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Ho Yay / Hamatora

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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The entirety of episode five is loaded with Ho Yay, justified as the antagonist's minimum causes men to become infatuated with him when he sweats.
  • Ratio and Birthday are Heterosexual Life-Partners and rarely seen apart from each other. Ratio was willing to kill Nice if it meant saving the minimum holder with the healing minimum he needed to save Birthday.
  • Murasaki himself has a complex about being second best to Nice that makes him rather emotional. He also wipes frosting from his mouth.
  • Art and Nice's relationship runs so deep it really had a lot of people questioning if it maybe was intended to be subtly canon for a while, onsidering the surprising amount of air time Art gets (which wouldn't be obvious looking at the original set of promo posters and whatnot). In terms of the combined air time of these two, it probably greatly outpaces those of any others. There are SO many moments in the show (both season 1 and season 2) that really make you stop and wonder "Wait but are they really—?".
    • Art takes Nice out for meals (knowing he's broke) and overlooks Nice stealing police evidence saying how he'll "look the other way a bit longer" with a wink.
    • The most painfully blatant moment in season 1 is when Art gets shot by Moral after rejecting Moral's offer of a minimum because he so staunchly believes in Nice and how he doesn't have to have a minimum to be Nice's friend and proceeds to fiercely protect that 'friendship'. This scene was particularly harsh since the two had just had a fight beforehand because Nice was overly-concerned/nosing his way into Art's business and he called just as Art was dying in order to apologize...
    • Of course, in season 2, this almost takes another turn, with Art being the primary antagonist, dealing the Foe Yay card. But Nice isn't one to give up on Art and spends much time agonizing over Art's reasons for behaving the way he does and about how he 'must be crying right now'.
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    • In the Hamatora Perfect File, when asked what he thinks of Nice, Art says, "Someone I yearn for, I guess." When asked if he has anything he cherishes his reply is, "At this point, maybe my brother and Nice's heart."
    • Art embraces Nice as he stabs him and then cries afterward.
    • See the various reactions Nice has to learning Art was 'dead', Art turning on him, Art being mad at him, Art getting hurt even though he was technically the enemy at the time. His reactions to stuff involving Art has a much wider range than to most other characters on the show.
    • Official art similar to Ratio and Birthday's.
    • Also official art.
    • Official art of Nice trying to feed Art ice cream, with bonus Birthday and Ratio.