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Funny / Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure

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  • Zenigata gets into an argument with an Amsterdam policeman, who's wrongly accused him of being a criminal. When the officer refuses to listen, Zenigata goes off on him.
    officer: (indignant) "Who're you calling a moron, moron?!"
  • Lupin's emergency ass-chute. Yes, you read that right. When Goering's helicopter shreds Lupin's hang glider, he quickly strips down to his boxers. Then pulls them off just as a parachute deploys from his buttcheeks! What could they possibly be referencing there?
  • Lupin and Co. run across a tour group, while they're in Amsterdam. There's a kid with them, who's about 12-13 years old, who's only interest seems to be the tour guide, rather than the tour. When she notices him, and asks if he's enjoying himself, he responds by yanking her skirt up; revealing some kinky lingerie, underneath!
    tour guide: (chipper) "You enjoying yourself, kiddo?"
    *kid pulls her skirt up, shocking her*
    kid: (deadpan) "Yeah."
    • Awhile later, we see the same tour group, during the boat jump sequence. As Lupin and Jigen clear the ferry, the action goes into slow motion, which gives us a close up of the same kid and their tour guide. If you pause, at just the right moment, you can see he has his hands just under her skirt and on her butt!
  • Fujiko's reaction to Goering's men choosing Diana, over her, when he tells them to take the "pretty one". She stares incredulously for a moment, before she objects.
    Fujiko: (offended) "I'M the "pretty one!"
  • The scene where Zenigata interrogates Lupin and Diana, specifically about her involvement with Lupin.
    Zenigata: (not buying it) "Come on, Lupin, what does this woman have to do with this?"
    Lupin: (nonchalantly) "Okay, Pops, here's the deal: we've been dating each other for about six months. From the start, it was kismet. She may be feisty, and a bit on the hairy side, but-"
    Diana: (indignant) "Who are you calling hairy?!"
    Zenigata: (fed up) "Who cares!? It's obvious that the two of you are in this TOGETHER! I'm taking the two of you to Paris so they can throw the book at you!"
    *conversation continues as camera zooms outside police station*
    Diana: (desparately) "I. AM. NOT. WITH. HIIIMMM!!"
    Zenigata: (still not buying it) "I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANYMORE!"
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  • Practically anytime Diana delivers one of her slap combos to Lupin, usually because he's either said or done something to earn it. Made better, since Lupin's a goodsport about it each time.
    *after catching Diana's hand*
    Lupin: (teasingly) "You know, if you keep hitting me like that, I'm gonna start to think you don't care."
    *Diana knees him in the stomach, and swipes the bear statue. Then smiles at him as she leaps from the train*
    *Lupin smiles back at her, admirably*
  • Lupin and Diana get another scene, once they make it inside the temple ruins and reach the "Room of Pleasure". They run past a topless statue, which causes Lupin to backpeddal to enjoy the eye candy. Diana doubles back and quickly pushes him offscreen, into the next room.
    *Diana runs back onscreen*
    Diana: (chiding) "Will you stop?"
    Lupin: (pouting) "Baby hungry."
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  • Jigen spitting out a fish after climbing out of the water? Funny. Lupin making fun of him for it then suddenly coughing up an octopus? Hilarious.
  • Zenigata. In a flooded train. Clutching a ramen bowl in his hands. Having a goofy expression on his face.


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