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Season 1

  • Any scene Birthday appears in is almost guaranteed to become this.
    • In episode 2 Birthday claims to various onlookers that something is going to happen, only to get arrested.
    • In episode 3 he ropes Ratio into acting as a fortune teller with him to make some spare money using their abilities to make the act more convincing. they quickly get shut down by the owner of the restaurant.
  • Episode 4
    • Murasaki freaking out over the Sentai Ad, particularly his name.
    • Grandma the Badass Driver.
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    • A very dark one at the end: a boy is cold and sneezing, and suddenly Moral gives him his coat, and leaves. So sweet... except then the camera lowers and its ends are soaked in blood. Cut to Moral sneezing.
  • Episode 5. All of it. Highlights include:
    • Honey and Ratio teaming up to insult Birthday.
    • The women's reaction when the terrorists at the inn express their total lack of interest in them.
      • And what happens when that power is put in action. Ratio's reaction to Birthday suddenly becoming gay (and then doing so himself) is priceless.
    • Hajime saving the terrorist from commiting suicide... because he had her food ticket.
  • From Episode 8:
    • The delinquents defying Theo at the beach are so over-the-top and hammy that they aren't menacing at all.
    • Ratio and Birthday joining them.
    • The dream sequence. It's a pile of common fantasy Light Novel clichés with deranged animation, and it's hilarious.
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  • In Episode 9, Nice at the police office carrying an exaggerated amount of souvenirs to make up with Art.
  • In Episode 10, Hajime suggesting that Takahiro will return to his human form if he goes on a diet. And then they actually do it together.
    • Nice, Murasaki and Honey walking Three around on a leash.
    • There's a montage of street interviews with various people giving their opinion on Minimum holders. They go pretty normal until:
    Rei: They are helping society much more than someone like Theo.
    Mao: Friend or foe? Love or hate? I don't give a damn about that. All I care about is whether they are clients or not.
  • Episode 12 has all of Hamatora's clients and friends tweeting and sending Nice messages, cheering him on... and then Nice, sick of having the phone in his pocket vibrating non-stop, throws it into the sea while complaining about not being able to focus.
    Rei: I kind of think our feelings got thrown aside without a second glance.
    • Ratio getting his car damaged again.
    Ratio: Feel the wrath of the 10-year loan!


  • The first episode:
    • After Nice's death, Birthday offers to take his porn DVDs, saying that he would have wanted his DVDs to "have a full life without him". Also, how readily everyone agrees that of course Nice would have owned porn DVDs.
    • Hikaru's daily life being animated as if he were the protagonist of a cheesy Romance Visual Novel.
  • Episode 2 opens with Nice narrating a brief summary of the previous episode, while looking for something. Turns out, "the DVDs he hid in his room" were gone.
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  • In the summary in Episode 3, Nice wonders if maybe he just needs to buy Art some sweets and apologize to him to solve their conflict.
  • In Episode 5, Murasaki the Housewife.
  • All of Episode 7.
    • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
    • The Running Gag of Murasaki getting thrown off the bed and then eletrocuted by Birthday, with a slow motion Replay with the first ending theme in the background.
    • The room being infested with bad omens.
    • The Freenums getting check ups. The poor doctor and nurse's faces say it all.
    • The entirety of the abandoned hospital wing sequence.
  • Right on the ending, when Art appears alive before Nice and Hajime. They seem to be about to shake hand but then suddenly Nice punchs him and they start fighting all to the beat of the opening, with Hajime seemingly beating them enough to force the both to make peace.

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