until the story forces the Otonashi to recall memories from his previous life).
  • When the SSS tries to sabotage Tenshi's exam scores (episode 5 of the anime) it's possible to switch out Ooyama for Irie, Girl Dead Monster's Shrinking Violet drummer. Yuri will even force HER to make a love confession towards Tenshi.

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