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Spring of Birth

  • "That's impressive. You chained your nose to your face so you wouldn't lose it." Makoto's line to the punk in the alley is gold-worthy.
    • When Yukari is complaining about how perfect Mitsuru seems. Wondering aloud if she has any weaknesses, Makoto replies with "Fire, probably." Fire spells are Mitsuru's weaknesses in the game.
  • When Junpei gets too close to Makoto, who keeps bluntly saying, "Personal space."
  • Mitsuru saying "Brilliant" in Gratuitous English. Junpei thought she said "Brilly-ant".

A Midsummer Knight's Dream

  • How can the infamous Lovers Shadow event be made even funnier? By having Yukari snap out of it right in front of Makoto. And yes, she is still only wearing a towel.
    • And he's unbuttoned his shirt. Call-Back much?
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    • And later when Fuuka asks if he's hurt:
  • Junpei gets hit by a Charm status ailment from the Lovers shadow. Makoto's solution? Slap him.
    Makoto: Sorry. Live strong.
  • During the same fight, Mitsuru grabs a whip to fend off Lovers Arcana's Combat Tentacles and Akihiko stumbles on a discarded French Maid Outfit. The animators sure wanted to remind the audience that the fight takes place in a Love Hotel.
  • Operation Babe Hunt gets animated. Yes, it includes the small addition from Persona 3 Portable.
  • Doubles as a Funny Background Event - the events of Yakushima Island kick off with a shot of a crab slowly doing a crab walk along the shore. The next shot is of Junpei, Akihiko, and Makoto, with Makoto just watching the crab... Then stepping off to the side in the same direction the crab is going. He literally begins following the crab offscreen. The rest of the scene involves Junpei assessing each of the ladies' choices in swimwear... With each subsequent cut back to Junpei showing that Makoto is STILL following the crab and is moving further and further away from the group with each cut.
  • At one point Shinjiro wears a pink apron. And is talking cutesy to Koromaru. Then he realizes that Aigis is watching him. The horrified look on his face is priceless with the added effect of having "Mass Destruction" playing in the background.
    • Then, when Makoto and the others arrive home, Shinjiro takes advantage of their greeting Aigis by swiftly taking the apron off and shoving it behind him where they can't see it.
  • Junpei and Akihiko's attempts to woo Aigis is pretty much the same as in the game, but what makes it is that the background music abruptly stops the moment she rejects them.
  • During the festival, Shinjiro tries to catch some fish for Ken, with Aigis and Makoto offering their banter about him catching breakfast.
    Aigis: You have secured your emergency rations.
    Ken: They are not for eating...


Falling Down

  • Ryoji is given a new dynamic introduction in front of the station, where he appears on the roof and then jumps down to try and get Makoto to chat it up with him because he's bored.
  • Ryoji has a habit of finishing Makoto's sentences, taking Talking to Yourself to its logical conclusion.
  • His first day, Ryoji seemingly asks out every girl in the school, according to conversations held by the students. We're then treated to an appearance by Hidetoshi and Chihiro, along with this line:
    Hidetoshi: I feel a disturbance in the public morality of the school.
    • Followed by Chihiro revealing she got a note from Ryoji asking her out as well. Hidetoshi's reaction is appropriate.
  • Upon hearing that Ryoji and Makoto are hanging out (actually working at Chagell together), Aigis immediately arms her guns.
  • During the first night of the school trip, Aigis infiltrates the boys' room and requests to change rooms with Ryoji (and Junpei), forcefully trying to shove them down the window she came from. For added effect, Mass Destruction plays during the scene.
  • The infamous hot spring event. The boys almost manage to successfully escape until Junpei loses his towel. Not wanting to walk through the hotel naked, he tells the guys to leave him behind. Akihiko and Makoto exposit how they can leave a man behind while Ryoji only offers Junpei a leaf to cover his manhood. The whole time, the girls are watching this unfold off-screen and when it pans over to them, the execution follows.
  • On the final day of the trip, Aigis attempts to shoot one of the statues in a temple until Fuuka stops her.

Winter of Rebirth

  • Elizabeth's first time in the human world.
  • When Junpei interrupts a moment between Makoto and Aigis, Makoto once again says "Personal space."


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