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Even Kanade has her Cuddle Bug moments.

  • Angel's line asking Otonashi "Why are you still sitting" after he reaches out to her is rather heartwarming given how lonely she seems. This effect is threatened given that until she had asked him that, most viewers would believe she was extremely angry given her general lack of emotion, and that she had started to walk out of the room. Hell, their entire light-romance-ish subplot is extremely heartwarming in light of the tearjerkers that sandwich it.
  • In episode 3, Iwasawa finally manages to sing 'My Song', coming to terms with her life and finally managing to pass on.
  • A little one in episode 5, when Yuri decides that Ooyama is too emotionally traumatized from "confessing his feelings" to Angel to send him flying. Of course, she does it to Hinata instead, but it's still sweet that she empathized with Ooyama.
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  • Somewhat more depressing than usual, but when Otonashi uses the last of his energy to sign an organ donor card, which makes all the other surviving passengers of the train follow his lead.
  • Otonashi hugging Naoi at the end of episode 6.
    Otonashi: Your life was real too!
  • Otonashi inviting Angel to come to hang with the SSS class during their fishing trip, and Yuri allowing this to happen because she doesn't view Angel as a threat or an enemy anymore.
  • When one of the train wreck survivors tries to steal water and ends up spilling some, Otonashi says that the spilled water was his share. Igarashi, the only one who unconditionally stood by Otonashi, then offers to share it. The two of them might have met by coincidence, but they'd probably have become great friends if Otonashi had lived longer.
  • It was heartwarming when Otonashi recalls his death and wonders what became of his donated organs and Kanade reassures him that the person receiving them would thank him for the rest of their lives. But it becomes a true crowning moment in hindsight when you realize Kanade wasn't just guessing.
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  • Otonashi's memories of his sister in episode 9.
  • Episode 10, overall, where Yui gets to live out all of her dreams, including wrestling, winning a game of soccer, playing baseball and finally getting married after being disabled in life.
  • Hinata explaining how he'd marry Yui at the end of episode 10.
    • And subsequently the imagined scenes resulting from Hinata's explanation after which Yui disappears.
  • In Episode 11, Yuri reveals that she found out about Otonashi covertly working with Angel to help the others move on, and asks him to explain himself. Otonashi's answer results in some people getting angry with him, but Hinata and Naoi speak up on his behalf, and Yuri tells everyone to decide what they want.
  • Everyone in the Battlefront showing just how much they unconditionally love and support Yuri as their leader in episode 11. Particularly Hinata, who started Battlefront up along with her since the very beginning.
  • In episode 12, the source of love that triggered the doomsday in the afterlife was Yuri all along.
    Yuri: I came all this way to protect everyone.
    • By this episode, we also get to see how much Yuri has come to care about, of all people, Kanade, her former Arch-Enemy. She even thinks to herself that she wished she could've gotten the time to become close friends with her and buy her cute outfits and everything.
  • Also in episode 12, the end credits show everybody, even the ones who ascended. It's a nice touch. And by the end, a new part of "Brave Song" is playing, changing the mood of the song from somber and melancholic to something closer to triumphant, as a way to signify that Yuri's fight is finally over, and she accomplished something extraordinary both for her friends and with the help of her friends.
  • Yuri hugging Kanade in Episode 13.
    • Yuzuru confessing his love for Kanade.
    • Episode 13 overall.
    • Yuri's graduation diploma, on which everyone wrote their heartfelt thanks to her for having done everything (even the not-so-good things) in the name of helping everyone in the school, certifying her as a hero in the eyes of all her friends.
  • The Single for Last Song has an incredibly heartwarming moment involving Iwasawa. It includes a six page manga where a young aspiring musician's guitar is destroyed by his alcoholic father. The boy then finds a CDR labeled Last Song at his feet, he is moved to tears and encouraged by both the song itself and Iwasawa's spirit to work harder at achieving his dream, Iwasawa then High Five's Yui and goes to join the rest of Girls Dead Monster.


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