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Funny / Angel Beats! Heaven's Door

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  • Hinata and Yurippe discuss different ways to make God come out. Her idea? Kill every single NPC student. Normally it would have been rather disturbing, but it became funny when dumbstuck Hinata’s mouth starts to bleed. Maybe he was striken by aneurysm out of pure stupidity.
  • Yuri tries to recruit Iwasawa and Hisako into the SSS, but they mistake her pitch for religious canvassing.
  • Ooyama has to come up with a way to delay the headmaster. Hinata suggests flashing him. Ooyama refuses, saying "anyway, you're better suited for that." Then Noda arrives, hearing what they're talking about, and says if they're going to argue about comparisons, they should just show themselves! He then starts taking off his pants, only to be knocked out by a kick to the back of the head by Yuri. After she leaves, Hinata and Ooyama look at Noda — who's lying facedown on the floor, out cold, with his ass exposed — consider pulling up his pants, and decide to just leave him be.
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  • After the SSS swap the teachers' desks for student desks, the headmaster regards his own replacement desk and sits down in it. He then muses about seeing things from the students' point of view and decides to keep the desk, much to the surprise of the teachers.
  • Yuri asking Shiina for her thoughts on something, only to receive a non-sequitor delivered in a serious tone like she's saying something profound. What's more, it's because Yuri gave her those lines to invoke a certain type of character with her, but the attempt is falling flat. These lines include such gems as:
    "If what sells best is what's good, then the best ramen in the world is instant ramen."
    "The only thing we can do is... rock n' roll."
    "Rock is already dead. Sex Pistols is the last rock and roll."

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