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Awesome / Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure

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  • Near the beginning, Jigen tells Lupin he's hired Goemon as a part timer, for their latest job. Shortly after Lupin asks how much they're paying him, the cops who were pursuing them, close in. Lupin tells Goemon it's time for him to "clock in". It's all Ishikawa from there:
    Goemon: (quietly) "Heart of Stone."
    *Goemon unsheathes Zantestuken and sprints toward the approaching squad cars*
    *screen goes black, accompanied by a flurry of sword slashes*
    *Goemon is now shown behind the squad cars*
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  • The scene where Sir Archer pwns several Neo Himmel mooks, as they try to board his ship. Including one instance where he dodges the flurried attacks of a knife wielding grunt, before dropping him with a jab to the forehead. This from a guy pushing eighty years old!
  • Lupin gets one, during his final bout with Goering. After stomping Lupin (again!), Goering hefts him by his collar and taunts him, which leads to this exchange:
    Goering: (smug) "They say the heart stops beating before you hit the ground. Let me KNOW!"
    *tosses Lupin out window*
    *Lupin fires his tow line and snags Goering's necktie*
    Lupin: (yanks Goering out) "Find out FOR YOURSELF!!"
    *Goering plummets as Lupin parachutes to safety*


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