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  • In episode 1, four members of the team rob the entire NPC student body blind by holding a rock concert. Angel tried to intervene, and the entire team absolutely unloads all of their ammunition on her. That would be awesome enough for episode one, but the true awesome part? It only manages to slow her down.
  • In episode 2, everything Yurippe does in the climax, from her one-on-one fight with Angel to her displays of impressive leadership skills that even gets Otonashi to acknowledge how amazing this girl is.
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  • Iwasawa's last concert in episode 3, culminating in her finally being able to sing the very personal ballad that she'd wanted to sing and reaching the entire audience, even Angel and the Student Council, with her singing. Also a Dying Moment of Awesome as it causes her to finally pass on and disappear.
  • At the end of episode 4, fans who dreaded Hinata departing upon doing what he couldn't in life just as Iwasawa had in the previous episode no doubt applauded Yui's last minute tackling Hinata and putting him in a reverse swastika as payback for the beatings he'd given her throughout the episode.
  • Yurippe installing rockets onto the classroom chairs in episode 5. While the scene is funny, it's actually impressive how Crazy-Prepared Yuri was in not only ensuring a greater distraction for the classes occurred if her flunkies failed to come up with a good distraction of their own, but that she had a sizable number of flunkies to blast off in their chairs following different distraction attempts in order to avoid total repetition that might get anyone suspicious or disenchanted by repeated lies and shenanigans.
  • In episode 6, Otonashi and Angel break out of the detention room they'd been locked in by using his ideas and her Hand Sonic abilities.
    • Towards the end of that same episode, Otonashi decking Naoi, grabbing hold of him and thrashing him while giving an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! speech, which he follows by an equally epic and touching Cool Down Hug, telling him that his existence is valid, his life was valuable, and that he is acknowledged.
  • All team members that sacrificed themselves in episode 8 got this but TK and Matsushida are the most notable ones. Hinata even lampshades this, by comparing it to a scene from shonen manga.
  • Angel gets lots. Overlaps Mundane Made Awesome
    • Episode 7, Angel goes fishing. After a few hilariously inept attempts at casting a line, she pulls in a massive fish, then slices it into pieces in midair.
    • As of Episode 11, Angel now has freaking WINGS. As decoration (see below).
  • Yuri winning a one-on-one fight against one of Angel's clones on episode 8.
    Yuri: Just give it up. My next knife here's going to take care of your throat.
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  • When Otonashi died in the real world, he gave a particularly awesome showing of keeping a half dozen people alive despite serous injuries and few resources to work with. He tops it by becoming an organ donor, just to able to help a few more people.
  • Episode 11 has EVERYONE (except Ooyama, Fujimaki and Takamatsu) being a badass in the first open battle against the Shadows.
    • Yurippe figured out all on her own (or perhaps even knew from the very start) that Otonashi and Kanade were conspiring behind her back to change the course of Battlefront and get its members to accept their lives so that they can move on, and she drops this bombshell at an important group assembly...then proceeds to say that since it could be a solution for escaping the current crisis with the shadows, she will allow Otonashi to take charge of his own counter-effort against the shadows and leave it up to the Battlefront members' choice whether or not they want to accept his ideals and try to move on. It's an impressive display of not only how smart Yuri can be, but how fair she can be as well.
  • Episode 12:
    • Yuri blasting at the shadows. "Die. Die! Die! DIE! DIE! DIE!"
    • The "my one shot at life" speech given by Yuri that breaks the shadow's illusion of a more pleasant school life for her.
    • Yuri destroying the computers that are creating the shadows.
    • Immediately beforehand, there's her Shut Up, Hannibal! to the NPC responsible.
    NPC: What will you do now?
    Yuri: I want you to shut down these computers. Do it right now.
    NPC: Are you sure? Have you thought this through? You still have plenty of time. I'd say an eternity's worth.
    Yuri: Look, buddy. I'm gonna tell you something. We humans... (flash back to when Yuri's siblings were murdered due to her not being able to bring the robbers something valuable in time) we aren't real big on waiting. You ask me, WE'VE BEEN WAITING LONG ENOUUUGH! (raises her gun and opens fire)
    • Special Mention goes to the fight with the shadows near the beginning of the episode which included TK spin fighting down a rail shooting shadows, Ooyama sniping shadows, and a skinny Matsushita and Otanashi talking while offhandedly shooting and punching the approaching shadows.


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